Thursday, March 9, 2017

Oatman with Friends

Thursday, Mar. 9th we woke up to gorgeous sunny skies on the horizon. I was up just before 7 for my tea and reading blogs. 

Peeked out the window next door at around 7:45 and saw Ken with his coffee. Man, this is the life! Bill and Nancy soon joined him. I took Clemson with me for my walk this morning, he is so slim and trim now with less hair, he needs to show it off.
Don't look now, Ken, the paparazzi is watching
 I got out this morning and snapped pictures of our neighbours/friends while they were still sleeping.
Lori and Roland across the road

Judy and Oscar down the way

Nancy and Ken beside us
And then our Home Sweet Home
Once he does his business 3 or 4 times he is a much better walker and we jogged the last 200 feet back to the Suite. Today we have plans to take Ken and Nancy into the small western town of Oatman. We loved the experience in November and want to share it with them. So much of it is about the burros. Forgive me for all the pictures, they aren't in any order, I just wanted to share the fun.

Chow time!

They were being fed at their normal spot

These two must be siblings or lovers, so playful with each other
A couple of very long hot showers later, we had breakfast. I finished off my skinny muffin with some cottage cheese and that should suffice until lunchtime. Clemson will be looking after our house today as I’m sure Molly will be doing next door. If they liked each other better, we could almost leave them together.
Ken and Nancy loved Oatman

Too funny, we never checked after the shootout

Today is my daughter in law’s birthday so sent off a text and a Facebook wish, we know the card we sent will be late and wanted her to know we are thinking of her. Happy Birthday, Chaela!

So, by 10:15 we were pulling out of the park with Ken and Nancy headed to Oatman. It was a perfect day and even though we brought jackets along, we sure wouldn’t need them. 

Loved this store with so many old memories on the shelves

and memories across the floor

Bridgette, aren't these pretty? sorry, they are still in the store, this time.

The burros were as plentiful as ever, making themselves at home and making new friends along the roads and walkways. A lot of people fed them but we chose to watch others instead of participating in their meal today. Nancy found some cool things at some great prices and I even found a few items that I ‘just had to have’.
this fellow was tired of the paparazzi

By 1:00 we decided to stop in at Olive Oatman’s restaurant for lunch and while inside we could hear the gunfight on the street outside.
At the Olive Oatman restaurant for lunch
 Quite the crowds assembled to watch this fun display of the old time west.
Love how this saguaro cactus was left to grow up through their store

We headed back on the other side of the street towards the truck and slipped out of Oatman the back way, down old Route 66. Nancy and Ken enjoyed the scenery through Cool Springs and into Kingman and home on S68 to Ridgeview. 
The boys were happy just sitting in the shade chatting

As the sign says, "I found my sweet ass in Oatman, Arizona"
I found myself, yet again, snapping even more photos of the views. I know we are going to think fondly of those craggy mountains in a month so I’ll be happy to have the memories in pictures as well.
Had to check out this place, covered in between 
$150,000 to $200,000 in dollar bills 
Before I left, I bought a 1/4 lb. of chewy praline fudge
The little town pleased our friends as much as it did us and we enjoyed touring in again.

We returned home by 3:30, all of us sated from the great day and the great food. My quesadilla was very tasty and quite filling. Another easy supper night for all 4 of us.
I had to check out the mine
The temperature has hovered around 85F all day with a slight breeze. This is the kind of day we love but don’t expect. Just being in the southwest for the winter is everything we’ve hoped it could be and this type of day is a bonus in our minds.

This fellow didn't make it out of the mine

thankfully, these two did
 After relaxing for a bit at home, I took a walk up to the clubhouse to see what was going on and to get some more steps in. 

Met Nancy on my walk so she posed for me
There is a jigsaw puzzle, naturally, and more books to choose from. Unfortunately, only one of our favourite authors, Michael Connelly, so I grabbed it. Also, a book by Dale Brown, The Tin Man, anyone familiar with his books?

Bill was finishing his Lee Child book, Night School, and when I returned we took Clemson for a walk around the park. Hmm, now it is 7:30 and we’re feeling a bit of a nibbling for something to eat. You guessed it, we finished off the last of the Vanilla Chocolate Chip and poured ourselves a glass of Livingston’s White Zinfandel.
These beautiful shrubs are in full bloom

Ken pointed out this dust ball/bowl

Nancy liked this Finger Rock
Perfect way to end an evening by eating it outside under our led lights and the light of the moon. It is a warm 75F out there so a nice night to sleep with my window open.

I hope you’ve had an awesome day too and grateful for every day you are given.

Goodnight from Ridgeview

Thank you for reading along, I love seeing what you have to say!


  1. The temperature was wonderful but the Sun was cooking us.
    Glad you had an Enjoyable time with Ken and Nancy.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. I will never complain about the sun! I love it too much. We had a great time.

  2. I love the look of this little town. The burros are an added attraction! Are they wild? The warm temperatures sound very inviting as well. Glad you are enjoying the lifestyle. You seem to be able to keep yourselves 'busy' enough! catch ya later.

    1. You would love Oatman, Donna. The burros are wild but gentle enough. They just stand there or walk by as if they are people too. Getting hotter each day and not a peep of complaint from us!

  3. Sounds like you had another awesome day. Oatman is always fun to check out and this weather now amazing.

    1. Perfect day indeed. I love Oatman and the weather too!

  4. We will have to visit Oatman when we are up that way. The beautiful shrub is a bougainvillea and I love them, but many locals hate them because they spread so much and are thorny ... I still love them and buy a couple small ones every year for a spot in Yuma 😊

    1. thank you, the shrub (bougainvillea) is nice to look at and not touch. We do love Oatman, it is fun and relatively inexpensive for gifts too

  5. loved the sign you have hanging outside your home. Never been up Oatman way, but it looks like my kind of place with all the burros. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Doug, we got the sign in Los Algodones.

  6. Looks like you had a fun time in Oatman. We have taken that ride twice between Mohave Valley and Kingman it is a beautiful ride.

    1. We do love it up there, probably a yearly trip at least once. :)

  7. What a great day you had. We are hoping to head up to Oatman again this year with our friends Pat n Harold tomorrow. We took that awesome mountain road as well and it was gorgeous. We ended up in Kingman at a beat icecream joint and had banana splits. It sounds like it may get added to the agenda for tomorrow as well. I love Icecream !!

    1. It will be hot for sure but so enjoyable. We love it and ice cream too!