Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pictures of our First 3 Days

If I wasn’t living this dream, I wouldn’t believe it. 
Hooked up and ready to move out

Bill takes the last turn at the Ridge for this year

Our route out of the area
We’ve had 3 amazing travel days so far and we haven’t done anything other than drive, stop, drive, eat, sleep over and drive some more.

Clemson hides in the pillows but keeps an eye on us
I’m counting on Bill to record the trip route in his blog On Our Way and I’m just going to focus on the fun pictures I took along the way. Most of my pictures are of water towers so forgive my obsessiveness.

Clemson has been the best little 4-legged traveler we could have.

He snuggles up and sleeps a lot

His seatbelt is his friend and he doesn't mind it at all
Settled in with his seatbelt on Mon. Oct. 24 he never complained once. Even on the first day when we crossed the border and the grumpy guard took 26 patties of his wet dog food, not a peep. 
Not too long at the border, Port Huron
Buying some at our first Walmart stop in Indiana just made us shake our heads, that they were American made.

My reliable guy

Typical diesel prices

One of many

Arrival in Indiana on Monday, Oct. 24

Not sure what they're erecting here but it was quite the project
 We’ve never slept in a Walmart before, although we had slept in Indiana once last year when we toured the DRV factory with our friends, Nancy and Ken. We arrived around 7 after a long day and found a huge area in the parking lot of the 24 hr. Supercentre and slept soundly.
Our quiet bright lit spot

Love this water tower
With plans to travel from Indiana to Missouri, the next day, we made up some hot oatmeal in the Suite before we pulled out around 9. We knew that would tide us over until we could find a rest stop to make up sandwiches for lunch. The weather was really co-operating and we had a good day for the trek.

We found that our 2 gps’ and my laptop and/or Road Atlas worked well for finding what we needed. I especially like the Good Sam Rand McNally one we bought at Camping World. It is one I can work on as Bill drives. I can change routes, cancelling and adding as we find necessary. It also provides us with knowledge of the upcoming gas stations for diesel fill ups, Walmarts’, and advises which ones allow overnight stays. I’m still learning how to work some features but so far I’m happy with it.

Hmm, makes you want a chocolate milk!

This cement mixer was towing a car....what the?

Fed Ex flyers at St. Louis airport

I prefer our wheels on the ground, but this is cool

Brazil? wow and we didn't set foot on an airplane!

Crossed through the bottom of Illinois on our way to Missouri

Got an ugly house to sell?
This picture is for my brother-in-law,

Love the U.S. billboards

crossed the Missouri River
Spell it with me now "Miss iss ipp i"
Quite the rig, Bloomers? Not sure what this triple axis trailer is all about
but it was a conversation piece for sure.

A rig towing a rig

A little tractor outstanding in his field

Another mode of travel

Okay, now that is one big cross!!

Choices......we took I70 West but bypassed the downtown
core of St. Louis. Indianapolis was enough fun!
On Tuesday night, we pulled in to a Walmart in Wentzville, MO. I didn't get a picture of this spot. The young gal who Bill spoke to about where to park was a little more particular than the manager from last night (boy these managers are young!) and directed us to the lawn and garden area. We drove around after scouting the lot out on foot and nestled into a nice spot along the automotive/lawn locale.
Old Bourbon tower

New Bourbon tower 
And before we know it we are in Cuba!

Before the evening was over we were joined by another few travelers and a semi driver. Another quiet night of sleeping although we’d had a time change sending me off to bed at 8:30 instead of the usual 9:30! In the morning, we changed the clocks in the Suite all except one so we’d remember what time it is back home.

Not wanting to get on the road before the morning rush, we read some blogs and had our tea and oatmeal. I nipped into Walmart just after 8 to pick up some half and half cream so we had lots on hand before our next venture out.
Beautiful homestead, picture doesn't do it justice
The weather was absolutely gorgeous, warming up nicely so I donned a short sleeve shirt instead of the long sleeve one with a jacket. By the time we skimmed through the latter part of Missouri the temperature gauge in the truck was reading 70F! At one point, we actually turned the air conditioner on for quick cooling off spurts.
I think my Mercedes must  be in here!

But this is likely what I can afford.
Arriving at our destination at Grove, Oklahoma allowed us to update our State Calendar of Places Visited. This is one of our membership parks, Eagles’ Landing Resort (formerly called Bears Den Resort, we assume) and I’m anxious to take a tour on my morning walk. The travel is tiring; I must admit and we don’t feel like doing much other than getting a meal into us and jotting some notes for our blogs before retiring for the evening. I’m sure that will change once we get a better handle on trip lengths and how far we really want to travel in a day.
Phillips 66 for diesel

some favourite water towers
Lebanon tower has a 'doobee'

Like South Carolina's Clemson tigers

Right now, we are settled in for a couple of nights and it isn’t costing us a dime. The water, hydro and sewage hook ups are welcome too after conserving for 3 days.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I had fun taking them!

Thank you for stopping in to read today.


  1. Lots of things to see and do and the water towers as well, I saw a nice one looked like a T pot. We usually like travel days about 200-250 miles, 9 am till 2 pm. Enjoy that park nice walkabouts the water front. They are really fixing it up.

    1. a lot of water towers are the same, only the names change :)
      I am trying to only focus a pix on the original or cute ones. Our travel days were long but hope to trim them down by an hour or two. We're going to see about staying another night here, it is so beautiful.

    2. It is very nice there as you know we have been there quite a few times, and just love the area. Take you time end enjoy it. Just call rod and add a night.

  2. Good for you, taking lots of pictures and documenting your trip. With so many miles travelled it's easy for them to all mesh into one! It's trying hard to snow (yikes) here but not much sticking! I will check in again.

    1. Yes, the pictures will help for sure! Not that I'll remember where each one is. Thanks for keeping in touch!

  3. Great job of documenting the trip with pictures. Looking back at pictures will bring back fond memories and put a smile on your faces.
    The tri-axle trailer you questioned is generally used to haul horses but has a living space in the front. The cement mixer was probably fresh out of the factory and was being delivered to the new owners. The car is used for the return trip home by the driver.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick and Kathy for the info about the things we're seeing. We can make guesses but like to know what they really are. Would never have thought that about the beautiful cement mixer! Hope you are ready to head out before too much weather changes. Loving the warm temps here in Ok.