Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's a Family Affair! (and some friends too!)

August 5, 2014

Every year Bill and I plan, without hesitation, to drive to my sister's piece of property with our fiver for the long weekend in August. As soon as we can get on the road, we are off! This year was no different and Bill and Clemson picked me up from work at 4:30 on Thursday hoping for an early arrival so we could enjoy some chat time with our hosts.

We were in contact with the couple during the drive and we all decided to meet at 7 pm at the Durham Riverside Fish and Chips restaurant for supper. A small little diner on the main drag by the river. Not only did we enjoy the great meal of deep fried basa and chips but we were also able to share in Donna and Gerry's 4th anniversary celebration.

The happy couple
By the time we were unloaded, from truck to trailer, it was time for the four of us to settle in around the campfire. We were the first to arrive and had the evening to ourselves.
Our setup on Designer Drive

 The next couple of days was a flurry of new arrivals and set ups. Some stayed in the cabins, some brought their tents and others brought their fifth wheel, truck camper and motor home. this year I believe I heard that the total guest count was 27. That's awesome!

Bridgette drives in with the usual Tadah!
Bridgette, Taylor, Jake and Emilie setup at the back
Wendy and Morgan share the Hilton
Our hosts permanent summer home
There is always room for more, the winding driveway around the pond being the only entry in and out of the Acreage. 

View across pond to trailer coming in

Gerry has done a fantastic job of trimming trees each year to enable those of us with bigger rigs to have an easy access.

Gerry pulling back on smaller trees so we can leave without a scratch

Emilie and Taylor in 2004
 The weekend is always a reunion of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins (1st, 2nd and 3rd!).
Emilie and Taylor in 2014

An old wooden door is our sign in each year
 Many things take place during this time together, and it can be summed up nicely by saying we do 'whatever we want'. Some walking along the path from the front of the 10 acres to the back, card games, horseshoe competition, bocce ball, guitar playing, swimming, biking, reading, crosswords, scrabble and a lot of sitting around telling tales.

Clemson takes a walk and checks to make sure I am coming
Friends Gwen and Mike take a stroll

Cousins take in a new game
Jake strolls and plays

The circle gang

Mom joined us for a couple of hours
Bridgette rests in the shade

Taylor takes oars to Emilie - her hero!
 2014 was the 10th anniversary of the Acreage camping reunion. Because their guests are always offering a donation of some sort to help pay for the extra hydro and water that we use on our 'lots', Donna and Gerry decided to ask for something new. "Bring us a birdhouse of your choosing, and we will hang them on the property. That will be something unique and useful and that is all that we want."

Personalized birdhouses, the 2014 payment for our stay.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my weekend. Until next time.........thanks for peeking in!


  1. It was a perfect weekend for sure! Even the weather co-operated without any rain though there were threatening black clouds surrounding us a few times during the 4 day event. We look forward to our 'Campout Weekend" each year and welcome our guests with open arms.

    1. You two are the hosts with the most! We will see you again in September!

  2. Sounds like a really great time and fun family get together, pretty decent weather too.

    1. Yes indeed it was, George. The guessers said the same forecast each day except for the temperature changes. Chance of rain, possible thunderstorms, some sun, some clouds. We had beautiful weather all 4 days with only glimpses of dark clouds as they rolled by. :) It was perfect. Heading tomorrow morning before the sun rises to Silver Lake, Michigan for 7 days. Looking forward to another yearly reunion with friends.