Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cloudy Start, Beautiful Finish, Sad News

On Sunday, June 4th when we got up, the cloudy sky was as expected. Not sure how much rain we got overnight but my new plantings needed it. It was 12C when I rose around 8:30 (again, but I feel I needed it) and shortly after 10 it has risen to 15C and the sun is coming out. Bang! Weather people are on the money today!
Love seeing the moon in the middle of a day
After our coffees and blog readings, I made up a toasted western for Bill and one for me without the toast. He has a couple of minor projects today and I plan to visit Mom at 11. I emptied the dishwasher while breakfast was cooking. I love how this thing cleans and dries! We don’t use it often but when we have company, we’ve vowed to ourselves to put it to use.

Mom reading her book to me
It only uses 4 gallons of water and when we have hydro, it is no big deal. Many think ‘why do you need a dishwasher in an rv?’ Well, we don’t NEED it, it was in the unit we bought and we love it. We have lots of storage space in the Suite and since I have a convection oven instead of a propane oven, there are 3 large drawers in that area.
 I got myself cleaned up and drove in to visit Mom. She was out of her room, at the nurse’s station with her walker. When she saw me, she put her arms out and said “I knew someone would come if I waited here long enough!” The nurse at the counter laughed and said that Mom was just telling her that she wondered if someone would visit today.

We walked down the hall to the far end and back to her room. I asked if she wanted to go anywhere else and she said “no, I’m in a hurry to get home”. She is such a card! In her room, she pulled out a book my little sister made for her called Paper Kisses.
The man who stole Mom's heart
and then the hearts of 6 other girls
(his daughters)

Mom, on the right with one of her two air force buddies
They were Smitty, Davy and Whitty
It is a conglomeration of Mom’s letters to Daddy before they married and letters to and from her air force girlfriends. It is adorable. She read to me for 30 minutes and we laughed a lot together. I love times like these. The words my parents used, as they dated, to each other are worth millions. My heart was filled when I said goodbye at her lunch table.
Don't you love when they pose?

I came home and changed into garden clothes. Bill was still puttering around with things when I returned so I found where I wanted to plant the two hostas, two rose of Sharon’s, three small corabelle and where to transplant some of my winter geraniums. Lots of digging involved but I took my time.
My corabelle is looking a bit sad
(let's give it a few days)
 The sun was in and out throughout this process but I was still very hot when I finished and brought the wheelbarrow up from the end of the lane. The geraniums would look nice along the fence line near the road. Bill and Clemson had finished working and moved inside to the recliner.
Rose of Sharon, on the right
I instead read my book outside for a while until the clouds took over and the air cooled down. I was in shorts and tank top, appropriate when I was working but not for sitting still. This has been a productive day. I hope to help our friend, Pat a bit tomorrow if that works out, they didn’t need me today, with family around to give them a hand.
Hello again
It got to 22C today when the sun was out so a great day to work around. I get a kick out of the turtles around here, you have probably guessed. This fellow visited us all last night right beside the bunky but I didn’t see where he disappeared to. This afternoon as I walked to the restroom, there he was again. When Bill went out to take pictures, he saw that Yertle had moved down the driveway making his way to the pond.
Making HER way to the nest
But it took a few times going in a circle to find it

Mertle's nest
I’m ever curious, such a long way for the turtles to crawl up the hill to our grassy area. I walked out about 10 minutes ago wondering if he made it back to the water and there he was, on the west side of the lane facing east and his back legs had dug up a nice little pile of sand and gravel. I will now call Yertle, Mertle, excuse me!

I have 5 of these geraniums and although they spread, they remain in a nice round ball
These are the ones I stole from for my new area by the fence
Bill was actually writing a post today, woohoo! So, I lit the Weber Q for supper and proceeded to make up our salad. When he finished his post, he barbecued a couple of mild Italian sausage. 

Even though the wind was already minimal today, it died down even more by 6:30 so I took one more walk down the lane. This is how I get a lot of my exercise, not long walks but frequent ones.

So at the front of the property, along the driveway is a good spot for them

I think they will fill in nicely here along the fence
 After dishes were done up, we watched a bit of American Pickers. Now I can’t help thinking of some of the antiques and other old stuff Rob has found at the house he is clearing. Too bad they weren’t closer. 

Wouldn’t you know, the day is winding down and the sun comes out in its full glory. Just a few clouds. I need to get out and try and catch our 12 resident geese returning for the night.
These last two hostas from Rob found a home closer to our sitting area
An hour later and the boys aren’t coming home. It is past 8:30, don’t they know it is a Sunday night? Anyway, I enjoyed the fresh air but I wasn’t about to wait any longer for the geese.
I think I made a good choice for this pot
The yellow Evol are gorgeous!
I hope you have had a wonderful day. The downer for today, we heard from Bill’s cousins this morning that their Dad, Uncle Ray has passed away. He has been sick for a while but being a very private person when it comes to illness, we didn’t know until last week. Rest in Peace, Uncle Ray.

Thank you for reading. I enjoy reading your comments.


  1. I think I am just tired reading your blog today. Wow, you stretched your 24 hours with lots to do. :) The weber looks like it makes pretty good italian sausages, :P

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, it was a long post but it was a busy day! :) The sausages had a bit more than a mild bite to them but tasty.

  2. Is that a Blanchard turtle? You may have a bunch of babies in a few months.

    1. I don't know what kind it is. Baby yerts would be fine. :)

  3. Nice to keep busy, be outside and enjoy this wonderful warm weather. Sorry to hear about Uncle Ray.

    1. Great day to do all kinds of things. thank you, we'll get to the family memorial for Uncle Ray.

  4. I have to say the picture of the bunky along with the fence and garden looks like something out of a fairy tale it is just too cute! Beautiful sunset again! So sorry about Uncle Ray..always hard to lose a loved one. The book your sister made for your mom is priceless..Your dad sounds like a wonderful man!

  5. Have you ever considered taking a very small voice recorder with you to visit your mom?? It would be so great to get a recording of her reading her book to you.
    Don in Okla.