Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another great time was had by all. On Monday, July 25 the Snelgrove sisters got together for another year. Now that all but 1 of us is retired we realized that we didn’t need to have our get together on a weekend as we typically do. Here are my sisters, each with their own individually. 

Wendy, our youngest sister, who lives in Owen Sound took a few days of vacation and we worked with that. We met at Chatsworth, in a sister’s home and used that as our home base. Her husband took their 5th wheel out to Durham where the guys would spend their few days.

Bill left our Suite at The Ridge and just scooted back and forth for visiting and meals with the guys.
He has a few projects on the go so travelling the 8 km back and forth was worth it for him. Both he and Clemson, our pooch, like to sleep at home in their own bed.
Cargo carrier installed
Car shelter erected
By 11 pm on Monday all 6 girls had arrived at Chatsworth. Hugs all around and rooms and bed mates were chosen. This was a shopping day in Owen Sound for us gals and as always we went into Value Village to see what treasures we could find. Each of us walked out of there with some neat things, either clothes or handy kitchen gadgets before we went to Wendy’s beautiful little home in the city for a cold drink. We all decided on Norma Jean’s for supper and called for a reservation. What a quaint place with many momentous photos of Marilyn Munroe and Mick Jagger etc. adorning the walls.

Dinner at Norma Jeans Bistro
Wendy’s daughter joined us so it was like an initiation of sorts for her! At 10 the chitter chatter of her 5 aunts with her mom kept her deeply involved in her hand held device. She is a shy young lady so we didn’t push ourselves into her space. We would often catch the rolling of those gorgeous green eyes when attention was directed at her. She is charming! I had a fabulous Seafood Crepes entre with mussels and a spicy curry soup for an appetizer. The soup was a little spicy for my taste but good and the entre was to die for!! OMG! No dessert required, heh heh.

Tuesday we moved a little slower after a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, cheeses and many homemade paleo concoctions. We had no obligations outside of the Chatsworth home. It was nice to just sit and relax together while we caught up on each other’s lives. There was discussion regarding Mom with her surgery booked for Thursday but only in brief interludes. We were all being positive without fooling ourselves into ignoring the risks.

By 2 o’clock in the afternoon, our unconventional group Scrabble game was in full swing, and typically I was near the bottom of the scoreboard! “No good letters” was my excuse. 
Scrabble game just underway.
We had invited a Medium from Sauble Beach to come and give us a reading so when Nancy showed up at 2:45 and was escorted into the dining room we were a hubbub of energy and excitement.
Nancy  Fortier, the medium
We had a lot of laughs, some tears and even some surprises, especially from the skeptics in the group. Let me tell you though, those who were doubtful when they sat down, left with a different opinion. My sister Donna and I have been full- fledged believers for quite a few years and not much she said surprised us. I'm glad I recorded the whole visit on my playbook. Lots of information!

The most special message was from our dad, who didn’t let us down in a time when we all needed confirmation. There wasn’t enough time, in my opinion, with such a large group, so we have put it on the list of things to do again in 2017. We all loved the experience and Nancy is a very special lady.

Breakfast prepaarations
Early on we decided that we would rather purchase ingredients for a great breakfast that would last us through the day and splurge every evening for dinner. 
I figure when I am on this type of getaway, I don’t want to cook! So, Tuesday evening we went to the popular home country Kettles restaurant on Hwy #6, essentially just down the road from where we were staying.

There was a fly that seemed to be following us from day to day, no matter where we dined, but other than the odd hand waving it away in the air it did not deter us from getting our fill. At Kettles I had a hot roast beef sandwich with yet again another soup that didn’t quite fit the bill. It was an asparagus with just a tad too much peppery spice for this gal. Otherwise a great meal.

Most evenings we were in bed by 11 and quite exhausted, physically 
and mentally. Wednesday morning, we were up sporadically, one sister up and walking at 7  to Williamsford Mill
and a couple of us by 7:30 checking in with our men at the Acreage/Ridge and still a couple more slept in until closer to 8:30. I’d say our days were bounty filled.

Gayle and I were into the hot tub before we got dressed and for someone who doesn’t experience that joy often, it was wonderful! I knew when enough was enough though so didn’t over stay, letting the other 3 girls get in. It was good for what ails you.
Hot tub pix from a couple of years ago
Lots of discussion again about Thursday plans by everyone. I had made up my mind early to scoot home to The Ridge after a visit with Mom and dinner Wednesday evening in Hanover but the choices were more difficult for others. It was tough for Cathy who came from up north especially when so much depended on Mom’s surgery results.

We left to meet Wendy and Morgan at The Village at 4 and had a lovely visit with Mom. For someone in such pain, she was a real trooper taking part in our ‘forced’ photo shoot (ha ha) and the lively loud conversation taking place around her.

A  very special photo with Mom

When we left, we walked her down to her supper in the dining room and she was the centre of attention with all 6 of her daughters and a granddaughter giving her farewell kisses and hugs. I knew I wouldn’t see her until sometime after her ordeal so fought back a few tears in my embrace.

Us girls went to Queen’s Bush for dinner and had another great dinner. Quesadilla with shrimp and a marguerita was enough to top off my evening. I was very sated for my drive home to see my boys.

This is a lot of garble; I hope you didn’t mind my recollection. I feel it is good for me so I remember our goings on.

Thank you for reading and comments are welcome!


  1. What a fun time, retirement is treating you very well, more great memories.

    1. We do always have a great time together and look forward to them every year.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time and we'll be praying for your mom.
    Blogs are first and foremost a form of a diary so you can write the Good, the Bad and the Ugly details of life for others but mostly yourself to read in the future.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Mom is now on the good side of her surgery and seems to be doing fine. A huge relief for all of us. Yes I'm loving my blog and enjoy going back to reading past events since I don't trust my memory!

  3. Another year of great times with your sisters. Glad you enjoyed yourselves and here's to many more.

    1. Thanks dear, as long as there are things to do, places to eat and things to talk and laugh about we will get together. :)

  4. Our sister gatherings are very special and I look forward to them every year!

    1. Me too, even when we choose to do something more than once we always have a great time together.