Thursday, March 2, 2017

International Space Station Sighting, Up Before the Sun and Haircuts

Thursday, Mar. 2nd had us up and outside at 6:18 am. We were awake and wanted to see the ISS. First time in a very long time that we have been able to catch it zip across the sky, this time for 6 min. from SWS disappearing ENE. The sky was also displaying some stars including Venus and Mars off to the west.

No sunrise visible yet but it was shining on these mountains to our south
While waiting for some sun to appear on our portable solar panel, we read a few blog posts and checked emails. At 8 am the Keurig kicked on meaning the batteries were charged enough for coffee. I’m so glad we have good wifi here at least as it is a connection to home. We’ve called a few people on Google Hangouts since we’ve arrived here but no one can call us or text us if they need to.
My favourite mountains here
The one on the left is either a gloved hand or a Brontosaurus raising up from the earth

Bill and I decided we were not going anywhere today. We are finding that the closer we get to the end of this winter’s journey, the less running around we need or want to do. It is nice to see nearby attractions for sure but we also realize that this is only our first year. I like that we are getting a ‘look-see’ at different places because it helps us to know where we’d like to come back to next winter.
Weber Q is smoking hot
Around 9 we started the barbecue for breakfast and Bill fried up our bacon and eggs. It was a beautiful day out there, full sun and a light breeze. The temperature rose to 72F this afternoon and we spent time outside reading with the awnings out.
My view from our site and this one happens to have my sweetie in it

Bill has talked about needing his haircut for a few days now and I have been tossing around the idea of getting out the clippers to do it for him. I had some encouragement back at Borrego Springs when Sue Green said “you can do it!”. Bill has let me cut his hair once before, back at the house in London and it turned out okay. I did a post about it at the time and mentioned that the second time would be better. He got ‘shaved’ pretty good the first time.

Front - before

Back - before (I hated to cut this off, I love this length)

So, after his shower I moved a chair outside under the awning and we set to work. I watched a couple of YouTube videos for some guidance, since I’m certainly no pro at this. Bill was very patient with me and wasn’t too concerned how short it was as long as it was neat.
Front - after
Back - after (yes, still room for improvement)
When I finished, he was happy with the result and feeling much cooler. I need to keep at it so I can become more confident. Next was Clemson’s turn. Bill once more got out the pet clippers and cleaned up his paws with somewhere between minimal and maximal protest today. At least it is a start and will help for his visit to Pet Smart next week. The last time he wouldn’t let the girls touch his face or his paws.

"Help me, Mom"

No, my hair wasn’t on the list but sitting and relaxing outdoors was. When my hair needs trimming, I can do it myself. I finished my first J.A. Jance book, Taking the Fifth. It was really good, a 2-day read.

this is what Clemson did today

Here is what Bill did for part of today

And here is what I did for a lot of the day

When Bill moved inside to catch the London news at 4, I took Clemson for a short walk around the area. There is a fair bit of loose gravel in some spots and it was hard on his little paws, not to mention hard for a couple of rv’s to get through.

This truck struggled in the gravel pulling this Big Horn

Steak is on the menu tonight with broccoli as my side and Bill opts for a salad instead of a baked potato. It turned out pretty good, not mouth-watering but tasty all the same. After supper, we decided to watch The Voice at 6 when the batteries were topped up rather than record it and watch it later.
We think this lady painted her trailer herself

The Lake Havasu hummingbirds found my feeder

This meant dishes would wait until the show was over. When we are boon-docking and conserving our hydro the tv goes on for an hour or two at the very most. Tonight, we turned it off at 7 and got on the laptops and into our books.

After the sun sets, it does get dark really quickly. Last night after we were inside for the evening Bill heard a vehicle pull up behind us. This is concerning when you can’t see a think in the ‘black’ night so we turned on our scare lights just to get a visual. Two vehicles had pulled in quite close to us but it was obvious they were there for an overnight stay only.
Last night's arrivals
No comment, Lorne, they arrived after 9 pm and pulled out before 9 am this morning. 
this guy slept in his truck with his little pooch

We don’t even think they were travelling together. It was another great day out here in God’s country and we enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty that surrounds us here.
Tonight's sunset

Southern view at 6:30
I hope you’ve had a wonderful day as well. Thank you so much for reading. I love to see what you have to say in your comments.


  1. We had the same sort of day and never left our spot in the desert. Loved every minute of it.
    Glad to read your mom's quarantine was lifted.
    Thank you for the dental information.

    1. I love those days too. Yes, my Mom will be happy when Donna visits today. :) You are very welcome.

  2. Good job on Bill's hair. I think I've missed a few myself. That picture of poor Clemson. He looked pitiful!

    A Keurig, and here I use an old tin percolator pot on top of the stove burner. I'm behind the times.

    1. thank you, yes Clemson does look like he's pleaing for help. He hates to have his front paws held especially. Keurig, it just shows who can truly live without and who of us are spoiled.

  3. Sue says great job on the haircut. May have to hire you to do mine next year. The lady with the painted trailer is quite nice and very friendly. She does like to talk. She came to our place when we were there and told us her life story. Well now I have to comment that you meet the nicest people when they park near you don't you. Enjoy the warm weather.

    1. Thank you Sue, I took your advice. :) We've spoke to that lady mainly just in passing. Trying to figure out what she is into, rugs of some sort. There are many nice people and sometimes it is really cool to hear their stories and what brings them to this lifestyle.

  4. That's the kind of day we will be enjoying and really like them. Bills Hair cut looks great.
    Practice with the hair cuts and its not a problem. Suzie has been helping me with mine for over 20 years. N matter what it will grow back again

    1. thank you George, a bit more practice for sure will help. That is what Bill says, it will grow.

  5. You did a great job on Bill's hair! Looks like a great day in the Lake Havasu area. Love all your pictures.

    1. Thank you guys. Because it grows back and so quickly he said not to worry if I made a mistake. It was nice to just sit and chill, I know how to get lazy real well!

  6. Another day in paradise, enjoy every moment. Back in Canada winter has returned for a couple of days but the bright sun makes up for it. I've been cutting our hair for years because we aren't too fussy about it, but you did a good job. Your sunrise and sun set photos are always spectacular!