Monday, March 6, 2017

The Sun Rises, Three Hikers, Bighorn Sheep, Our Kind of Day

Monday, Mar. 6th and the sun came up over the mountain as it should around 8:05 am. The sky is blue and welcoming and the wind is still hanging around, just not with as much punch. I was up just before 7 and opened the blinds before reading the blog posts from yesterday.
Waiting for the sun
Bill slept in until 8, still not back into his good night’s sleeping habit. Clemson didn’t help by getting up at 3 and needing to go out. He has been a bit out of sorts over the last 24 hours, not sure why.

After the sun came up, yay, we had our coffee/tea and we started to plan our day. I noticed Jill in her camper van reading so I walked over around 9:30 to see if she was up for a hike this morning. Bill and I were geared to go so soon after we all three set out with our sticks and hats towards the Catchment. Bill was interested in seeing this and we were all hoping to see some bighorn sheep. (Borrego in Spanish)

See? This trip is not all for naught, I’ve learned a new language! The walk to this area was about 20 minutes and we were able to snap a photo of more Beavertail Cactus in bloom. Within two or three days, they will be beautiful, after we’re all gone, of course. Tom and Deb from Celebrating the Dance and Maxx Trails, if you guys come this week, I’m counting on you to get pictures!
Look at all of these buds waiting to pop

I know, I know, enough of the flowers!
Jill was planning on continuing the hike around the mountain in the opposite direction to our hike yesterday so Bill opted out and turned around and I carried on with her. Better two of us than her going by herself and I was certainly up for another adventure. If we’d had water with us, Bill would have come along.
From our vantage point on the hilltop

Needless to say, Jill and I took a wrong turn, road actually, and found ourselves going 
south but further away from the mountain we thought we were circling. Oh dear, shall we say we’re lost? No matter, there are roads that will take us ‘somewhere’ and we can always come back to the Catchment.

We continued on until finally we realized that we were two rises over from where we need to be. Big rises/hills so we thought it best to find a place to nestle for our snack (Jill again being the girl scout) and turn around. By this time, we had reached a halfway point of about 2 ½ miles.

The landmark up on the rise
We climbed a rise to the east and came across the most fabulous views overlooking I-95 way out there and a military base off in the distance. At least we assume that is where the firing range shots were coming from. When a helicopter came over our heads, we were sure we were being tracked down.
We're down here!
After a great 20 min. rest, our snack and a couple of pictures, we climbed back down and followed the road. Soon enough I spotted a 4-wheeler stopped up on the hill taking pictures of something and before long we noticed the sheep making their way down the mountain.

Cool little open shelter area

We could hardly contain ourselves and crept over the next rise and planted our butts right there on the grass. Jill’s camera battery was dead and I only had Bill’s small powershot but we got ‘em! Double yay! 

We were so excited and watched as first 3, then 4 more and then 6 more began their s-l-o-w downhill climb. Assuming they were making their way to the Catchment for a drink, we watched for a good 25 minutes before leaving them to their grazing.

Our hubbys were expecting us by noon and without a 2-way radio to contact Bill, we wanted to keep to the time as close as possible. This was a great adventure and all things truly do happen for a reason. Had we gone the original planned route, we never would have seen these awesome creatures. I sure wish I’d had my zoom but this is what I came away with.
If you can see my pencil marks, it shows you three of the sheep working their slow way down
When we got back Jill showed Bill and I a few places on the New Mexico map to see next year. We, in turn, recommended a few places to see as well, like Borrego Springs, Bisbee and the Pima Air Museum. This is what it is all about, sharing stories, adventures and experiences.

I was saddened that Jill and Thayer were pulling out today after making such a great connection with her. However, we did exchange info and will definitely look her up on her blog “A Rialta Adventure” and Facebook. Safe travels you two!
Goodbye Jill!
I cleaned up a few things in the Suite and dusted and swept after they pulled out around 3. Then I cleaned myself up a bit and Bill took me to Carl Jr’s for supper. It has been a while since we’ve eaten out so it was nice to be able to pack the Weber Q away tonight. We found a post office to mail a card back home (late, sorry Chaela) and then drove back home.

It is Monday evening and has been a fantastic day, yet again. I have been so busy that my book has not yet been opened. That is a good day! Although I like reading, it usually happens when nothing else is going on. Tonight, we have a few shows we like to watch so will leave the generator out just in case we need it.
Just before our programs were about to start, Cindy from the painted trailer asked to borrow our ladder. In the wind from the other night, her tv antenna took on a life of its own and blew into an upright position. Bill is helping her daughter put it down.

The sun has been forthcoming all day and our batteries have been charged to full power since 10:30 this morning. Yippee! Tomorrow we pull out of here but it is another great place that we will return to. Thanks Lorne for the suggestion.
This barrel cactus just got too heavy and couldn't stand up in its root base
I hope your day has gone smoothly with lots of ‘great’ in it too.

Thank you for reading today and if the mood strikes you, drop me a comment. I love to hear from you.


  1. Looks like another wonderful day and all the wonderful people you meet on this journey makes it even better, Travel safe tomorrow to Bullhead City.

    1. Thanks, it seems the wonderful days are never-ending, just how we like them!

  2. You can never have too many flower pictures! And I will do my best to show you what you have missed. I love this time of year when the desert starts to bloom 😊 Safe travels to your next destination.

    1. Appreciate that! I'll watch for the photos. I would go to take a picture of a flower (not the cactus) and Jill would say "you got that one yesterday". Ha ha. Never enough is right.

  3. Very exciting to see the sheep. You two were very lucky. Always happens when you don't have your camera with you. Save Travels tomorrow.

    1. I'd have given anything (well, not quite) for my zoom lens but I made the best of it. I just wish Bill had been with us to see them.

  4. I'm glad you got to see the sheep. We didn't see them when we were there but we were too lazy to go looking for them. We did hear the burros though. Maybe you will see some in the morning.

    1. Yes, it was exciting to see them. It has really thinned out here now. Cindy in the painted trailer is moving today but I'm sure she will be back.

  5. Love your pictures and the way you tell your story!

  6. What a great "misdirection" surprise, a chance to see the sheep. Love your pictures of the flowers and the desert. We will only be "parking" there to sleep and attend the "Yooper" picnic and then we are headed up to Kingman for a few days. After reading your blogs about the area I am now sorry we did not plan more time there. Oh well, there is always next year...:)

    1. Yes I thought you were staying a bit longer but not from anything you said. Kingman won't be far from us. We're taking our friends to Oatman one day, they've never been there.

  7. What a great adventure. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    1. Thank you we have truly had a wonderful time.