Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fell off the Blog Wagon

Tuesday, Dec. 27th draws to a close and I realize that I have missed a day of posting. I know that isn’t a big deal in this blogger’s world but I was trying to write something each day so I didn’t forget what I did!

So, I’ll search my memory and catch up, briefly. Monday, Boxing Day, was the perfect kind of day for me but then Tuesday, got even better. I know I was up by 7 and out for my walk. I ventured through the gate and out in the desert to take a picture of my sister's Montana, before they pulled out.👇
Right there in the middle, brought in by my 300 m lens
Back home, during the winter, Bill and I would never go out on Boxing Day. It usually didn’t have anything to do with the weather, for once, but instead because of the crowds and traffic on this crazy shopping day.

Here, apparently, they don’t go crazy on the day after Christmas, Thanksgiving being their big spending extravaganza on Black Friday. Works for us as we didn't want to go anywhere anyway! So, when the sun shone brightly, I found myself settled in my chair outside with my back to the Suite, facing the south.
This is the spot, but this photo was taken on Christmas Day
It was kind of funny, because I was in a sleeveless top, lightweight stretch pants and bare feet enjoying my book and we had visitors periodically. It didn’t matter to me that I had a couple of chapters left of my James Patterson book, friends come to talk and I put the book down. It will always be there for later.

The funny thing was that the company, George, Suzie, Melinda, Rob and Pat, were all layered up in jackets, socks, shoes and hoodies.
George, Rob, Pat, Suzie
They commented that I must be in a different world because of my attire. This is the thing about the desert, if you are in the sun, out of the shade and out of the wind, the temperature rises at least 10 degrees. I had a prime location.

From this......
Other than a few walkabouts around the park, I didn’t move much until I finished my book. I chatted with one of the staff from the park, who spent the whole day trimming one of the 65 palm trees.
To this....

And here is a closeup
Then I walked up to the Library, which is next to the Laundry,
Original, eh?

which is next to the pool, the shuffleboard,

hot tub, 

and office and exchanged my book for a couple more to read.

Happy hour was held at George and Suzie’s until the shade from their tree chilled us enough to move on home for dinner. It was leftover night so we warmed up spaghetti sauce inside. Bill had his on a bun, a la sloppy joe, and I cooked a piece of spaghetti squash to eat with mine. A piece of pumpkin pie for dessert and we settled for the evening.

Tuesday, you wouldn’t think it would get much better, but it did. We woke up around 7 am to the sound of something outside, only to find out later (at Happy Hour) that it was a sudden gust of wind. There were 5 of us who witnessed the instant brief burst. Weird, as it calmed down immediately.

After our walk at 7:30 and reading blogs, I set to work putting the Christmas decorations away. Bill and Gerry went into Yuma to Hobby Shop surf so I worked pretty steady without interruption. Again, different than at home, with a house, when I left the tree up until January 1st. Here, we value the room more than the tradition and I was happy to tuck things away.

That done, a quick dusting and out the door I go. Gotta’ get out and enjoy this great day, warmer at 65F than yesterday’s 55F. I put Clemson’s leash on him and we went for a nice walk out the park and west on Frontage Road. The weather was grand. With a cup of tea, I sat once again outside in my valuable spot this time in shorts and tank top with my new book. It’s called Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson, a new author for me but a mystery so right up my alley.

Again, I watched people walking by in snuggly jackets zippered up. The slight wind and shade was definitely cool. By 11:30 the boys were long back and Bill settled outside with his book too. Enough of this, I need to take a dip. I invited Melinda to join me and we spent about an hour and a half together at the pool. The water was refreshing and we relaxed in the sun, touching up our tans.

Happy Hour was at our place and it was the first day in a long time that everyone was warm for the whole time. There were shorts and tees as evidence at 4:30 when they left for home.

These days are pretty special, not much here to worry about and we learn to take things slow and enjoy the company of others. I barbecued and grilled Tilapia filets and half of a sweet potato for dinner. 

The sun is setting a bit later each evening, we love that! 

5:50 pm
Tomorrow will be something different but you’ll have to wait to read that post.

Thank you for reading along. I love receiving your comments!


  1. Kathy did our Decorations today as well. It better warm up here soon. I need my warmth.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You two might have to pull up stakes and head south or turn left! I'm hoping Quartzsite warms up by the time we get there.

  2. That's why I post everyday, otherwise I forget what we did. Being in the sun, and out of the shade and wind makes all the difference in the world, glad you are enjoying it.

    1. I don't always think of posting daily, you have been doing it long enough and I hope it will soon become natural to me too. Cloudy day today, good day for us to go to Mexico. :)

  3. Patsy, as much as I love reading your blog and a few others almost daily, I don't know how you guys find the time to post every day. Most often we forget to take a camera with us when we go out and even then, if we take it, come home without having taken any. Weather wise here in FL it has been really warm in the 80s but foggy in the morning for the last three days. When we were out west two years ago we went through a 30 pounder propane tank a week for two months just to heat the trailer because it was freezing every night. Some mornings the water hoses were frozen up if you didn't let the faucet drip through the night. Never the less, the areas were very pretty and we'll be coming back. Keep posting and don't think we aren't reading your blog if no comments every time, all the best ;-)

  4. I can understand the space being more valuable than the tradition! It was nice that you had some decorations up for even a short time span though. Temperatures are pretty mild here in South Western Ontario at -2 C. The snow has gone down quite a bit the past couple of days...getting ready for the next dump I would think.;-D