Friday, January 29, 2016

Seesaw on the House Selling Wheel

So, just to bring you up to date on how our house is showing I thought I'd write a short post.
Sign went up Thursday, Jan. 21

 From my last post, we signed Wednesday, had photos taken on Thursday and listed our house on Friday. On Saturday, Jan. 23 it was available to be viewed by everyone on the Multiple Listing Service, commonly known here as mls. Here it is if your are interested in taking a peek into our 'current' sticks and bricks.

Friday night we got a call for 2 showings on Monday. Saturday night we got a call for a showing on Sunday. Monday, I nipped home from work to pick the dog up, straighten a few things and brought him back to work with me for 2 and a half hours.

Monday night we had an offer come in that sounded really nice and they let us pick the closing date. We accepted and left it with our agent to send back by 6 pm on Tuesday. Our closing date of choice was Apr. 25th. We were both so tickled that an offer came so quickly. 

Bill couldn't sleep, I got 7 hours.

Tuesday morning we got a call from our agent before she sent our acceptance in advising us that the 'prospective buyers' had changed their mind. They found a house next door and were doing a private deal. You want to say "now I've heard everything!" but we probably haven't. Talk about a let down after the previous night's premature high.

Tuesday we had 4 more showings so after lunch Clemson got another trip to our place of employment. We're glad he is so small and not a barker as he snuggles up in his bed in the backseat of the car, we bring the car into the truck bay and everyone is happy. After 2 showings and a no show we had an unexpected knock on the door from an agent to bring a young couple through with their parents. What?? Obviously a total kerfluffle in communication but they were pleasant and apologetic so we scooted out. We do, after all, want to sell our house! 
Clemson appears not bothered by all the fuss!

Wednesday was another busy day starting at 8 am so we pretended it was Take Your Kid to Work Day and packed Clem up for the whole enchilada of 8 hours. Don't worry, he gets treats, water and jaunts out for piddles and leg stretches. He even got to spend the lunch period with me!

Our agent called with another offer coming in, this one from the young couple we met the previous night. The deal looked good. The price was too low but the closing date being another end of April date inspired us to counter offer closer to our asking price. Sensing that it would spark a seesaw effect between us, we were still encouraged that they seemed really interested in the house. By 9 pm we had an acceptance ready for signing. Of course this all with conditions of house inspection and financing. We couldn't help but get excited, again, even though we try to reign it in. The 5th of February is when things will close if all goes well!

Bill had a lousy night's sleep, I got 7 hours.

Thursday, because of our signed offer we didn't expect any more showings but because of our previous 'wake up call' when a request came in for an evening showing, we said yes. May as well have someone on the back burner if they are interested enough to come through in these circumstances. It just might mean a trip out to a fast food joint for supper tonight since it is over the supper hour.

It has certainly been a busy week. Basically, we just shrug our shoulders, pleased with how busy it is, meaning we've priced it right. 

I usually like to include pictures related to my post but I don't really have any today. Well, wait a minute! I can end with these from my half hour lunch break with the pooch.
Dog nap
`Thanks Mom for bringing me to work today
We trust your fingers and toes are crossed for us? 

In the midst of all of this, the weather was perfect, the roads were dry and our rv dealer, CanAm was not busy so we took the Mobile Suite in for some work now instead of waiting until April The solar panels for one are being installed, the dishwasher pump and a few minor warranty fixes. 
One of the few remaining times we will see this happen
Thanks for reading, comments are always welcome!

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