Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bullhead City for Groceries, Visit with Friends at Riverside RV Park

It is Sunday, Mar. 19th and our time is winding to a close. It seems our last 4 days will be our busiest and needless to say they will slip by quickly. Not only is our time in the park coming to an end but our time in the southwest as well.
Good morning!

We have bittersweet feelings. We are going to miss the social life we have down here, the beautiful weather, the gorgeous desert in all its many stages, the cacti even more now that they are in bloom, the palm trees and the pool.
Clemson takes care of business on our site palm tree

I know once we leave here and are in the mindset of going home, we will be anxious to get there. To a point. For the first 5 days, we will mosey slowly across the mid states not rushing to the cooler weather. After that we hope to settle in a park for 3 or 4 days and then put the push on for the remaining journey home. We will look forward to seeing family, friends, our summer place “The Ridge”, the bunky we worked so hard on last year and access to my Toyota. I'm curious to see how our plantings at home have fared over the winter, in particular "Goose, the Spruce Tree".

Today is another hot one, at one point it reached 95f and that was at 1 pm. We received a text from friends of my sister, Gayle, who are camped at the Riverside RV Park in Laughlin, NV. This is just across the Colorado River from us and having met them once before at Pilot Knob blm, we thought it would be nice to see them again.
Crossing the Colorado River
I texted Judy that we had some groceries to pick up in Bullhead City and would get in touch around 10 when we got back. The fridge is full and cupboards topped up so we are good to go for our trip home. Darn it though, we forgot to pick up sandwich buns. We will have to nip back in tomorrow since we need diesel too.
Arriving at Laughlin
We connected with Judy and Gary and drove over to their sardine lot at 11:30. It was good to see them again and had a nice visit. I was curious what this park was like because it seems to offer lots of ‘cheap’ deals for camping. And the price is certainly reasonable for Gary and Judy for the week, including 4 meals at the Casino. After seeing the resort and how close the rv’s have to park, I’m no longer curious and we realize that it doesn't offer us what we would need.

Driving into the park, looks nice so far

Judy, Gary and Bill visit

Jack tries to cool off in the shade
When we arrived home at 1 (AZ time) 12 noon (CA time) I was more than ready for the pool. I packed my bag, threw in an apple and a mandarin with my water and walked up. No one, just me, the whole pool to myself until one of my neighbours arrived. This is crazy!
Arizona in March
Top is outside bottom is inside

For my Ontario friends and family
Bill and I had decided to close things up and put the air on in the Suite before I left. We are hooked up to 30-amp rather than paying a $5/day fee for 50-amp so could only put one a/c unit on at a time. No problem, it will cool it down inside to a comfortable level. When I came back from the pool after 3, I was refreshed and it was perfect inside.

Looking around at our neighbours, we didn’t see any gathering for Happy Hour today so stayed put inside the Suite. I had picked up a pack of ground beef this morning at Safeway’s and it was in the fridge waiting for me to put it into 1 lb. packs for the freezer. Now was as good a time as any.

We didn’t know what we wanted for supper but I talked Bill into homemade burgers and a salad. Well, burgers without the buns. LOL We need to finish off the bread pudding tonight as well, so that sounds like a meal to me.
I sat down before we started barbecuing and proceeded to place my Monopoly pieces on my game board. I received 14 pks today from Safeway. Still no rewards and lots of leftovers, anyone looking for one in particular?
A few close ones but no cigar
After dinner, my plan was to get out and walk back up to the clubhouse with the last 2 books Bill and I have finished. However, I waited too long and now we’ve just learned that the 9 pm Madame Secretary (we were going to watch at 6) isn’t on until 9:35. I won’t be going out after all. It is still 91F, therefore I’m not too terribly upset. I did get a mile and a half walk in today already.
Duplicate stickers

Settling in to watch our program, I warmed up the bread pudding for our dessert. Lots of things happening on Madame Secretary, sometimes my non-political mind cannot grasp what is going on but I love the characters and tonight’s show was pretty straightforward.
I have 3 or 4 episodes of This is Us to watch so Bill has retired to the bedroom with his book and the tv up there. With us moving on soon, we won’t have hookups so I need to get a few watched at least.

Goodnight from Bullhead City, Az
I hope you all have had a great day! Not only was the weather wonderful here, it sounds like it was pretty good back home too. Happy Spring by the way! It will officially arrive tomorrow.

Thank you for reading today. I love to receive your comments.


  1. we were out for happy hour...and it was dang hot. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow at happy hour then dinner. Not looking forward to saying good bye. :(

    1. We wondered if maybe you were out but no biggie, we were content to stay inside too. We'll see you today for sure for a double whammy! yes, we will miss you too. :(

  2. There is still lots of adventure for your guys on the way home. And even more adventures when you arrive home. You then have all summer to prepare to chase us around the south next winter. Hope our paths cross again next year and I promise to keep my distance. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks Lorne for your optimistic support! We look forward to all that comes our way, hopefully all good stuffs! We also hope to reconnect more often in the next round. Safe journey to you too.

  3. Looks like you are enjoying this warm weather, pretty nice here in Texas, a comfortable 90f with a light south breeze. Just think we will be heading back into the cool weather soon for a while.

    1. Sounds good that you are still in the heat too. There couldn't have been a better ending to this journey for us. This park, the pool, the friends. :)

  4. There are sites at Riverside that are much roomier, but I do agree the overflow area can be tight if you have someone in the site beside you. We have noticed that they do try not to put units side by side but they are busy now with spring break and people heading home. You were in our park! It would have been nice to get together, although we were in Henderson yesterday so we weren't around.

    1. I forgot you were there! It would have been nice to get together for sure. another time. Judy said up on the hill was nicer but where they were did not appeal to us at all. a different time of year perhaps. There are no complaints about the weather though, that is for sure.

  5. With those temperatures, I bet it felt great to have the AC running. Should be much cooler in the mid-west this time of year.

    1. Indeed, we could never stay into April/May, we would do what you are doing. 10 degrees makes a huge difference. No complaints though, it is what we came here for. :)

  6. I hear what you are saying about "officially" turning east and slowly heading back "home". I always feel a little sad when we leave the Saguaros and Ocotillos behind; then when we start seeing the green forest and get closer to Michigan I get all happy and anxious to see our family and friends. It is a wonderful life we are living...and we are already looking forward to crossing paths on our "4th Adventure". Stay safe.