Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hot Tub? No! Swimming Pool? Yes!

Tuesday, Dec. 20th was a pretty nice day with partially cloudy skies but the best part is that the wind has died down………..completely. The temperature here at our campground rose to 72F all the same. We got a morning walk in but it was a bit later than our usual 7 am trek. A few pictures of the east sky before the sun popped through the clouds.

There is still room for ya! Love these white trees

Over the fence to the boondocking rv's
This was my baking day so once finding out that we weren’t going anywhere, I pulled things out of the cupboard that I needed. Raisins, cherries, mixed fruit, nuts, flour, eggs and spices. Yes, the ingredients required to make my Christmas cake. I try to make it each year but usually make 2 so I can skip a year if I still have one in the freezer.

Bill loves it and even though I don’t like cooked raisins, I also enjoy a piece now and again with cheddar cheese. Bill was over visiting with our Ontario neighbours, Pat and Rob, talking about how we decided to go full-time so I was able to spread my wings all over the counter and the island.

First, I remembered that Bill had picked up a package of Pillsbury Peanut Butter Cookie dough and it had been in the fridge since before Quartzsite.
 This was easy so I rolled those out onto the baking sheets while boiling the raisins. I can only bake one tray of cookies at a time but the 3 trays came out perfect.
3 dozen cookies ready for munching
I’m loving my convection oven more and more all the time. It sure warmed up in the Suite though so we had all windows open and both the ceiling fan and the Fantastic Fan turned on. This is a different kind of hot flash, Melinda. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I love making this cake, I have never had an unsuccessful one and that is why I keep it up. A flop would discourage me. I still have had no luck with chocolate chip cookies………. yet, but using my sister’s recipe for the convection oven it might work out!

So, the cookies are done and the cake is in two loaf pans. The oven is set for 90 minutes and I popped over for a short visit next door with Bill. They have a beautiful Cedar Creek fifth wheel. Very roomy inside mainly because they have no island and no coffee table like we do. We all have our own individual tastes and reasons for liking what our rigs.

By noon hour or shortly after the cake was done and set to cool. Yum, it smells delicious! Once cooled, I wrapped it up tightly. 

Bill still hasn’t come home to sample the cookies, where is he? I look out the window behind us and see that 3 heads are apparently better than 2 
which is even better than 1. 

this thingamajig goes in that whatchamacallit and it plugs
into that whodingy
Gerry, George and Bill were all trying to give the GMC truck a boost. They’ll figure it out and Bill will be back to taste the baked goodies.

By this time, I was so hot that I decided I was going up to the pool to check out the hot tub and chat with the girls in the office. I wanted to find out if guests were welcome to our Christmas dinner on the 25th. The news was good and the tub looked welcoming.
Beautiful trees here with white bark
I changed into my swim suit, grabbed my towel and knocked on Melinda’s door to see if she would like to join me. Sounds good, she said, so we met up there. Too bad the tub water was not “hot” as it should be so I stuck my hand in the pool just for kicks. This was a surprise as that water was warmer than the hot tub, which they needed maintenance to look at.
Hot tub and pool looking inviting
Melinda wasn’t interested in a swim but sat with her legs in the water while I got right in for a short dip. The company was nice and we got to know a little more about each other at the same time! Oh, the water felt nice. Figuring out between us that it must be heated, I know I’ll be back for sure.

Such pretty things to see
We got back in time for Happy Hour at Gerry and Melinda’s and things were good all around. The sun came out and we met Barb, who is also from Ontario. Another very nice lady who loves camping in their motor home. She is also running over the idea of full-time rv'ing.
And yet another beautiful sunset on the horizon
It was a toasted b l t kind of night so that was what we had for supper. I have been avoiding bread as much as possible but sometimes it just can’t be done. What is a b l t without bread? Anyway, we have Italian bread to eat up and it tasted really good for a quick meal.

So, that was our day and it was another great one. Hoping your day was as well.

Thank you for reading along, I love hearing from you!


  1. Glad you are enjoying it here we always do, just hanging out at the campground checking out local sights and enjoying your company, even a few Happy hours as well. The cookies were wonderful too.

    1. What's not to enjoy, right? Good friends, neighbours, weather, shopping! And even family! Glad you enjoyed the cookies.

  2. The cake really sounds good, what about sharing the recipe for it with up? Been a reader since you first started blogging, have enjoyed reading about your transition to full timing!

    1. Thank you, I'll have to figure out how to put a recipe on so I can share. You'll love the process of preparing it (so easy) and eating it (so tasty). :) Glad you are following along with us, I'm happy to have you!

  3. Some Hot Tubs only warm up once you have the pump turned on. When they are just sitting there they get really cold.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. the pump was going and the office was unaware that it was not hot. Hopefully they looked after it. :)

  4. Those fruit cakes and cookies sure look delicious to me. If we were in the same park and you needed a taste tester, I'd be available any time. Wish we had a convection oven in our travel trailer too.

    1. Ha ha, I must say they DO taste pretty good too! :) I would be happy to share with you!! I didn't know if I would miss the propane oven but have learned quickly that I can cook anything in the convection or on the Weber bbq.