Friday, July 1, 2016

What are we doing today?

What beautiful days we are having right now and Bill and I are finding new things to get into. We have a fair bit of property to look after, as far as grass cutting and trimming but there is no pressure on when it has to be done. My sister and her husband own the land and have looked after it in our absence. 
There is a riding mower, a gas mower, a battery mower, 2 weed trimmers and many garden tools so we have no excuse to let things go. This and other areas of Ontario are crying for rain and it seems to be in short supply this year so we haven't cut the grass since we arrived. It just isn't growing too quickly.
When we arrived on Saturday afternoon the grass had been cut by our landlords {:)} but there was a lot of trimming to be done. With the humidity on Sunday and Monday, we hardly did anything at all except little trips into Durham and Hanover. This is all new to us, this small town thing but we are liking it so far. People are so friendly and quite willing to help us find things. Groceries may be the part we aren't too fond of since we are die hard Costco consumers.

So Tuesday, we had a reprieve with some cooler weather and a bit of drizzly precipitation on and off so that was our working day. My oh my! We managed to get all the trimming done as well as my garden now is free of weeds and looks wonderful again! 
Bill above trimming in the 'corall'
Weed free garden again
 Bill dug a hole up on the hill to the northeast for my kijiji umbrella clothesline. 

Now at least we can take our laundry in to Durham for the wash and bring it back here to hang it in this beautiful breeze. It sure won't take long to dry!

A good friend and co-worker, Dave, gave us a wonderful parting gift on Bill's last day and we have lovingly placed Goose the Spruce in an appropriate location where he should thrive even in the cold West Grey winters. My girlfriend, Brenda, offered me 14 Rose of Sharon cuttings so they are also planted on the hill overlooking our home. They should be happy up there too!

On The Ridge we have 2 - 9 x 12 sheds and 1 - 4 x 6 shed. These are for storage for the tools and things needed only here during the summer.
One of the 9 x 12 sheds was purchased by Donna and Gerry and houses the riding and 2 push mowers as well as stuff like grass seed and hand tools. The other large shed we purchased in the spring of 2016. We brought 4 heavy duty plastic shelving units from the house that keeps things up off the floor, flower pots, tent, lawn chairs and pop etc. 

We realized as we started inviting friends and family to visit that it would be nice if we not only offered space for them to park their rv but for those who don't take their 'bed' with them, a place to lay their head. We are a distance from London and if they drive this far we should be able to provide sleeping quarters for a longer visit if they chose to stay.

The shed closest to our Suite has hydro so that is the obvious choice to renovate. Bill put 2 screened windows in on the long weekend in May. One in the side and one in the back so we get a nice breeze through these even when the doors are closed.

The list of things to buy (new or used) begins and we are excited to be able to turn it into a bunky during the month of July. So we have priced panelling, insulation, flooring etc. and the odd pieces of furniture. In case you are wondering, no we didn't have anything suitable from our house anyway that would have worked. No rush, just something to piddle away at.

The small 4 x 6 shed is transformed into a cozy little Restroom. It is clean, fresh smelling, bright and decorated well so no one will be the wiser that there is a humongous hole underneath! We use this during the daylight and our indoor one during the night. I finished the tile on the bench top and front 

Work in progress below....Bill began closing in the base of the new shed and I'm covering the bench top....better remember to cut the hole!


The completed projects below

Things are coming along nicely and we have fallen in love with the beauty and peacefulness of this summer location. The sunrises and sunsets are out of this world!

Looking to the northeast
Thanks for stopping in and since this is being posted on Friday, July 1st, Happy Canada Day everyone!! Ignore the weather and celebrate our country in all its glory!


  1. Happy Canada Day.
    We love small town living, We gave up costco many years ago, we found we can great deals at other places and smaller quantities to fit our smaller house.
    Keep enjoying the wilderness.

    1. It will be hard to give up the prices of our 'staples' at Costco, milk, eggs, butter and creamer but it is what it is. When we are in London again mid July, we will stock up on those thingssince our fridge is big enough and we go through the milk and cream quickly. :)

  2. Kathy and I only used Costco for a couple of years when we owned our home but started seeing prices that worked out cheaper at the grocery stores and besides there isn't enough space in an RV to store those Mega buys.
    You two are keeping busy fixing up The Ridge. It shows you take pride in where you live.
    Happy Canada Day to you both.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I have a handy cupboard full of t.p., tissues & paper towels right now, only used for that stuff but won't buy in such bulk once they are gone. My dairy stuff I will miss the great Costco prices though. We are having fun here making things better at The Ridge, thank you. Hoping you had a wonderful Canada Day despite the weather!

  3. Great blog sis. So glad you like your spot at the Ridge. We are happy to be able to offer it to you for as long as you want the 'rural' lifestyle. It's nice to know that we don't have to cut the grass anymore!;-)

  4. Thank you Donna. Yes it feels like home and losing track of our days is wonderful!