Monday, December 12, 2016

Clemson Gets Shade, Quote from Solar guy Brian and Family Arrives!

Sunday and Monday, Dec. 10, 11, 2016

Still relaxing at La Posa South, Quartzsite, Az and the days are just getting better and better. When we want to know the forecast for this area, we step outside in the early morning dawn and look at the sky. Yes, the sun is coming up today, no clouds in sight, the trees are not moving. Result = HOT  And that is all we need to know!

Saturday and Sunday were both topping the charts for the perfect desert day. We were up and moving Sunday by 7 am and Bill and I headed out for our walk. The temperature was 59F, awesome!  We took a couple of shots of the southeast sky and put in our mile and a quarter walk. It feels so good in the peacefulness and walking with my best buddy tops it with a cherry.
The prelude to sunrise

seconds before arrival

We had an early text from my sister, Gayle and her husband, John, that they were not going to be arriving on Sunday after all. We totally understood that with 510 miles from Las Cruses, NM, it would make for a long day. 

The roof walkers
So, we set about doing our thing, walking, reading, visiting and getting a quote from Brian (check him out here)  for tilting our panels. 

PS – the quote was a good one especially taking into consideration the fact that the job can be done here without having to pack up and take the Suite anywhere.

Bill and Gerry took the water bladder over for a fill up to top up both tanks and Bill helped Gerry empty his black and gray tanks using our Blue (gray) boy. 


With some adjustments for the next time, each experience should improve.

Find me some shade, Mom!
Temperatures rose to 79F really quickly. I actually had to move my chair so I was shaded.                                  
Speaking of shade, check out what Clemson used most of the day.
 I noticed that on Saturday he kept going under the Suite to find shade and it is pretty rough under there with stones so I remembered that we had this tent tucked away. Perfect and he thinks so too!
He loves his tent once he gets in it
Here he is with just his head sticking out

We hosted happy hour after Brian quoted panel installation for Gerry and Melinda and assisted George and Suzie with their solar. About half hour into our visit, my sister texted saying they were coming today after all and would arrive by 5:30. Yay! They wouldn’t set up their Montana other than opening up to sleep in since they would be moving further into La Posa South to meet up with friends in the morning. They arrived at the gate and Bill met them to show them where we had settled.
You can see Bill's headlights and the big Montana bringing
in the rear

It wasn't really this dark but I didn't bother enhancing the photo

Gayle comes to meet me
I was very happy to see them just like a little sister should be!

Since Gayle and John hadn’t eaten and we were about to put 3 large chicken breasts on the Q, we invited them to join us. It felt real good to have family drive 2500 miles to visit us! J It was an easy meal with potatoes and corn accented with red and white wine to compliment the chicken. 

I used Shake and Bake and bbq’d them on low on our new grill mat for 40 min and they turned out great. After a few drinks, we were totally relaxed and related stories of the trips down. Some stories more interesting than others, we can thank the powers that be for getting them here safely.

We said good night before 9 and they walked across the road to their temporary site. The alcohol, the day’s sun and the food had us in bed shortly after we did up the dishes. It was still a balmy 79F inside the Suite so no heater was required.

Monday promises to be another hot day, full sun, blue sky, and little to no breeze. Bill and I were up and out for our walk just after 7 and it was a nice 56F so no heavy jackets required. 

We may need to find shade later in the day. Our neighbours, George and Suzie, were leaving today, they had been here 2 weeks. We'll meet up with them again soon. We drove to town once more to pick up the tilt brackets Brian needs to do his job Tuesday morning. It will be nice to get more benefit from this lower Arizona sun during the day. Somehow, that was never taken into consideration back home.

Hope your weekend was a good one too. Thank you for reading! As usual, all comments are welcome.


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  2. We had some fun times there and great to meet Gayle and John this morning. Brian will do a good job on you solar and you should be good for a while more.
    See you guys on down the road real soon ! Travel safe.

    1. It seems odd not having you in our line up here now but we know we'll see you soon. It is wonderful to have Gayle close even though we aren't on each others doorstep. :)

  3. Glad things are coming together for your Solar.
    Glad your Sis made the trip safely.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We hope the solar adjustments make a difference for us. I'm happy that my sister and her husband made it safely too, the roads are like a gamble some days.