Monday, July 24, 2017

Laundry Cleanup, Suite Cleanup, Bit of Cooking, Booze Shopping

On Monday, July 24th I slipped out of bed at 7 and Clemson followed soon after. This looks like a drizzly cooler day so I knew I would not be hanging clothes out. No problem. Bill got up before 8 and we had our morning slush together while I posted my blog.

I sorted laundry, only a couple of loads today and I was off to Durham. The laundromat and the adjacent chiropractor just had their parking lot redone and it is really nice to drive onto now. Fresh lines painted on. too. They were lucky to get it done in between rain showers yesterday.

The rain started soon after I got there and didn’t stop. So, when my clothes were dry and folded, I hung around until it lightened up a bit and made a beeline for the car. After leaving there I parked on the main street and zipped into the bank. I like to have cash for our Lady fest (with my sisters) for certain things. I had a Lottario ticket I wanted checked too so went next door to the Becker’s but it was a dud. Darn!

a few cooler choices
If one stands out as a favourite, I'll share it with you

One more stop at the liquor store for a variety of drink choices. I came out with a nice selection of new ones to try and a familiar wine that was recommended to me a year ago by my girlfriends. Laurie B., Laurie A. and Heather suggested I try the Gewurztraminer Riesling white. I did last year and loved it. The nice lady found it for me but that bottle will stay home for Bill and I to share.

 Bill vacuumed the Suite while I was gone, can’t work outside so he did a thorough job. He separated and pulled out our recliners to get that hidden dirt and dust. It didn’t appear as bad as I thought it would look behind and under there. We needed a food break so I munched on some yogourt and a hardboiled egg and Bill had some toast and peanut butter.

A good day for inside reading
I’m sitting here writing and looking out at the dull dreary day and I see our geese have returned. We haven’t seen them for over a month. There are 5 of them all swimming in a perfect line from the big pond at the front back through the ‘islands in the stream’. Cute and welcome back!

Bill and I settled down with our books fighting the heavy eyes. These past few late nights have done us in! We managed to fight the urge and I successfully finished Cat and Mouse. Wow, what a story! Down to the last few chapters and I still didn’t have it figured out, I like a book like that.

Pretty much all packed
Our ‘last supper’ for a few days won’t be anything fancy but it will be a nice meal together. Mini sausages, French fries and either a salad or a vegetable. I’ll be cooking inside for sure tonight. Talking about cooking, I decided I should contribute to the next few days’ morning/lunch meals. I found an easy egg, bacon and cheese casserole for breakfast one morning.

Gayle, sister #3 from the top, is our host every year. She has the largest house and the most beds available. Her place is close to Owen Sound and we are out in the country so it is perfect. She also has a hot tub which is a bonus. Oh, yes, I must remember my bathing suit.

So, my sweetie tends to spoil me once in a while and today was no exception. I was in doing laundry and we both knew the gas tank in the car was dropping rapidly. Since it was a wet miserable morning and I was taking care of the clothes he drove back in to Durham to fill it up with gas for me. I’m taking the Toyota to Chatsworth and now I won’t have to worry about it. Small things are important.

I set about packing for the three days I’d be away. This is new to me, not having to pack up to go ‘camping’ or when we move locations. My clothes are always with me so the overnight on Saturday and overnight in Chatsworth took some thought. What will the weather be? How often will we be outside? How many changes of clothes?
Egg, bacon and cheese breakfast for the sisters

Well, I have packed 2 bags. One bag with clothes and I have another for my laptop, cosmetic bag, shoes, book and jacket. I’ll take my camera (of course!) and tripod to get the group pictures. We have a few adventures planned, new things that I haven’t done before and some that none of us have done before so looking forward to a lot of laughs and possibly tears as a result.
My supper has broccoli and Bill's has mixed vegs
We both have home fries done in our little fryer
I haven’t taken many interesting pictures today, so I hope you don't mind. There won’t be a sunset and the evening will pass with the television playing reruns mostly so nothing exciting to add. I hope you’ve had a pretty good day and that the drizzle hasn’t dominated your day.
NCIS reruns are our favourite

Thank you for reading. Hey! I’m early publishing for once!


  1. Your getting all prepped to party with the ladies, sound like a wonderful time you gonna have. This weather was about perfect to do what you had to do today. Enjoy the time with your sisters as I know you will.

    1. Thanks George. Looks like the weather is on our side now for the rest of the week. We will have a great time!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks F.G. The older we get, the slower we get but we still find fun things to do!