Friday, December 30, 2016

Yuma Swap Meet and Rain

Friday, December 30th. Can’t believe we only have one more day of 2016, it just seems so odd. No complaints though, this is indeed the way to spend the winter.

Morning sunrise
Today I was up by 7:30 and noticed the thermometer reading was 59F outside. That meant a warm walk for a change so out I went.                                                                                               
 After breakfast, today, Bill and I rode with Rob and Pat into Yuma one more time. We followed George and Suzie and Gerry followed us in his own truck.

We're here!
Our plan was to go to the Yuma Swap Meet and then go our separate ways after that. So, the convoy was on the road at 9:30 as planned. It was our first time there and it didn’t impress us. It seemed as if we were too early for a lot of the vendors and there were a lot of vacant spots.

Suzie and Gerry up front
Pat following behind

George and Rob checking things out too

I'm sure we’d go another time, another year and see if it was busier. We all managed to poke around at things we were interested in and each of us left with a bag. I found a cool pair of stretch pants in an Arizona theme for $5 unsure of how they would fit but after trying them on at home, I love, love, love them! Maybe another time I'll post a picture wearing them.

We left the meet and George and Suzie headed back to the park, Gerry had errands to run and the four of us went to the Goodwill store. I had found a few things in my closet that I was prepared to part with for one reason or another so dropped them off upon entry.

This store is very unorganized and I found prices to be higher than expected but I was perked up with the announcement that everything in the store was 50% off. Bingo! With a little searching I successfully found 3 pcs. of clothing for a total of $6. Can’t beat that.

We each needed milk and a couple of other things so we stopped at the Wells Fargo bank and then Albertsons. 

As is usual, we came out with more than our 3 things. The sun came out briefly and it turned quite warm. I figured it would be a good afternoon for a swim when we got back.

That didn’t happen, the clouds took over, the sun disappeared and the sky opened up slowly to light then heavier rainfall. It suited us to stay inside, we were destined for a snooze anyway. After a bit of rain, Bill thought he would go outside and take the brush to the tonneau cover of the truck. It never seems to come clean.

Took this through the Suite window and love that it
shows Clemson's reflection, watching Dad
While preparing another batch of cookies, Rob tapped on the door and pointed to the eastern sky. There was a beautiful double rainbow arcing the sky, one like we’ve not seen in a long time.

In the rain, there were 3 of us with cameras outside taking pictures before it disappeared. It lasted a really long time in its brilliant grandeur. Rob and Bill wanted to search the ends for the pot of gold.

Tonight, for supper, I prepared pulled pork on a bun from leftover pork loin that we had in the freezer. A salad topped it off and we settled in for the evening. I'm glad I had something to prepare indoors when it wasn't really barbecue weather.

It was another good day, made even better when we checked the 6 o’clock news back home (at 4 pm) to hear of the snow and cold they are experiencing. They are getting some crazy weather for sure, up and down, rain and snow but they seem to be taking it in stride as a typical Ontario winter.

Thank you for following along today. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Glad you had an interesting day.
    Haven't checked the weather back home in a week.
    It's cold enough where we are.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Every once in a while we catch the home news at 4 pm or 9 pm.

  2. It was another fun day, that we all enjoyed, much better than back home.

  3. Going out to swap meets, finding a couple of bargains and being with friends would make my day too. The area around Yuma seems to be ok weather wise around this time of year. We'll keep that in mind.
    Wishing wishing you and Bill a Happy New Year and fun in your travels.

  4. We always seem to have fun at those things and even if we don't spend money. Although, I always manage to find one thing I 'need'. Happy New Year to you and Benno!

  5. Happy New Years to you both...and tonight Patsy when Bill's singing good night Irene you'll awake in the morning to 2017..

    1. Something went wrong, I didn't get the song but did have a fun evening and awoke to a wonderful 2017!! Same back at ya!!