Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Goodbye Goose Family!

It is funny what you get used to. I got used to walking the park, usually on a daily basis. No one was pushing me to make it happen or judging me if I didn't make my rounds. Well, perhaps Clemson judged from his perch on the couch or up on the bed. He enjoyed his walks.

I do, however, get encouragement from afar. My sister, Donna, lives in Hanover and we are great supporters for each other. We text, often, and lately it has been either 'mid-walk' or after our walk when we are settling in for our first coffee of the morning. It has helped me a lot to get off my butt and move, in the silence and peacefulness of the early morning hours. Usually by 7:30 at the latest I am back to our rv with coffee or tea in hand along with a book, my texting tool beside me and my fitbit registering my first mile of the day. It feels good and because I know that, I am my own worst enemy when I get lazy and don't get out there. 

I was able to see the geese one more time this morning, all 'growed up'. Goodbye!

Loved watching these guys
all grown up

Learning to swim
The walk in the park is not quite long enough to get 30 minutes in, which is all I expect of myself in a day although it is usually more by bed time. I can walk every road in the park once in 25 minutes, depending on my pace. I used to huff it and get my heart rate up but now I walk a little more leisurely and concentrate on tummy muscles (I can't maintain holding my tummy tight for too long before I get distracted and forget!) while enjoying the air and all that is around me. I do have to retrace my steps on a couple of roads to get that required time in.

Then I take Clemson out for his walk which is usually only 10 or 15 minutes. It seems like forever because he has to stop and sniff many times. You know the routine, I think I've mentioned it before. I've chatted with many other dog owners here and we are all in the same boat so we aren't critical when we see someone else say either "slow down, it's not a race!" or "for crying out loud, let's go!".

The goodbyes in the park were sad. We met some wonderful people, some we will definitely see again and others where chances are slim. Our camp host(ess) Ann is one of them. We will miss her and I will especially miss her on my morning walks. We spoke each day while she stood outside for her smoke. Her clogs always matching her shirt.

We appreciate Joe, the owner, and the way he looks after things in the park. 

We paid for 3 mths when we came in on Apr. 15 as we had planned on staying until July 15 and then heading to Chatham for an RC Fun Fly. On May 24, if you remember, we left on Thurs. evening to go to The Ridge property for the long weekend. We didn't have to, BUT we decided to offer up our vacated spot until our return on Monday. 
When we announced that we were leaving early by 2 weeks, we only assumed that there would be either a refund (woops! the invoice says no refunds) or at least some concession made for our hydro or guests. 
Weekend warriors surround us
Good thing we didn't want to move Father's Day weekend!

 Well, apparently they don't work that way so I spent my last day chatting with some friends and exchanging contact information and 'rv cards' instead of dwelling on the refund we didn't get.  Can't win 'em all, eh? You never know, we may be back.

Take care and thanks for reading! 


  1. Gotta love the early morning walks wherever we are.
    No refunds at most places we stay, but then again don't usually stay too long either.
    Enjoy the ridge as I know you will.

    1. Yes, I'm not near as dedicated as you are George but hope to change that. there is enough work around the property right nowto keep me moving, but it is a different kind of walking. :) Thank you, it would be nice if you guys could stop in for a visit and stay over at the Ridge. Just let us know!