Friday, July 8, 2016

Surprise Visits

Very few clouds these days
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that people who like to travel to the south for the winter would enjoy the kind of heat wave we’re having here in Ontario. My oh my, we are in heaven! 
Every day waking up to the beautiful blue sky and gorgeous sunshine! It is indeed hot and humid some days but there is always shade to be found and a lovely breeze up on The Ridge. It is nice and cools off enough in the evening to have a campfire once in a while. We are very careful with the size and containment and so far there are no bans in this area.

Clemson loves Gerry's lap
Bill has mastered the fire ritual
My sister, Donna, and I relax in the new king chairs
Another revelation for us is that we love to have company and now that we are retired, we can entertain any given day of the week. On weekends we go back and forth to my sisters' property for camp fires when it works for all of us. I have 3 sisters in the area so if it isn't Hanover for a visit with Mom, it might be Chatsworth or Owen Sound. 

Our door is always open to any visitors so we were pleasantly surprised when we received a text on Sunday morning from our daughter #4 (Bill’s 3rd), Krystal, asking if we would be around for a visit that afternoon. It made our day so we extended an invite to stay for dinner and awaited her arrival.

Within an hour of her text, Bill received a phone call from his cousin, Peter, in Peterborough (fitting!) that they would be in the Priceville area on Monday and would like to come and see us and our set up. This is fantastic, we haven’t seen them for a couple of years. We invited them to come for lunch.

Krystal arrived around 2:30 or 3 and after a bit of a visit 
Krystal and Bill catching up
and before dinner we hopped in the truck and took a drive over 2 concessions to show her where my sister and her husband have their summer retreat, The Acreage. Krystal had heard of the many long Civic holiday weekends we had spent on that property.

We had a nice dinner of bbq chicken, baked potato and salad. My sister, Donna, had given me some fresh strawberries from the Ayton area so they topped off vanilla ice cream for dessert. Everything goes down with wine so we opened a bottle of Hardy’s Gewurztraminer Riesling. Delicious! Thank you Heather for that suggestion! She left around 8:30 and texted us when she arrived home. What a wonderful visit!

Monday morning we scooted in to Hanover for a few things including some cold meat and buns for sandwiches. Peter and Linda arrived at 1 pm and I had a little lunch all set up to go. They loved our home and surroundings and we were so happy to see them again. When families drift apart the way they traditionally do, it is a blessing when our paths cross, each and every time.

Clemson and Bill greet our guests

Shady visits.....not that kind of shady!

Clemson enjoys his company too! Ellie May comes to see us from next door.
Shade is found in the neatest places
By 3:30 they were on their way for the 3 hour drive home with promises to meet again in September in Inverhuron.
Bill, Linda and Peter catch up too

Linda loves our Ridge Restroom
 Thank you for stopping in Peter and Linda and the rest of you for reading. Feel free to comment as you enjoy the summer here in Ontario!


  1. Being retired is wonderful, your now have time to visit with people and enjoy the good life.

    1. We have had more company since going fulltime than we did before when we had a sticks and bricks house!:)

  2. Even once you are retired you will have some busy times visiting and other times just mellowing by yourselves. Glad you are enjoying the advantages that come with the lifestyle.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.