Thursday, October 20, 2016

Getting Closer, Getting Ready

It is now Thursday, a busy day, our last Thursday in Ontario. We could say 4 more sleeps, I guess. Sounds unreal.

Many of our friends, fellow bloggers, fellow rv’ers have already pulled up stakes and their wheels are rolling. Happy trails to everyone! Our time is just around the corner and today we feel a huge accomplishment with all that we managed to get done.

Wednesday was a visiting day so we didn’t accomplish much around the Ridge. We had a quick visit from Bill’s cousin, Peter and his wife, Linda around 11:30 am. They’ve been here once before, in July so it was a wonderful surprise to hear they would be in the area again and wanted to stop in. We love that!

Jenny is so black you can hardly see her on the floor

Our company pulling out of the driveway

And down North Line towards Peter borough

It was great to see them with their 29’ Travelaire (I think) and their beloved dog, Jenny. She looks like she should be Clemson’s mom, I wish I had taken a picture of them together. The visit was too short but they had a 4-hour drive ahead of them and we had afternoon plans so we gladly accepted it for what it was.

Our company left around 1 and we cleaned up a few things, including ourselves, and drove to Stratford for one last visit with Dad and Marilynne. 

This is an older picture but a good one
They both have had minor health issues over the past little while so we wanted to be sure to see them both a few days before pulling out. We can’t get over how good Dad looked and we filled them in on our agenda over a glass of wine. We feel their concern in their queries and support in their goodbye hugs.

Because we had not yet connected with Bill’s oldest daughter we had made arrangements to stop in Tavistock on the way home to visit Yvonne and as many of her four boys as we could. 
Yvonne and I getting silly
Unfortunately, Dennis was out with Connor for hockey and Carter tagged along to watch. A nice catch up with Yvonne, Braeden and Zach would have to do, trusting they’ll pass along our hugs to the rest of the family.

Only Clemson was out of sorts, two large doggie visits was not on his list of things to do! Our little pooch is a snob so we weren’t surprised he stuck close to us when both Jenny and Bella sniffed around. He did enjoy the visit with ‘Grandpa’ though so the day wasn’t a waste for him.

We were on our way home by 7:15 pm and it reminded us once again just how late in the season it is. Once the sun set the dark skies followed us home to our Suite up on the hill. Good thing we have a motion sensor light on the shed as we neglected to leave an outside light on for our return. As soon as we pulled into the gravel area, we were immersed in bright light long enough to walk to the front door and key ourselves in.
Wednesday sunset
The weather was good for visiting but we could feel the change of temperature approaching. I’m glad I changed to flannel sheets on Tuesday, it meant crawling into a warmer bed.

Thursday, today, Bill and I had a list a mile long to complete, one of our busiest days. It started out with Bill taking the truck to Harriston Ford for a fuel filter for 9 am. On his way home he texted me so I could start making our toasted westerns for brunch.

Cleaned up after this, we left Clemson to look after the house, with a treat as a reward, and drove to Bentinck’s Packers to pick up the freshly frozen meat we ordered 2 weeks ago. My sister and her husband split a $300 order with us and wow, did we ever get a lot of meat for $150! They even labelled each and every 1 lb. pack for us so we could prove to customs where it came from.

After splitting that with Donna and picking up my Avon order we went to Holsts' for another ink cartridge using our $1 off coupon. We know we’ll need it before we return. From there we went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, free car wash and then gave my thirsty Corolla some gas before putting her into storage. We made a deposit at Food Basics for some, what else? basics! and then went to Shopper’s to pick up my one and only prescription for the winter. Bill wanted to pick up some fuel injector and a clasp to improve Clemson’s seatbelt at Canadian Tire so once we did that we scooted directly to the location where Patooties would spend the winter/early spring.
Goodbye little Patooties until we meet again
It was a lot of stops and starts but everything went smoothly. Even the process of finding room in the fridge/freezer for all of the meat and groceries went better than I expected. We are good to go and enjoyed a quiet afternoon indoors out of the sporadic rain showers in the neighbourhood.

I’m hoping your day went as well as ours did, rain or shine. 

Take care, be safe and drop a comment if you wish. I love hearing from you!


  1. Every year you do this the process gets easier. Nice to see the family for another visit and then you can hot the road , Enjoy the journey it is amazing and travel safe.

    1. Good to know and I'm surprised it hasn't felt hectic or panicked in any way. Thanks George, you too!

  2. Glad to hear things are going as planned with your readying for the journey south. Exciting for you for sure, though I'll miss having you nearby at the Ridge;-).

    1. Thank you Donna. It still feels a bit.unreal but we are looking forward to the adventure! I will certainly miss the closeness we've had over the last 4 mths.

  3. Hey guys. Linda, Jenny and I had an awesome visit, and while we will miss you when you are down south, we look forward to catching up over a glass (or two) of wine when you get back. Safe travels, and happy adventures.


    1. Bill and I have throroughly enjoyed getting to know you two better, we are glad to have re-connected. You are welcome any time so keep following along! :)