Friday, February 20, 2015

Go Big or Go Home!

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case although we have been gradually going bigger and bigger and bigger when it comes to our rvs’.  You may have already read my blurb on Rigs and Dreams so have a good picture of where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Let me elaborate………..briefly. We started ONLY because my sister and her husband had property and invited family for the August long weekend. One weekend per year. Because we had tried this marriage/camping thing in prior lives and left all our stuff behind, we were starting from scratch.

The tent was so small it fit in our apartment living-room. We slept in it 2 times. Even though we were younger and in love, we were still done with sleeping on the ground. Sold it. ($39.99)

The tent trailer was the largest one we’d seen but it was very old and needed repair. We used it for the one family weekend and we gave it away to a lovely young handyman and his family. ($500.00)

The truck camper sat on the bed of our truck and was beautiful . We were so proud to be carrying around our bed, toilet and even the kitchen sink! Used it probably 8 times over 2 years and traded it in. ($6,000.00)

The first 5th wheel was 24’,  we couldn’t stand up in the bedroom, 1 slide-out. Nice older unit, used it a couple of years, more regularly and traded it in. ($7,500.00)

 The second 5th wheel was 29’, 2 slide-outs, L-shaped kitchen in the middle of the unit, 2 swivel chairs one behind the counter, split bathroom. Brand new, bought at the RV show, gorgeous and we used it a lot. Traded it in.  ($34,900.00)

 The third 5th wheel (see a pattern?) was 35’, 3 slide-outs, king bed, lots of room everywhere including the basement but not a lot of counter space. Fell in love on the lot of so went a year older and used it quite regularly on weekends for a whole summer and 2 autumns, even as it sat in our driveway! It was so purty! Traded it in.  ($34,500.00)

It's beginning to seem like we are afraid of commitments.

 Now, we have blown the budget (not really) and done it right. Not bigger just better, waaaay better, in our opinion and that’s what matters.

36’, lots of room everywhere, huge fridge, island with double sink, dishwasher, laundry prep (going to use this space for more clothes), king bed, huge basement with slide trays, 4 season (insulated R16” walls) etc etc etc.           ($PRICELESS)

We didn’t have to go bigger and we didn't have to go home. We just had to figure out what we  really really wanted, and go find our ideal home.

We went better and
                            we now have to change the phrase to :

                             DO IT RIGHT AND TAKE YOUR HOME WITH YOU!


  1. You guys have been working towards this dream for quite a few years now and we are very happy to see you getting nearer to a completion date. congratulations on the purchase of your future 'home' taking you one step closer. As Roy & Dale used to say "Happy Trails to You".

    1. Thank you Donna and Gerry, it IS getting closer and even more real each step we take. I guess you could say our horses are almost saddled up! :)

  2. Well said dear. Now just to get it home in the driveway where we can see it every day and start to use it.

  3. Wow you guys sure have been doing more shopping . Awesome looking house.
    Enjoy !!
    We must seem pretty boring, living in our 16 year old coach since 2006 and quite happy with it.

    1. Thank you George. We have similar dreams but just different ways to make them a reality. This is something we can do so took the plunge! You don't seem boring at all, we are all different and that is what makes it so fun! :)

  4. Nice, its fun to see the transitions! Love this rig.

    1. Thank you Maura. I hope this is the end of the transitions so we can settle down to filling it! :)