Friday, October 28, 2016

Sightseeing in the Grand Lake, Ok area

Today, Thurs. Oct. 27 Bill and I chose to go and see some things in the area that were recommended to us. Sometimes this is the best way to sightsee, otherwise there are so many things to choose from with no idea what is good and what isn’t. Having never been in this area before, we welcomed suggestions from fellow rv’ers and bloggers, George and Suzie from Our Awesome Travels.

After breakfast and showers, gotta love the full power of water hookups, we left Clemson in charge of looking after the house and headed out. We drove across Sailboat Bridge on Hwy #59 to Har-ber Rd. to visit the Har-ber Village Museum.

Loved the road to the museum

Harvey and Bernice Jones have a request
Too bad the hundreds of school children did not read this!
Upon arrival, we realized that we didn't pick the best day when we saw 3 school buses in the lot. We got sympathy looks from more than one of the teacher helpers. However, we were given a map to follow our personal tour, at our own pace. The mile-long walk would take us as long or as short as we wanted. When you think of it, how short can you make visiting 101 buildings/displays last? I think all in all we were 2 hours and I loved every bit of it. This museum is a collection of artifacts that the Jones' have collected over the years and I have added pictures of a few of my favourite.
Bill in the Stagecoach Inn 

Stagecoach Inn Saloon
Good words to live by

Native Museum Collection

A nice writeup about the origin

Yup, delivering mail could be my new hobby, just gotta find a horse!
Of course, I took tons of pictures, about 90 but will narrow it down in my post here. Lucky, you!  The mannequins are so lifelike, some of my favourites ever. I picked up a few postcards and she gave me a real deal at .03 each.
School house is the former Mt. Home School from
Goshen, Arkansas with the original blackboard

And all of a sudden I'm in a set of Murdoch
A bridal consultation before choosing her gown

And we're in the roaring '20s

Hair salon (for Brenda)

They look so real!
This is for you Dad

Hair curler apparatus, looks like a torture!

So the goat chases a snack and walks on the treadmill to churn 
Waterwheel made of redwood lumber with
a flume of copper and cedar

Dolls and more dollsfor my sister, Wendy

When we left the museum, we decided to carry on and go to visit Darryl Starbird’s Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame, another suggestion. Bill was more excited for this although he did enjoy the Har-ber Village more than he expected to.

Airforce models for Mom
Entrance to the Rod and Custom Car Hall of Fame
You can read Bill’s post from today to see his pictures of this amazing collection of cars. On Our Way  It boggles the mind to see so much creative talent from the decades of Darryl’s career. I was very impressed and quite happy to meet and get a picture with Donna Starbird. 
We bought Bill a t-shirt, a couple of post cards and a pin to add to our collection.

One last stop before we headed back to Clemson at the park was suggested by our neighbour. The Pensacola Dam near Disney was worth the trip and we got a few nice pictures.

A warm parlor, not a Regency fireplace, Bridgette

My favourite, the Brass Bedroom

Hydro insulators for Donna

The map of the Village, very well laid out, felt like
a real live home town

Pensacola Dam bridge, the longest dam in the world
It was a warm day and even though we thought we’d dressed prepared, we were happy to get home and change into less. I even debated going in the pool if I could figure out how to open the gate. Instead, we relaxed at the Suite and I soaked in some rays while checking emails.

  We have made an executive decision after a walk around the park after dinner that we’d like to stay at least one more night. We’ll firm it up with Sandra in the morning. A day to sit and do mostly nothing but plan our next few days will be really nice. I’m sure a swim is in order; the pool is gorgeous!

Eagle's Landing Park pool

All decked out for Hallowe'en

Sunset across the pond

Kayaks and paddle boats to borrow

A view across Grand Lake to the Sailboat Bridge

Thank you for catching up with us, I hope your day was a great one too!


  1. That is a beautiful park and nice to see the pool is finished now, was under construction last fall.
    Glad you enjoyed our recommendations, we have a few times.

  2. Hi The Trip is progressing well. Thanks for the Train, like a shot in the arm. Hope this comment goes through.
    All the Best
    The stay at home Richards

    1. Hi Dad, yes, this message got posted on my blog. Thanks for following along. Glad you liked the train.

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