Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quiet Day, Good Day for Laundry, New Friends

Tuesday, Mar. 28th already, wow, unbelievable how time flies when you’re having fun. 5 months and 4 days since we left our home base at The Ridge. And the things we’ve done and the sights we’ve seen make it even harder to believe it has all happened in that short amount of time. Awesome.

We woke up around 7 to cloudy skies, again, but mild temps hovering around 50F. Clemmy and I went for a quick walk around the first block of sites and I realized this is going to be a great day! Not only because it is our last day in a park but because every day is a great day, isn’t it?
Our first trip to the southwest
Bill and I had decided to do one more wash before heading home and this was the place to do it. We loaded up the truck and Bill left after helping to load the 3 washers. Good thing it isn’t busy in here with campers, there are only 3 washers and 3 dryers available. The nice thing is that they are all new and in the same room is an elliptical machine, an exercise bike and a treadmill. I can get my walk in at the same time!

It didn’t take long for the loads to finish and I popped them in the dryers. I knew Bill was vacuuming the Suite while I was gone so all I need to do tonight is a dust through of the woodwork. For two day stays I don’t get all my trinkets out as I do when we stay for a week or two. It doesn’t feel as ‘homey’ without them, but soon enough we will be setting up house back in Ontario.

Laundry and cleaning done, we grabbed a bite to eat for lunch and cleaned up the dishes. 

We wanted to drive into Grove for a few things and Bill needed to fill our propane tank so we left the pooch in charge and drove across the Sailboat bridge. First stop was Harp’s for groceries, just a few things on the list today to get us through the rest of the week.

Second, we stopped at the Post Office to pick up some stamps and mail a couple of cards. This is not the first time we’ve come across a P.O. that is out of International stamps but it is the first ingenious staff to come up with an alternative for me. The recipients of these cards back home will enjoy the variety on the envelope. They’re going to be late anyway but I wanted to send them off asap. I also picked up a couple of U.S. stamps to mail our 8840-forms too.

Third stop was to the Cheapo Depot but I was disappointed that it was not a thrift store, my mistake. A very small clothing section and I was about to turn around when something I’d had my eye out for caught my attention. So, camouflage pants it is! The price was under $10 so I treated myself. I thought the inside of the pocket was unique and somewhat fitting.

Inside the pocket of my new jeans
Our last stop was at the Turtle Stop for diesel. The price was really good at $2.14/gal and the cheapest in town. The price for propane here in the park, however, was not good but we needed it and didn’t want to be lugging the 30-lb tank all over town. We do what we need to do.

Back home, the sun was strong and warm and the temperature had increased to 72F. After recording our purchases, it was time for some outside reading in the sun and another walk. Just too nice to stay inside and I’m going to miss this weather.
From the furthest park sites

the bridge to Grove
I read a couple of chapters of my J.A. Jance book and then went for a walk around the park. I walked past an Airstream that we watched pull in earlier today. I thought it looked like Ontario plates but without being totally obvious I couldn’t see from the road what they said.
These large rocks were gathered to make a waterpark display for the children behind the pool
and at the front of the park near the entrance sign
I took the farthest route around the pond, along the boat dock, around the fish station and back up towards the pool. I met Henry in the fenced in pool area and we had a nice chat about the water temp, the large boulders and a Canadian couple asking about the pool. He was cleaning the pool knowing people would soon want to swim in it.
These geese were waiting to see how close I'd get before they swam off
The temperature of the pool was only around 50F but it felt kind of nice when I walked along the edge. I knew if we were here for another day I’d probably be in it but the day was passing and so was my opportunity to take a dip. I said so long to Henry and walked back the way I’d come. This took me back to the Airstream and since it was vacated, I walked up close and personal and snapped a picture.
Henry cleans the pool

Patsy tests the waters
Definitely an Ontario plate, yay! And when looking closer I noticed what Bill and I have been looking for on this model of trailer all winter. A CanAm sticker from London, Ontario. Double yay! I was so excited to get back and tell Bill. We waited until the owners returned and walked back towards the lake to introduce ourselves to them.
Ontario plate, 1998 Airstream Classic purchased from CanAm
Ross and Caroline are a lovely couple from Haliburton, On. and we knew a lot of the same people who work at CanAm. After standing around talking for about an hour about anything and everything, Caroline said it was close to Cocktail time and invited us to a drink and a chair. Before we knew it another hour and a half had passed and it was time to move on home. They had expressed an interest in seeing a Mobile Suite so they walked back with us for a tour.
Meeting and connecting with new friends is the bonus of this lifestyle
 Too bad we are leaving in the morning, it was a great connection and we hope to keep in touch. George, you and Suzie will have to look them up when you arrive on Thursday. No doubt you will see their Airstream Classic and their dog, Shadow, in the back corner of the park on one of your walks. Please introduce yourself and mention our names, we mentioned yours.
Daffodils in bloom

tulips long before Mother's Day

These Red bug Trees are so pretty
We made up a quick meal for supper, I had leftover baked potato and shrimp and Bill made himself a couple of hotdogs. It was late and it fit the bill. Bill cleaned up the dishes while I finished my post for today.
A hardy bunch of Mullien for tea
It was another great day here at Eagle’s Landing, a great way to end a winter of camping.
And the sun prepares to say goodnight

Thank you for following along on this journey and I appreciate any comments you may wish to leave.


  1. That looks like a very nice park you two are at. You are so right about the time flying when you are having fun and it seems to be picking up speed. Great pant pockets.
    Safe journey as you finish the rest of your way back to Ontario and your home base.

    1. Thanks guys. A cloudy travel day today but making another good distance we hope. This is a very nice park, next year we've decided we'll come when we can stay longer. :) Too bad that message wasn't on the outside of our pockets!

  2. We do love that park as well and the whole area, it is really being fixed up nicely, can't wait to see the improvements fro a year ago.
    Now travel safe for the rest out your journey home.

    1. Thanks George, he said by the fall they should have made good progress on the water park area.
      You too, I know you are coming here tomorrow. Hope you see Ross and Caroline, very nice couple and Shadow too.

  3. You are in our old stomping grounds. We owned either a weekend travel trailer or a mobile home at Grand Lake for 20 years until we bought our"Bentley" after we retired and started traveling. We still love the Lake area and stay there occasionally.
    I wanted to comment on Muskogee. I noticed myself how rundown it was looking last time we drove through. They used to (maybe they still do, I don't know) hold an azalea festival in the spring that brought thousands of folks in. Their city park was gorgeous and I remember the community being much nicer looking the times we attended. Sad to see these changes.
    We are in Santa Rosa, NM. After we parked, we left to eat dinner only to return to find a Big Horn 5er parked next to us....same 5er we have. It was a young couple from Ontario. Had a great visit with them yesterday evening. They are making their way back home as we are. Weather was a little crazy in this area yesterday but we managed to miss the worse of it.
    It's that time of year. Safe travels to you.

    1. Phew! I'm glad you didn't feel I was too critical of Muskogee, the main street sure didn't impress us for such a large town. This park is really nice and the area as well.
      Interesting about the Ontario couple, a lot of us are moving.
      Safe travels to you too.

  4. Looks like a nice RV Park. And isn't it nice when you meet people from home and have such a good visit. Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. Yes and yes. :) thank you! skies are clearer or at least brighter here east of Branson, MO.

  5. A very productive day and new friends to boot. Save travels.

    1. Productive and relaxing at the same time. Thanks, Doug.

  6. I think that's "Redbud"! Beautiful trees when they're in bloom.

    1. That makes more sense, someone told us Red Bug and we asked her to repeat it a few times but thanks for the correction! :)