Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Laundry Day, Where is our Breeze? Pool Beckons

Tuesday, Mar. 14th in the park is going to be a hot one. 93F and merely a tinge of a breeze. We had laundry to do today so after getting up around 7:30 (slept in!) we had our morning coffee/tea and read yesterday’s posts. It is nice to catch up with the bloggers we’ve met and seeing where they are today.
Lots of washers and dryers
 I sorted the laundry, usually it is darks, lighter, and lightest. So 3 loads today. We don’t have ‘whites’ really, at least not enough to make a load. If we get ‘er done today, we will be good until Sunday where we’ll do another quick one plus sheets and towels.
Nice and clean and only 1 washer in use
Bill dropped me off after loading the washers and he returned to the Suite to await my call on the two-way. I don’t mind staying there with my book, I usually meet one other person in particular to chat with too. And today was no exception, meeting a 2-monther who lives in Boise, Idaho and comes here in February after he has had his fill of winter. He returns home in early April to his house and regular hobbies.

Bill returned at 10:30 to help fold and we had our clean clothes put away by 11. Just in time for me to fry up an egg and some ham. Once they were done, I dropped a tortilla into the small fry pan and sprinkled grated cheese on top to melt. Replacing the egg on top, I added another tortilla with cheese on top and flipped it to grill up on both sides. On my plate I added lettuce and sour cream. Yum. Bill had eaten while I was at the laundromat and declined my offer to share.

On the way back with the laundry Bill stopped so I could run into the clubhouse and sign us up for the ‘Season’s End Bash’ on Saturday, the 18th. It sounds like a full day of various activities and it is a way for the park management to say goodbye to their snowbirds. Quite a nice idea and whether we partake in any of their events, we will be sure to take part in their evening meal.

Last evening, around dinner time I was feeling very uncomfortable inside the Suite. The breeze was nice and I knew it would cool down but while preparing dinner and watching our shows, I was fanning myself and Clemson. I thought ‘should we be using our air conditioner’? We held off.

I returned 4 books to the clubhouse and picked up 4 more
I have read this book but it was the signature inside that I found neat

Thought this interesting since I know a Sue Green
With all of the book exchanges in parks down here, and all of the bloggers,
could Sue have turned this in?
Today there is hardly a breeze so I suggested turning the air on just enough to keep the rv comfortable. Neither of us like it to be ‘cold’ so Bill set it at 73F.

Last night it was 89F outside at 5 pm and 92F inside. It soon dropped to a very comfortable sleeping temperature with the breeze and windows wide open. That is something that we understand here, aside from no humidity, we all know the temperature will start dropping after 6.

It was around 1 that I decided to walk up to the pool. I didn’t know how much the temperature would have improved from Saturday but was willing to give it a try. I took my towel, my book and my water and spent about 2 hours in and around the pool. Yes, it was cool but it was sure refreshing on this very hot day. Soon after I arrived, there weren’t just two of us, there were at least 10 of us enjoying either the pool or hot tub.

The beavertail cactus is blooming all over the hill behind us
When I got back, I realized that it was almost Happy Hour time so changed out of my swim suit and made myself a Caesar. I figured Lori and Roland would be hosting so took my chair over there. Bill was involved in the tv this afternoon and didn’t join us. It was another nice visit, with laughter, serious discussion and talk of the future.
and this Happy Hour picture is especially for Lori because she reads my blog now 

More beavertail on the hill behind Lori and Rolands' rv
At 5 I headed back, knowing that our shows, NCIS in particular start. Tuesday night is the busiest night for television in our household. Bull isn’t on tonight but instead two hours of NCIS New Orleans will be on in its place. I have 3 or 4 episodes of This is Us I need to watch over the next 7 days as well while we are in the park.

We had previously decided to have a low-key supper so I fried up some grilled cheese sandwiches. Just because Lori recommended it, I tried some tomato in mine and I must say I enjoyed it very much. Great idea!

After dishes, I snapped a couple of sunset sky pictures and got a few tips from my sister, Audrey, about cleaning the lens or sensor in my camera. She has a photographer’s eye and noticed spots in my landscape photos I’ve not paid attention to. Hopefully, I can find the solution and improve the pictures I take and the pictures you view. Thanks sis!
First glimpse of the west sky after sunset
 Okay, the day is drawing to a close and it was another great one. I hope you have experienced a similar day wherever you are.

Thank you for reading today and I love to read your comments.


  1. very nice read...thank you for the share. :)

  2. Another busy day there in Bullhead.
    Love tomato on my grilled cheese really adds to it, even bacon and or onion. Nice that you are enjoying the heat, cause soon we will be back in cooler weather.
    We have gotten away from watching very much tv anymore, much prefer the outside, and reading.

    1. It is nice because the day didn't feel 'busy' at all, just enjoyable. I like onion on my grilled cheese too. Yes, I have 5 days left to enjoy the pool so will make sure I do!
      We still like our evening tv shows but it is mostly after dark that we watch it.

  3. With those temperatures, I'm sure it was a poolside day for you. That's something I would enjoy. Spent most of my teenage years at a pool. Was even a lifeguard for a number of years.

    Talk about laundry. Last time I did laundry was on February 10th and I'm running low on clean clothes. Checked the Internet and the closest laundromat is 24 miles away, so, may be in for a road trip soon.

  4. I checked with Sue and she had to look closely at the signature because it is really similar to hers. That is not a book she would have read so I guess it was someone else. We have fixed the heat situation by going up a few thousand feet. We had frost here this morning.