Thursday, March 16, 2017

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, How Sweet It Is.

Today is Thursday, Mar.16th and our 9th day in the park. There isn’t much to say as far as weather, so I will just say it is a repeat of the last 5 days minus the clouds. The sky is so blue you can get lost in it. I’m so happy to have a pool in which  to swim in while looking at the sky.
Good morning Sunshine
I was up before 7 today and out for a mile and a half walk. The temperature was 60F and we had lovely cool air coming in the windows through the night. Yesterday I prepared Bill’s bread pudding so popped it in the convection oven when I got back and made myself a hot apple cider. Don’t laugh, I’m making do right now and it tastes quite nice!
Yum, dessert tonight
Bill and Clemson got up (for the second time) around 8 ish and we read posts and emails. He had little jobs to keep him busy outside this morning, I read under the awning for a while and Clemson laid on his stool in the breeze. I like to see the hair on his ears flapping, it means he is cool.
Look how this quail perks up the landscape

And two bunnies playing tag
I was looking for a small 3 cup teapot I’d bought back home and thought I’d try that in the morning until I get out and get us some good coffee. I started hunting and found it, cleverly packed away. At the same time I pulled out my blender and tossed the strawberries from the fridge into it with some milk, cream and ice. It was noonish so Bill and I enjoyed a nice smoothie each.
My small appliance cupboard, the blender goes in that empty spot
After that, it was time for the pool. By the time I got ready and my bag packed it was 1:30. Hardly anyone there, just one other couple. Perfect! I set my chair up facing the sun, laid my towel out and my book and proceeded to get myself cooled off right and proper! It just gets warmer every day but maybe still only mid 60’s.
I'm going to miss this
I swam back and forth a couple of times and laid out for a while. After an hour my sweetie showed up. I had a feeling but never put any pressure on him to join me. I was in the pool when he got there and he wasted no time getting in. More people arrived and we met a couple from Washington, in their 12th or 14th year.
My pool chair view
Idle chit chat continued and I soon got out, listening from my chair and finally the talk turned to things I wasn’t interested in and Joanne left and by 3:45 I headed back to the Suite. Bill was having a nice conversation so he stayed for a while longer. He came back with an invite to get together again with these people. Nice!

Bill getting cooled off and making friends at the same time
We walked over to join Happy Hour at Lori and Rolands’ site and met two other couples. I hope I have their names correct, Lindy and Vic from northern Alberta and Neil and Lee also from Canada, can’t remember where. It is always nice to meet new people and today overflowed with those friendships.

Is everybody happy? YES!
Looks like we've cut out Oscar and Neil, sorry guys!
It was after 6 when we moseyed back home and Bill started the barbecue for supper. It seems like we are repeating a lot these days but we had 3 sweet sausages to cook. Bill likes his on a bun and I like mine with sauerkraut on the plate and broccoli on the side with lots of butter.

Another view across to the Casinos

No question about dessert, I just need to make whiskey sauce for our bread pudding, once we have room. I’m sitting outside as I write this, it is hovering around 90F inside the Suite tonight at 7:15. It is 85F out here and the sun has set. Basically, other than the blue LED lights under the awning, I am sitting in the dark.
I walked in the dog walk area and found so many flowers dotting the landscape
I hope that you have had a great day in your neck of the woods. A few of you are on the move in the morning, others are settling into a new park and even more of you are snuggled inside preparing for bed with temperatures in the minus digits outside.
without my walking stick, no way could I make it to the top of this sandy hill
This has been a wonderful day and I’m proud to say we are taking full advantage of what this journey has to offer. We have never looked back with any tinge of regret on this decision since we left home on Oct. 24/16. It is all good.
Goodnight from Ridgeview RV Resort
Thank you for following along, especially to those of you who are not so keen on reading. I love receiving your comments, if you have the time.


  1. Hi,I am finally getting caught up on my reading and next blogging before I get any farther behind. Sounds like you and Bill have been having a nice relaxing and fun time at the Ridgeview RV Resort.
    If you shop at Fry's/Smith's/Kroger try there Private Selections coffee Tom and I do like the darker blends but they have a lot of choices. We have been pleasantly surprised with the taste. Before our Keurig died we had re-usable pods so we could always use our coffee choice.
    Enjoyed catching up and seeing all the pictures you posted.

    1. Hi Deb, thank you for the tip on coffee. We haven't been to a Smith's, usually Frys or Safeway. I think it will be harder to find tea, just loose bags but I'm going to try!
      Nice to hear you have caught up, it gets harder to keep up with everyone because we keep following new bloggers! All good though.

  2. Hello. I've enjoyed reading your blog this winter. You have such a positive outlook.
    I'm in Yuma, will return next season and maybe we can connect. Have a safe trip home.

    1. Well thank you, I'm glad you are following along. I try to be positive every day because it beats the alternative and my health is rewarded by it. :) We love Yuma and will definitely be back next season. Keep in touch! Is Yuma your home or are you travelers too?

    2. Sorry late answering. I'm new at this, your the only one I've responded to. We are travelers also, call us full-time rvers. Retired five years and loving it. I'm native Arizonan, my husband born in MI. Have family in Yuma. We're here in winter only. Moving soon...To warm for us. Lol

    3. Sounds good. My email address is if you wish to keep in touch so we can meet up next year in Yuma. It has been a great journey for us down to the southwest. I don't see how I can reconnect with your, your blogger profile doesn't give me any info. Take care!

  3. great photography and always a great read....:) thank you for your share...bread pudding does look pretty yummie :P

    1. thank you Lori. Bread pudding was very good. My sauce didn't turn out so well because I was tired and didn't follow the correct order. Oops! tonight it will be better. :)

  4. It does seem to be better the longer we stay in one place. Begin to just relax and enjoy each day. So glad you three have had such a good experience this winter. Sounds like there will be more of them.

    1. In a park I can always keep myself entertained for 2 weeks. Bill isn't so easily 'rapt' but he has certainly learned to relax since our working days! It has been a great winter and we hope it continues for a long time.

  5. It does seem to be better the longer we stay in one place. Begin to just relax and enjoy each day. So glad you three have had such a good experience this winter. Sounds like there will be more of them.

  6. Nice that you are enjoying Ridgeview again, and the amazing weather, always lots around there for Happy Hour. Soon you will be on the road again.

    1. We like Ridgeview and this new site we're on. Lots to do in the park and outside if you wish to do it. Happy Hour is fun, there hasn't been one every night but we can always have our own too. Countdown in full process now.

  7. Awesome that you are enjoying your first year so much ... I think it only get's better 😊