Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Foggy Morning, Clean Suite, Using Some Muscle in Durham

When I woke up on Tuesday, July 11th it was 6:45 and by the time I did my stretches, 7:05 am. Looking outside when I opened the blinds, there was no bright yellow sun and blue sky but instead white pea soup thick fog everywhere. I guess I won’t be walking first thing, I would not be visible in the ‘blackness’.

So, I instead, made my tea and before sitting, took my small compost bin out to dump. On these warm days, it does attract the little teeny fruit flies that are so annoying. Donna hinted that she dumps hers more regularly during summer so I will do that instead of waiting for it to be full. Hopefully, it helps a bit.

It is warm outside, hence the fog, at 18C/64F and not a titch of a breeze. When we are both up and dressed, we’ll make the drive over to Hanover as we’ll need bread and maybe more milk. Bill has been scheduled to work on Thursday and Friday of this week so it is packing supper/lunches time! He drinks a lot of milk, which is good for him so we try to keep plenty on hand.
Funny cloud off to the east after dinner
Looks like an albatross!
The Jell-o jiggled and just Bill drove to Hanover in the Toyota. I didn’t need to go for one stop. Instead I dusted the Suite, top to bottom so the woodwork glistens and smells wonderful in here again. Fruit flies don’t like Pine Sol, do they? When I was finished that I took a walk out and using the rain in our pails watered my flower pots. They were very thirsty.

I also made a decision about my sick orchid. Well, turns out it wasn’t sick at all! It was dead. So what that it had green leaves; they were soft and this plant has never had a good root system. Into the compost it went! I don’t have time to worry about it anymore, moving it around, soaking, not soaking, this window, that window, blah blah blah. It was pretty while it lasted.

Around 10:30 Bill hopped on his mower and cut the hill around us and the grass lane up to the Suite. We had a quick lunch, Bill had a sandwich and I had some leftover mac/tuna salad and cottage cheese. I’d made an apple pie on my last baking spree and had it in the freezer. I took it out a couple of days ago and put 4 pcs on a plate with cheddar cheese to take for our mid-afternoon break.
Milkweed flowering
We left for Aunt Mary’s house at 12:30 and helped Rob and Pat cart things out of the house, sheds and garage to tables. They had a neighbor who was giving up his time as well to help display the items for the auction sale tomorrow. Tonight, they will be tarped to keep them protected from onlookers and any rain that may come overnight. It was a hot day for sure, the breeze was a blessing but still didn’t bring us much relief. We forged on until 3 when we stopped for ice water and pie.

The recipe for my apple pie did not call for any apples. What, you say? Well, if I’d told you this before you tasted it, you’d probably tell me that ‘it tastes okay, but I know it isn’t apples’. 5 of us had it today, me being the only one knowing the secret and everyone believed it was made with apples. The secret ingredient was soda crackers. An old recipe Mom fooled my Dad with when I was a teenager.
Bill cuts the front field
We’d filled a lot of tables and I was so busy that I totally neglected to take pictures of the lane and yard filled with laden tables. Tomorrow I’ll try and do that before the sale starts. At 4 o’clock we all started to wind down and Bill and I left for home.

I don’t know why I was so tired, I only worked for a few hours. Rob and Pat had been going since early morning. I guess the humidity takes a toll on us even when we don’t realize it. They will soon be done with all of this stress-related house stuff and can relax, totally relax.
Clemson races up the grassy lane
We watched NCIS while kind of dozing in our chairs before dinner. Clemmy had been fed on time, after almost sleeping through his dinner hour! We’d decided to just have toasted tomato, lettuce and cheese sandwiches for ourselves and they tasted great. I love the taste of home grown summer tomatoes even though they didn’t come from my garden.

When we cleaned up dishes, Family Feud was on and I sat in front of the laptop and tv. I realize I don’t have many pictures for today so might have to grab some from other days so I don’t put you to sleep. I feel a walk is in order, my step count needs a boost today and I can walk this supper off at the same time.
Time for a drink
Because of Clemson being so lazy yesterday, I put his leash on him to encourage the little bum to move those legs. And move them he did. We walked down the lane way, checked out the empty bird feeder and carried on past the front field where Bill was cutting. After about 4 or 5 leg lifts (on Clemson’s part) we turned around and came back in through the gate.

Looks like we have some young campers next door
I snapped a picture of Bill cutting and let Clem off his leash. Bill laughed out loud at how fast he moves, not lazy today! He always only runs so far and then stops until I catch up before taking off again. We’ve come inside and the sun is dropping below the horizon. Bill has moved up into the back field here. I suggested he spray himself before going out there since I got a couple of good bites last night in a short span of 10 minutes while taking pictures of the finches.

I had a bit of dessert that was left over from the picnic on Sunday. My, I’ve got to stop eating like this!! I have had a good day and feel good to be able to help Rob and Pat some more with the house. Tomorrow we can only hope for the rain to stop before the auction starts.

I hope your day was a good one too. Thank you for following along today.


  1. Cleaning up an estate and doing an auctions a lots of work, we have done our share of those over the years, will be nice to get all that out if the way. Wish them good luck with the auction.

    1. yes, lots of work. I will pass along your wishes. thanks!

  2. Nice of you to help out once again! Clemson is adorable, that little face and expressions..again, those beautiful sunsets, love them

  3. It's interesting to see how you fill your days.....retirement does keep us busy!