Friday, July 28, 2017

Sunshine Start, Home Time, Company at The Ridge, Sunny Finish

Happy Friday, July 28th. I slept well which is good. I was concerned that maybe my tongue and tooth would bother me. Gayle had given me a piece of gum to place between the sharp edge and my tongue before bed and that seemed to have helped. I was awake and up at 7 to finish my blog post while drinking my tea.

A walk down the lane to get the mail
Aj and Donna were up before me and Gayle waking at the same time. Today, I’m going home so need to pack up my stuff soon. I want to be on the road by 10 o’clock. This has been a great 3 days with my sisters, our commonalities are plentiful. Now I’m ready for some variance in my life with Bill and Clemson.

Wendy very sweetly gave her big sister a cd of Pokey’s songs, one of her favourite musicians. We listened to it in her car over the last few days and I love the 40’s style of his music. Thanks Wendy! guess what I’ll be listening to on the way home to The Ridge!
I missed my little slow poke walking with me
I arrived home in 25 minutes which I thought was pretty good time. I could probably have saved 5 minutes had I turned before hitting Durham but that’s okay. When I got home Clemson was happy to see me and Bill was cutting the little hill grass. He wanted it to be done before company arrived. I grabbed my small mower after unloading my stuff and did the upper hill where the big mower can’t go.

Produce from my garden!
All nice and neat and Bill finished trimming just before we saw the motor home coming down our road. George stopped at the end of the lane and unhooked the car. Our first rv visitor! Yay! Easily, George got the rv turned and backed into position behind us. All set up by 2 pm.
The Yates arrive
After cutting grass I had wandered up and picked my ripe tomatoes and pulled some of my multiplier onions. The garden looks good and there were 5 little tomatoes ready. I think the Swiss Chard is doing better but that could just be my wishful thinking.

Before we knew it, it was happy hour and it has been a long time, well, 4 months since we’ve done that with George and Suzie. At 3:30 they brought their chairs and their drinks over to our patio. We caught up on our goings on and covered ground on a few other things of interest.
Settled in with room to spare
Around 5:45 George asked Suzie if she was ready for supper and we all agreed it was time. Clemson, of course, had had his promptly at 5. It was nice to see him jump up on Suzie’s lap and settle right in there. This was after a thorough sniffing of her shoes and pant legs, just checking on those other 4-legged friends of hers.

We separated for supper and Bill and I barbecued cheeseburgers. They were from the West Grey Butchers and we enjoy them. I loaded mine up with onion, pickle, mayo, mustard and lettuce. Yummy. After we cleaned up dishes I sat to get my post ready. Not too many pictures today but I did take a couple of walkabouts so I have no excuse.

Clemson and Suzie get their fix
It is nice to have company up here on the Ridge. We’ve made a few plans to do some things together over the coming week, just because we can and we enjoy each other’s company. Although we’re not talking a cup of sugar here, I shared some green onions with Suzie and George offered me some celery. Nice to have neighbours!
And the sun sets on Friday
I have had a great week and a great day. The clouds ruled most of the day and the temperatures were on the cooler side with our winds. It didn’t dampen the day for me at all. Life is good! I hope that yours was a good one as well.
Thank you for reading. I’m hoping for a lovely sunset tonight. If you wish to comment please feel free.

Good night from The Ridge


  1. Hey Guys this is and amazing place yu have here and thanks for inviting us, Happy hour was great and looking forward to a few more social times here. Thanks for the fresh green onions right from your garden,

    1. We are thrilled to have you! Hope you enjoy the peace and quiet on the Ridge as much as we do.

  2. Replies
    1. It is wonderful and they are self contained too!

  3. Aww...I'm jealous! I didn't realize you had so much room up there for visitors..beautiful spot and good times to come i'm sure! Your garden goodies look awesome

    1. If you ever were coming this way, you would be welcome. :)

  4. I have enjoyed reading your posts of the last week. So nice to see someone have fun with family and with fairly simple things!

    1. My sisters and I always find good things to do. We have slowed down a lot since it all started 28 years ago but still find fun. :)