Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Beat Goes On and our Rhythm is Pretty Good! However NOT a Nice Day to Travel

We woke up Thursday, Mar. 30th all set for another day on the road. It is to the point now, let’s just get there. I was awake at 6:30 and Bill was still sawing logs so I just relaxed until 7 when I crawled out of bed. It didn’t take long and he was up with me.

Last night after we pulled in here, alone in the lot, 2 other rv’s pulled in beside us and 5 semis around them. Everyone was respectable and it wasn’t a cold night so nothing loud was running. When we got up this morning, all but the motor home beside us had left. They were from Trenton, On and were planning on making it to Tilbury today. They have a long drive ahead of them too.
Our first stop, Indiana Rest/Welcome area
We had a coffee, read a few blog posts and had breakfast. The temperature this morning was a nice 55F and the sky was offering up a few light showers. By the time we were headed out the rain had stopped and the sky was showing promise. 

I fell hook line and sinker for this skyline
Love this octopus tower
We were on the road before 9 thinking we did good to get moving at a decent time. We forgot about the time change, well, kind of. Crossed into Indiana and it was suddenly 10:05 when we stopped at their Welcome Centre to pick up a map. It all works out the same in the end, we’ll still probably drive 8 or 9 hours today.
It was pretty smooth going through Indianapolis and we loved the optional Byway of 465 to I-69N. Much nicer than St. Louis yesterday. I-69 isn’t a pleasant road to drive on at all. Lots of asphalt patches that need new patches and so on. We certainly can’t put blame on the Mobile Suite manufacturer for hitches etc. that break.
Bill and Clemson waiting for me at the Welcome Centre
At 1 we needed a break so stopped once more at a Rest Stop near Fairmount. The sky to the northwest doesn’t look too pleasant, dark clouds and lightening so, obviously, a thunderstorm coming our way.  We were soon in the midst of the heavy rain and poor visibility so slowed ‘er down and took it easy.

Looks good so far

By 2 we were looking for a place to get diesel and found a Pilot Station off exit 309A that fit the bill. After waiting to get in a fill spot the rain stopped for the most part and the sky lightened up. Hoping to make up some time we got back on I-69N.
I was following on this map along with our gps

Before too long the rain returned and we crossed into Michigan and stopped at their Welcome Centre. Had a short break and picked up a new state map here as well. 

We must soon be in Canada; the temperatures are a cool 37F. I have to admit that my body has adjusted well to lower temps. It sure didn’t feel like 3 or 4C. Just don’t ask me to stand out in it for long.
Bad rain and visibility
I had come to the conclusion that we will NEVER travel on I-69 again if we can possibly avoid it. That is until Bill informed me we will be going to Michigan again in August and that is the route we'll take. LOL 

We don’t mind Interstate traveling, we’d rather not have to stop at all the small towns on some of the other routes, it is because of the rough Interstates we have encountered. Driving around Lansing was uneventful and even though busy, if it wasn’t for the rough roads and the rain it would have been a breeze.

Not much else to write about on this wet cool travel day so I’ll close like this: We found a Sam’s Club just before reaching Flint, MI and it was next to a Walmart Super Centre. By this time, the wind was blowing around the 25mph range and there were puddles all over the lot. It was 6:00 and we were ready to stop.
If Sam's Club had said 'No', we were right beside the Walmart Super Centre
Both said overnight parking was available on my gps
Bill went in and checked in with the manager and was met with another friendly greeting. We continued to set up ‘parking lot’ style and I cooked up a couple of hotdogs each for supper. Just perfect. Bill drove through a mess of rain and traffic not to mention poor visibility today and we made it really close to the destination we had in mind.
We are here for the night, all by our selves
Good night from outside Flint, Michigan
Tomorrow we will be in Ontario at our home membership park, with reservations already made. Hoping this finds that your day was dryer and warmer and a good one in general.

Thank you for following along on this journey. I always love to read your comments.


  1. yuk...that weather looks awful....continue on a safe journey home!

  2. Glad you are making progress without the danger being brought on by the serious storms not far behind you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Wow you making good time glad all went well , we just gonna hang out here a=for a while yet and hope for the weather ti get better soon. Travel safe tomorrow.

  4. Hope your drive tomorrow will be a better one. The sun will shine for you once you are home! Don't rush ;-)

    1. We hope so too, thank you. Still rain today just hope not so bad. The sun will shine one way or another when we are home so that is good. :)

  5. We just did I65 through IN. Holes everywhere at every road seam. I am amazed that screws etc. don't just fall out. Cupboard opened and a bowl crashed to the floor. So jarring.

    1. It is so bad! The closet door latches broke so a minor repair is necessary. Jamming the doors with large pillows for the last stretch today so they don't bang back and forth. Geesh!

  6. The potholes of spring, always fun to dodge in Michigan. If you are in Flint do not drink the water. Hope you have a smooth crossing at Port Huron tomorrow. Safe Travels.

    1. Potholes of spring, summer and fall apparently in Michigan.........they were this bad in August and October. Thanks guys!

  7. We made it across the border back into BC this morning and are visiting friends in Penticton, BC for a few days. Enjoy your summer when it comes!

    1. Glad you made it to BC. I'm hoping for an early summer, I wonder why? We've been spoiled now! thanks John.