Monday, October 31, 2016

Well Hidden "Hidden Valley RV Park" for 2 nights

Sunday morning, Oct. 30 and we were up, breakfast and reading done so we could head out at 8:15 am. We were at an elevation of 1582’ in Elk City, Ok.
Getting ready to pull out of the Walmart spot
The Walmart was quiet and we snuck out as if we’d never been there. The temperature last night for sleeping was wonderful with a couple of windows open although cooled off to 55F when we left. The sky was cloudy without much promise to change.

We knew we’d be rising in elevation above sea level so this meant wearing jeans for me so I would be warm enough on the travels. I feel the cold more than Bill does. The day started out cloudy.

TEXAS! First Time for these Richards
 We had decided on our route, while at a stop in Texas, that we were going to veer off onto Exit 60 to stop at Cadillac Ranch.
Pulled off to the side

 We’d read too much about this to miss it when we were so close and had the time. With it being windy and cool at an elevation of 3300’ we opened up the Suite to put on an extra layer of clothes.

If you weren't looking for these, you'd never know what they are
from the highway

Bill and Clemson walking to the Caddies

And then past this RV park to get back on I40W

All I can say is “Wow!” This was fun and we managed to find a spray can with some red paint so we could sign our names. I don’t know when they’ll get spray painted over in white but we’ll be visible for a while. Even Clemson got signed in!
This is so neat!

Here we all are by our names

I40 continued to be a nice travel route and it was made even nicer when the sun came out around 12:30. These views are amazing, miles and miles of flat lands with a ranch stuck out in the middle somewhere and then over a few more dips and rises not a speck of flat land in sight.
Some wealthy ranch owner out there?

Hills and dales

I'm in awe at the beauty
The hills and valleys were stunning. I do believe we’ve entered Texas. Lovely.

I feel like a kid in a candy store with my camera, just like George says, I took way too many pictures……………………no, that just isn’t possible in God’s country.

Leaning water tower of Britten, Tx
It's okay, there is only a rustic old abandoned tractor for it
to fall on when it finally lets go.
Abandoned grain millery

Cotton growing a'plenty!

and being transported away


Before 5 pm we reached our Exit 178 in Tijeras, NM for our R.O.D. park. Although we travelled along State Highway 333, following red signs that said “Hidden Valley RV
“ all of a sudden we realized we must have gone way too far. What’s with these parks that have no clear signs for new travelers? After asking at a gas station we came back and finally located it. Hidden Valley alright.

When we pulled into our assigned pull through site 16, our neighbors at site 15 had just nicely pulled in and were having a drink before completing their set up. I like their style! We soon discovered that they are from Vernon, B.C. That felt nice.
Set up on Site 16, Not large by any means but at least it
is a pull through.
We enjoyed chit chat during our set ups and bbq’d up sausage from our Canadian butcher. It sure hit the spot in our gurgling tummies. After dinner, we reconnected and upon request took them on a tour of our Suite. They have a 24’ travel trailer and are just nicely tossing around the idea of full-timing. Of course, we offered our opinion and answered any questions from our experiences.

Retiring for the night at 10 pm, I slept well with all windows closed and woke up this morning to a chilly 58F. Bill turned the furnace on to warm us up along with the fireplace. Soon we were toasty with our morning coffees and reads.

Thank you for following along. All comments are welcome!


  1. The amazing scenery you see along was is always wonderful , that leaning water tower has been like that for years.
    Hidden Valley is a stopover place,but we have toured Albuquerque and is interesting.
    We have there been to a few times handy and the price is right. If you head down towards Truth or Consequences Elephant Butte state park is very nice and was $12.00 a night last year with hookups.

  2. So, the tower probably won't tip anytime soon even though the legs are off the ground! Ha ha. This is definitely going to be just a stopover for us too, not a place we'd stay more than a couple of nights in. The price is indeed right. No sightseeing this time, just wanted to sit tight and relax. Might have to check out T or C E.B. state park, going to need something if a storm is on the way. :)