Friday, July 7, 2017

Overcast Start and a More Breathable Day, Fire pit Hunt Continues with Success

Friday, July 7th we were up around 7 and I hopped in the shower. I was overdue! Not that I’d received any complaints but sometimes we get lazy and realize it has been more than a couple of days since our last thorough clean. You needed to know that, right? Don’t pretend, I’m sure you’ve been there, done that.
It didn't take long for the sky to clear
The sky was overcast and off to the west it looked like perhaps some rain was building up. We didn’t get anything last night after the wind gust so I’m almost hoping for some rain at least today to water things. I’ve been babying the garden and my rose transplants but a good wet down is in order.

After finishing my blog post from yesterday with my tea, Bill hopped in the shower next and we drove into Hanover to Canadian Tire, fingers crossed. Success! We grabbed the one and only fire pit off the shelf and put it in the back seat of the car.
Bill starts the assembly
With Bill not going into London this past week, we missed out on our regular run to Costco. This put us low on our dairy products which meant a stop at Walmart as well for creamer, butter, bottled water and milk. Their prices are better than most in this area so it is our go-to place.
Always read the 'destructions' before assembly
On the way back from Hanover, we stopped to see Rob and Pat at Aunt Mary’s house (which has sold, by the way!). Rob had more rhubarb for me and although it means a special treat for Rob is in order, I want it, I want it! We had a quick visit and made arrangements to help them move stuff out for an upcoming auction.
A sink full of rhubarb

All cut up for blanching
The rain drops started to fall while saying goodbye and we scooted on home to The Ridge. Before we left Durham, it stopped, the wipers were not necessary. I don’t think we’ll get much rain today after all, the blue sky is already peeking through the white fluffies. The temperature is hovering around 19C this morning which many will appreciate much more than yesterday’s 30C.
Finished product in place - old one off to the side
Bill sat under the awning and put together our new purchase and it looks great. We’ll test it out tonight if the rain doesn’t come too early. He set it up in its place and we removed the old rim. When at Rob and Pat’s, we also picked up a portable clothes rack that will come in handy for a couple of reasons.
Hummers had emptied their feeders
One is for the clothing exchanges us girls have up here and before we leave this fall, Bill and I can put it to use in the bunky to hang excess heavy coats that we want to hang onto but not carry with us. I’ll have to see if I can get it together, no rush though. Our next exchange isn’t until September.
There were clouds all around us on the horizon but
we didn't get what London and other areas were getting

Looking to the east, it all went north of us
While Bill went back to work on his planes in the cargo trailer, I sat and worked on a crossword puzzle from the West-Grey paper. The mail truck dropped something in the mailbox but I didn’t get excited since she was putting something in everybody’s box.

 I walked down anyway and it was the Spotlight magazine. I have a hard time reading most newspapers etc. because of the spelling and grammar errors. My biggest Pet Peeve, I think. We all have something that irks us and I guess because I was pretty good at Grammar (now, there is an old name for you!) and Spelling in school, it stays with me. I still make mistakes myself and it drives me nuts when they slip into my writing unnoticed! Don't worry, I'm not judging your blog posts, I'm talking about published articles etc.
Look at that!
 It was nice sitting outside under the awning with the slight breeze. I wouldn’t want to be working outside in the heat for very long, if at all. I was pleased when I walked up to my vegetable garden this afternoon. The chard is coming along nicely, getting taller every day but it is my tomatoes I’m most pleased with. I have two of the cherry tomato plants producing in abundance and today I picked my first red one. Actually, these are more grape tomatoes but that is fine since I use them in salads.
Lots to ripen
The pepper plants are flowering and the Dutch multiplier onions I planted last week are popping up green in a couple of places. I had to cave and buy some green onions at Foodland earlier this week, since I do like having them on hand. Today I was reminded that our family reunion, on Mom’s side, is on Sunday and I’d totally forgotten about it. I think that is the first time ever for me to forget it!
Not a clear shot but he is appreciating that I filled his feeder
I’ll have to make up a salad and a dessert, as is standard. Bill doesn’t go and I don’t press him to. These are my cousins and aunts and uncles. Even though he has met them, it is a lot of sitting time for the spouses unless they are born and bred into the family. Especially the men find it hard to be ‘entertained’ for 4 hours. My sister, Gayle’s husband, John, often goes since he has been in the family for what…….45 years at least? He goes because everyone knows him and visa versa.
Chippy outside our window
He was chirping up a storm this morning
For the rest of the day, I sat. I finished a couple of crosswords with the help of Crossword Solver on my laptop. It was a stupid puzzle, Bill and I agreed, with a couple of spelling mistakes on some of the answers. I read some more of my mystery and got caught up in the story again.

We grilled burgers on the Weber for supper with the works and they were very tasty. After dishes my pilot went back out to his planes and I resumed sitting. The little bugs were causing me to flap my arms incessantly while in the shade so I moved to the sunny patio and sprayed some OFF on. That worked.
We are happy with our expenditure today
Clemson got bored with the chair hopping so I put him inside so I could enjoy the book without keeping an eye on him. When I’d cooled down enough to go inside Bill decided to light a fire and test the pit. I grabbed a light jacket and sat out with him. How nice not to have to worry about the sparks and the wind, which had died down considerably.
the sky didn't disappoint
And off to the southeast, this is going on
Around 9:30 we moved inside for the night. There isn’t anything worth watching on tv tonight so it is back to the books. First I wanted to download pictures and finish this post. So, saying that, I hope you have had a wonderful day.
Good night, folks!
Thank you for reading and if you wish to leave a comment, please do.


  1. Like your fire pit I am sure you will enjoy in, maybe st the other one up away from you for burning limbs, branches etc...
    It was a wonderful day , complaints here.

    1. You and Bill think alike. :) That is exactly what he said. We have a pile of old slats that need to be cut and burned. :)
      I think you mean NO complaints here........same with us!

  2. I do notice that your blog is well written, and hardly ever a spelling mistake. One of my pet peeves too. Looks like a nice new firepit.