Sunday, December 18, 2016

Two Days at Hot Springs, Near Friends, Testing our Panels

Location: Hot Springs LTVA,Ca

Saturday, Dec. 17 in this LTVA was a nice warm day with a cool north westerly breeze. The temperatures rose to about 65F in the shade and 73F in the sheltered sun. The sun sure makes a difference and our choice down here is to always try and face south.
Bill and I did our blog reading in the morning and decided today was the day to make some semi-permanent decisions about our travels in the new year. We received a note advising us that Pilot Knob RV Resort, our membership park, is in non-peak season now until Dec. 31st so we have opted to pull out of here tomorrow and check in early.

this is across the way about 200' is where Oscar and Judy's group
are gathered
As much as we love the boondocking scene, it will be nice as well to have some special treatment in a park with full hookups. With Christmas just days away (!!!) I am anxious to put our little tree up, decorate our home and get some baking done, these among other things top the list.

Our set up with privacy shrubs and lots of sun

But today after discussing our options, we took a walk over the road to check out the hot springs, this place is popular for. The thing with being first timers here, everything is new, exciting and even a little intimidating. We walk gingerly, we talk sparingly and we ask questions lightly.

Our friends and family have suggested many things to see and do and we know we’ll never get to all the things this year. The good thing is we don’t have to! But seeing the hot springs is something I needed to do before we moved on. So we walked across. The first view of the clump of palm trees gives nothing away. As we got closer, the revealing is pretty neat.
view from the road

Closer, nearing the pools
There were a few bathers taking advantage of the heated spas and a snapped a quick picture. The pool itself is in the shade but I knew that I would come back at another time and climb in.
We walked around the trees and I, of course, wowed at it all. It is such a beautiful place and even though you wouldn’t swim in the large pond area with the ducks (yeuch) it blew me away, hidden there under the shade of the trees and the peekaboo sun.

Across the pond, watching the ducks swim to me

Bill almost  hidden in the huge palms
Bill and I had a first impression of this LTVA and thought it was nice but small. We have found a perfect spot but upon walking further back into the area, we know where we’ll go next time. There are some beautiful even more private places we’d like to park. Yes, we’ll be back for sure for a longer stay.

We had a Christmas party to go to at 4:15 pm Pacific Time and it was back home in London. We were meeting 3 other couples at the home of the Sumnalls’ (7:15pm EST). We plugged in my Lenova Think Pad, set it up on the hi-lo coffee table, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and all 3 of us donned our bright red Christmas t-shirts.  Well, Clemson wore his Christmas scarf.
All decked out for our Google party

At precisely 4:15 pm we connected to Google Hangouts and made the call. It was a perfect connection and so fun to see them all enjoying their party, with the pretense that we were with them. Merry Christmas, Kathy, Derrick, Sharon, Jim, Lydia and Jeff! We’ll definitely do that again soon!

I warmed up our leftover spare ribs on the Q for supper with a salad on the side and we sat and enjoyed another glass of  wine chatting about our friends and all the food Kathy prepares. We watched a bit of tv with the genny running and found ourselves tired enough to crawl into bed at 9 pm.

Hoping your day was a good one! Thank you for following along, I love having you! 

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  1. That is a nice area and there is some very private sites back further, gets busier in the new year like all these places, but always a place to camp. there is also a more remote area under the interstate worth checking out.