Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Waking up to Another View, Windy, Clemson Gets the Works, Friends Arrive

Wednesday, Mar. 8th at Ridgeview RV Resort, Bullhead City, Az. We have returned to this lovely park. We were here for the first time in November and met new friends from Ontario so this is like a reunion. 
Here comes the sun
It was great to meet with Lori and Roland and Shatzi again, parked across the road from them.

This morning we were up at 7 and the early morning clouds soon moved out of the way (or pushed by the wind) and the sky is pure blue in every direction. We read blog posts with our coffee, how nice not to have to count on the sun to charge batteries. Hook ups are so nice once in a while.
On either side of the wash I see this with beautiful homes up top

Today, reading emails I realized that my social calendar for the summer has already started to get dates scheduled for events. Awesome! I’ve heard from friends who travel south in the winter that once they get home, they feel a bit of a letdown because the social life down here is so great.
My skinny muffin for breakfast, half was enough, it is so filling
These few events I’m booking with my sisters and friends back home should help to get me over that hump. Something for April, May and July. Nice! Taking advantage of the beautiful (albeit windy) morning, I headed out for a walk around the park. Ah yes, I remember this place well and enjoy walking around here. From up on the RV bone yard I could see a great view and our Suite down there past the wash.

So, the excitement of the day is for Clemson, although we’re sure he isn’t looking forward to it. It is his Spa Day which consists of a bath, massage, nail trim and all over grooming. We take him in to meet Shantana with notes about his skin tags and his dislike of having his face and whiskers trimmed as well as how much he dislikes having his paws held.
Our little scruff mutt

Can you imagine how warm he must be?
After dropping him off at Pet Smart (he appeared quite content in Raven’s arms, I must say) we stopped at Saveway for a few groceries before returning home to the Suite. I don't have a club card for this store but the nice man two behind me offered his up so I could take advantage of a $10 savings. Very nice! I hope he gets something  of letting me and another customer use his card. After unloading groceries, the house felt empty without our baby. We took advantage of a little snooze, some inside and outside reading for Bill and I respectively. By 1:30 I noticed our friends in their Solitude fifth wheel driving by on the other side of the wash.
this wash is behind our unit and this is looking to the west towards Laughlin, Nevada
We were very excited to welcome them for a few days and went out to meet them. Bill guided Ken into his spot next to us while Nancy and Molly and I caught up. Yay! They’re here! Last time we saw them was in November, which seems like ages ago in many ways.
Here they come with their Solitude
They seem happy to be here too!
 At 2 we got the call that Clemson is ready so we returned to Pet Smart to pick him up. When they brought him out my heart swelled and my eyes lit up when I noticed that his face was trimmed perfectly and his legs were all cut the way we wanted. Whatever she did, he obviously loved her and behaved for her. We were so proud and expressed our pleasure by tipping Shantana for the great job.
Do you recognize this little fellow with his tongue out?

Our handsome little guy
Back at the ranch, we realized how famished we were so grabbed a couple pieces of cheese to tide us over until dinner time. It was 2:30 so too late for lunch. We invited Ken and Nancy and Lori and Roland over for Happy Hour around 3:30. We didn’t have sun on our side of the Suite but it was such a beautiful day at 79F that we didn’t need it to feel warm.
Love to be in on that joke!
Nancy, Ken and Roland
A couple more road runner viewings while sitting there and then we saw Oscar and Judy pull in from the Holtville Hot Springs area. It was a lovely reunion for us and all the dogs enjoyed the time outside as well. Three dogs, 2 female, 1 male, on leashes and hardly ever did they get in each other’s way.
Adorable Molly is happy to be here
They got along pretty good, if you can call sniffing each other getting along. They all agreed on one thing and that was whenever someone went inside, they came out with a treat. Us humans also agreed on one thing, they were all adorable especially when it came time for the H.H. picture. I didn’t get one with Oscar and Judy but there is always another day.
Shatzi is a sweet little smarty pants. She knows the treats come from in that door
Finally, around 6 the group split up and we headed our own way to start supper. Bill and I decided to test our little deep fryer with homemade fries with tilapia loins on the grill mat on the Weber. I made two small batches of fries and everything turned out yummy. We were quite hungry so anything would probably taste yummy.

While the two girls played 'sniff the bum'

Clemson slept in Dad's arms, he had a trying day

everyone is happy including the pooches
Bill, Clemson, Molly, Shatzi, Nancy, Ken, Roland, Lori

Love the colours on the road runners back

After dishes were cleaned up I knew I had a blog to finish posting so I downloaded pictures and had at it. Bill was trying to read and in the meantime falling asleep in his recliner. This wasn’t good, it was only 8 o’clock so up he got and went out to see if Ken was outside. Such a beautiful evening, no wind and still 68F.
Beautiful sunsets again
Next thing I know, he is calling asking if I was up for a walk with the neighbours and that sounded good to me. We took a leisurely walk to the clubhouse, the pool and hot tub and then to show them where the laundromat is. The sky had a wispiness of clouds skirting across but we could still see the jet contrails, a few stars and the brilliant moon.

After dark, I took this picture of our friends' home
It was 9 pm, I was in shorts and sandals so when I got chilled I returned inside to finish this post. A bit of teasing about being an early riser, (you’re jumping out of bed at 6:15???) they know I’ll probably be in bed before 10. A night hawk I am not but don’t expect me to miss out on a beautiful sunrise.

Today at Ridgeview was another gorgeous day. Our pooch is happy with his new do and we can all enjoy the next few days together. I hope your day was half as good as ours.
Goodnight from Bullhead City, Az
Thank you for reading along and I love getting your comments!


  1. Nice to meet up your friends again, have fun there and enjoy the area.

  2. We will enjoy their company for a few days before they head to Yuma area.

  3. Clemson looks great and I'll bet he feels much better 😊

  4. Reading your blog and looking at your pictures and I just realized we have not seen one road runner yet this year...:( Clemson is looking very handsome. Enjoy your time with your friends.

  5. Clemson sure needed a grooming! Looks beautiful and happy to have it over. I'll get a roadrunner yet. They are elusive and the only time I see them is when I'm driving and they race across the road. Looks like you three had another nice day with friends.

  6. Bill & Pat,
    No pun intended when I say that I hope it doesn't rain on your parade but, it is and always has been my belief that when you see contrails, especially as many as there are in your second photo it means there usually will be rain within three days, or snow depending where you are and of course what season it is.
    I hope in your case this will prove not to be so!
    Now that I've shared my amateur weatherman beliefs, I have no doubt jinxed myself, which for you will not be a bad thing, keep me posted if you don't mind.