Saturday, March 11, 2017

Walk Down the Wash, Finished my Book, Hot Tub, Happy Birthday, Kathy and Stephen!

Saturday, Mar.11th in Ridgeview RV Resort, Bullhead City, Az. I was up at 7 and out right away for a nice walk in the park and beyond. I headed east and dropped down into the wash. This is something so familiar to us now after being in the southwest for almost 5 months. The ground is so dry from lack of rain that once the rain does come, there is no place for it to go but to flood the flatlands.

Looking back over my shoulder at the sunrise

 The washes are all over down here, through the desert, through cities and parks. We’ve yet to see water flowing through them but you can see the remnants of their paths, stones, gravel, debris and sand. The ones here at Ridgeview are 25’ wide and cemented. They are decent to walk in when free of stones etc. and now part of my southern vocabulary.
Looking from the eastern end of the wash to the west

Stunning views

this was as far as I could walk so went up the side and over the roadway

This morning I decided to walk the wash for a bit and then I hiked up the steep sides and followed it along until it ended at subdivision of Bullhead City. Up and over and back down the other side. There are some nice homes up on the ridge and the inhabitants have a beautiful view of the park and west to the mountain ranges.

Vantage point over the park from up on the hill

The road runners were out this morning and so were the bunny rabbits with their fluffy white cottontails. By the time I returned for my tea, Bill was up and out taking pictures of the road runners up on the hill. I see some of the beavertail cacti up there are also blooming. When I got back I had an apple to give me a boost.
RV Graveyard

Graveyard the Sequel
With plans to hit the hot tub later, I put on my bathing suit, grabbed a new book and sat out in the sun for a bit around 10:30. I finished my book, Bad Luck and Trouble, wow, it is a nail biter and I loved it! 

With the strong breeze it is easy to get too much sun so I put on the sunscreen. Okay, so I don’t always put it on when I go out in the sun. One of Bill’s pet peeves. I would rather just use coconut oil on my skin and cover my nose with sunscreen. No lectures, please, we all follow different practices.

Empty site beside us now, however, only temporary

Looking from the opposite end of the wash, west to east

Our clubhouse, pool, hot tub, showers

Saw this small thorny tree loaded with little cotton ball flowers
I found I was getting hungry around 12:30 so warmed up a bowl of my homemade chicken soup and it really hit the spot. Bill made himself a sandwich after his snooze. My boys have that practice down pat!
this fellow came to chat with Bill

After reading for a while outside the four of us walked up to the hot tub. It was empty and by the time we got there, I could have easily got in the pool, my body temp was quite warm!!! No, on second thought, the unheated pool was just too cold.

within 2 feet of each other, no fear on either side

The hot tub was beautiful and relaxing. After about 10 or 15 minutes, Nancy challenged us to jump in the pool. Well, this gal does not jump in ANY pool, water, lake, what have you but Bill was tempted to cool off. In he went, swam across the breadth and got out saying “you don’t want to get in, it is really cold”. I did step down in and dipped to cover my shoulders and quickly got out and back into the hot tub for another few minutes. Now we can say we’ve been in the pool.
Nancy, Bill and Ken enjoying the hot tub

Molly, we think we found a girlfriend for Tucker of Tuckers Adventures

Shatzi stretches out to get cool since there are no more treats coming

Bill and I hosted Happy Hour today and the rest of the gang made their way over to our site. Remember what I was saying earlier about the neighbor pulling out? Well, while we were at the hot tub 4 Class A motor homes pulled in. We joked about having new neighbours all down our row. Sure enough, all 4 found homes in between us, Ken and Oscar. Not too many places left in here.
Bill, the Pied Piper of treats
these are three good, friendly little dogs
We had a great chit chat with our friends and soon enough we said our goodnights. Bill barbecued up our homemade burgers and after dishes, I went for one last walk before it got dark. The moon is full tonight and we watched it come up over the house on the hill.
Last Happy Hour here with Ken and Nancy, they are pulling out tomorrow :(

Ken and Nancy brought over a dog harness to see if it would fit Clemson, to make it easier to walk him. It looks like it will work with a few adjustments, great! A leash just off his collar doesn’t work well at all, always flipping to one side or the other causing him to walk semi-sideways.
Bill  pointed out the moon rising over the house on the hill
tomorrow it will be a Full Moon

Within minutes it rose and the eastern sky turned this beautiful blend of summer colours
Missed the sun dropping tonight but thought it was still gorgeous
The mountains in the east turned a beautiful pink
 The outside air feels wonderful at 81F, if you can believe it. Inside the Suite it is 86F so the windows are open and the fans are spinning as I write this post. I hope you have had a wonderful day.
Sunset tonight

Thank you for reading my friends. I love reading your comments if you feel obliged to write something.


  1. I believe that shrub is an Acacia. Nice pics.

    1. thank you Dee, I had no idea. It is pretty though.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your time there, we have seen the water rush down that wash behind us when we were there, moving huge basket ball sized boulders, rushing across the roadway there, amazing to see.

    1. Not that I want to see rain when I'm here, but it would be interesting to see once. :)

  3. I have to admit temperatures in the high 80's sound pretty nice to this gal now! We got dumped on for the past couple of days and now there is about 6 -8 inches of the white stuff on the ground. I was hoping the shovelling was over for the season. We will be having a hot tub this morning...though our view will be quite different;-)

    1. I knew eventually I'd hear you say those words, sis! :D Sounds like nasty weather for the upcoming week for you and across the mid states. Hopefully it straightens up before we start heading across on the 21st. I'll probably visit the hot tub again today.

  4. Lazy dogs and lazy people today. Looks like you all are having a good time. I hate cold water too. Much rather be in the hot tub.

    I've never used sunscreen, so I can't lecture. By the time I'm 90, I'll have wrinkles all over. Of course, by then I won't care.

    Got those roadrunners eating out of your hand now. One of these days I'll get a picture of one.

    1. I've never seen Bill swim across a pool so fast! It was sooo cold
      Bill harps at me to put sunscreen but I don't like what is in the cream. To make him happy I put it on once in a while. Too late, already got the wrinkles. ;)
      The roadrunners have no fear!