Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Long Day in the City

I didn’t take pictures, the day was just one of those long tiring ones, at least for me. Therefore, I’ve just popped some regular other photos in so you don’t get bored.

We were on the road by 10:30 am headed to London. We took the truck because we were scheduled for an oil change and tire rotation with Hi-Tech Auto Care, our city mechanics and friends.
Great guys at Hi-Tech

Our beast, costly but  loved

We also took our pooch, Clemson, along for a much needed haircut, bath, nail clip and massage (heh heh) with Rose. 
We figure why not, when she knows all his little quirks and bumps. Since we were in town, we would rather give her the business and another chance to cuddle him than someone in Durham, at least this time.
Our baby, not so costly, and more loved

First on the list was to drive across to Can Am to pick up a couple of supplies and say ‘hey’ to our friends there. So once we got past Woodstock, we pulled off at a rest area and ate our homemade sandwiches for lunch since we knew we’d arrive right around the lunch hour.

We hung around for about an hour just catching up with a few sales people and other staff.

With the truck appointment at 3 we scooted across London to see Justin. Luckily, as usual, he had a ‘rental’ we could borrow to get Clemson to his 3:30 appointment in our old neighbourhood. We took the opportunity and drove right by our house and spotted Caroline, our neighbor out working in the yard.
our beautiful neighbour from London
This is where she spent a lot of her time, keeping their property looking great so we weren’t surprised to see her outside.

After a brief catch up with her, we stopped at RBC for a withdrawal and carried on back to the mechanics on Trafalgar St. We were well prepared for the deposit we’d be making here; it isn’t cheap to drive a big rig like that! Front tires to the back, inside back to the outside, outside to the front, something like that ……………. lol, at least Justin has it written down for the next time!

Just finishing up here with the bill and the phone rings “Clemson is ready!” so we head over to pick the little guy up. I believe that was it but by this time it is 5 pm and so another nibble and a drink finds us on the road home.
Clemson gets his supper at a school stop
Arriving at The Ridge around 7:45 pm and we couldn’t be happier to see home. You don’t have to be working hard all day in order to feel this kind of tired, my body has its own agenda and when 10 pm rolls around, I am pretty much half way in the sack. We watched the first episode together of The Voice and got a few laughs over the coaches bantering and I was gone for good.

I hope your day was even more fun!!

Thanks for reading along.


  1. Nice that you got those things out of the way. And getting ready to head south. Home made sandwiches? You make homemade bread and stuff? Sounds wonderful.
    We can be busy everyday with out having to go to work. isn't retirement wonderful?

    1. Yes, things that need to be done for sure. The car is next but we will have the oil change done in Durham, we aren't as particular about it. It will be in storage for the winter anyway. Homemade bread and stuff?? Ha ha, you are taking me way too literal!!! No, I don't do homemade bread just meant I made sandwiches at home. LOL

    2. Sorry I thought maybe something exciting that you created. LOL, we like to pack a lunch too when we are on the road during that time as well.

    3. ha ha, maybe one day I'll make some homemade bread..............and grow my own tomatoes here but no need to apologize, George!

  2. You just described what most of our run around days are like. we're sure they wear you down as much as they do to us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I've noticed that your days are crazy!! I couldn't keep up the pace! Yes, we're not as yung as we used to be to do all this stuff in a day. Thanks for commenting guys!