Thursday, October 13, 2016

Our Thanksgiving and Farewells

My late posting!

So, with the exception of a gathering over the Christmas season with our 6 offspring and 9 grandchildren and Christmas Day with Bill’s family, we usually meet with my family at Thanksgiving and basically wish everyone a happy winter season. This doesn’t feel that different, really. We don’t see most of our sibs over the winter anyway and seldom our own children. What is different is that we are being wished ‘safe travels’, ‘happy adventure’, ‘bon voyage’ as well. Promises that when they send us pictures of snow, we’ll send back pictures of sand.

Since my family dinner this year was in Hanover, 3 – 4 hours from where my children live, I fervently wished that they both could make it with their children. They usually do attend but I knew if they couldn’t it meant an extra trip for us to say goodbye before the 24th of October. We were very happy that they were able to come minus 2 of my grandchildren, unfortunately. That made me sad but I understand they are adults and have commitments to others as well.

Ted and Joanne, our hosts
We met at my nieces on Sunday this year for a change. She and her spouse have just built a massive house on the outskirts of Hanover and she wanted an opportunity to show it off to both sides of her family. This type of gathering is perfect for that and it was very roomy and easily accommodated the meal for all 48 attendees!

There were 40 from my family and 8 from her spouse’s side. We were able to get a picture and believe it or not, it only took 10 min. max to get everything together. I’m glad I had my tripod to assist in this important capture. 

Wonderful gathering again
Mom in prime spirits!
Oldest attendee - 90 yrs

My grandson, Nate, in the designated play room
Other little ones finding things to do
The men chose the outdoors for the most part

The younger generation were catching up  downstairs

Youngest attendee, Cohen, 9 mths our host's grandson
A bonus on this day was my Mom. Donna picked her up to come shortly before the meal as from past experience we find she gets agitated and even more confused in large gatherings away from her home base. This day was such an exception to that rule! Mom was in prime spirits, perky as the devil as she walked through the greeters with hugs and kisses. Whether she remembered who we all were was not important, she truly enjoyed herself. It was like night and day, this change after so much has happened. She warmed my heart with her familiar flirting and appetite for desserts!
Beautiful sunny day shining in
I'm really not avoiding Mom as it looks!
Lots of food was set out on the island for a buffet style meal and then the remaining main course was moved out of the way to bring out the wide selection of desserts. I went a bit unorthodox by providing a crock pot full of a new macaroni and cheese dish including pimentos. It was obviously a hit as there was only a tablespoon left.
Lots of main course to choose from

With so many desserts, only a few pieces of my Dutch Apple Pie were eaten so we have leftovers. Yay! 
Bill's cherry pie
Bill gets spoiled when I bake as I always make him one of his favs. This time it was Cherry pie and one of mine, an Apple Crisp/Crumble with cranberries added. We have some company coming before we leave so will pop them in the fridge until then.


It was a great day and the visit was extended when my son, Patrick, his wife, Chaela and my youngest grandson, Nathan came back and slept in our bunky. It was very cool over night with frost but they were comfy cozy with a heater, onesies and blankets. They also had room for their pug, Grunt and their labradoodle, Molly! 

Chaela loved  their little motel room

We made up a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning and they were off for home by 10 am. 
Nate isn't big on bacon and eggs so had toast

We headed out soon after, having made plans to pick up Krystal, Bill’s daughter #3 in Milverton and head to London where we met with daughter #4, Jess 
at Charlotte’s, daughter #2 to say our farewells. 

Jess, youngest daughter
The granddaughters were playing shy so we barely saw them but managed to interrupt their coloring to get a snap of them before we left.
Chelsea and Olivia, the only granddaughters
Olivia celebrates her 7th birthday on Oct. 13th

It was a nice visit for a couple of hours with Bill's daughters and Cory. Then we headed back to Milverton through Tavistock to make a drop even though no one was home. Daughter #1 was busy with another Thanksgiving dinner so we didn’t get to see Yvonne, Dennis and the 4 grandsons. Hopefully we can fit it in next week. The twins have a birthday on the 13th so wanted to be sure they got their birthday cards and money on time.

Not only was it important to give each of our special ones a hug but we also wanted to personally hand over some pertinent information regarding our ‘estate’ should something happen. Never nice to think about but we are all adult here and need to cover the bases.

We dropped Krystal off around 4:30 and made it home in time for supper. No leftover turkey for us, since I didn’t bake one (don’t miss that to be honest!) but fired up the Q for some fresh butcher shop farmer's sausage on a bun. Yum, I love plain sausage, without the added flavour and spices, with sauerkraut, mustard and a bit of sweet and sour sauce. We topped it off with a dish of Apple Cranberry Crumble and whipped cream. My oh my but it was delicious!

Tuesday we were expecting an overnight visit with our former supervisor and her husband. They are heading home from Lions’ Head with their Torque Toy Hauler fifth wheel. We have the room for them to park so it will be interesting to see another large unit up here on the Ridge with us. Looking forward to seeing them both! More on that later.

Well, I hope your weekend was as satisfying in all ways as ours was. Enjoy the last days in Ontario if you are a traveler and for the rest of you, enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment.


  1. What a wonderful get together with the family, nice to see everyone before you hit the road. We enjoy that so much every fall.
    Travle safe.

    1. We're so glad too that we were able to see so many of the family before leaving and handed out some 'home' cards as well. Safe travels to you too!