Thursday, June 29, 2017

Warm, Rainy and Muggy. Almost the Way I Like ‘Em!

Thursday, June 29th I woke up at 7:30 am and found my sweetie beside me. Yay! Funny how your mind plays games while you are in your sleeping state. When Bill is away, I wake up thinking he is here and it’s an ‘aha’ moment of ‘oh, no he’s not’. Then the times like this morning, waking thinking we are alone and a smile plays across my face as I realize ‘oh no we’re not’.

We were both up by 8 to find that the weather guessers hit it bang on again today. Only one beautiful day allowed per week, apparently. Oh well, the temperatures are mild and muggy even though it is rainy, or because it is rainy. There were a few periods of brightness throughout the day, sunshine would peek through and then some more light showers.
One of Donna's flowers, so pretty
Bill and I had our morning drinks and read posts. He had some toast and I grabbed a half a banana at 9:30 and we drove to Hanover to the Bread Depot. We left there and stopped in for a quick hello to Donna and Gerry’s. Our favourite real estate agent is on his 4th day of no smoking but he was really quite pleasant! Ha ha, we totally support Gerry in this tough fight.
Obviously lunch time at McDonald's
After leaving there we went to McArthur’s Tire for some bulk DEF fluid, Rona for a few things Bill wanted, to Walmart’s Garden Centre for some multiplier onions and then to Canadian Tire for diesel. Bill had a coupon for .10 per litre off. Good time to have an almost empty tank.
I couldn't help but notice the stylish men getting gas today
Mr. Pink Shirt

Mr. Purple Shirt
While driving into the parking lot we noticed that Mark’s Work Warehouse had everything in store on sale for Canada Day. I very firmly suggested that Bill go in and check out their cargo pants. He’d already found a pair in London but only treated himself to one pair. I found my onions and met a happy guy back at the truck.

Check out the receipt below.
Who gets 3 pair of new good quality pants for $50?
Bill does
(Unfortunately, neither he or the clerk noticed the top pair were the wrong length)
Not only did he get $7 off similar cargo pants but he got a second pair free plus another pair for less than $20. It was THE day to go into that store and I fully take the credit for that. For a guy who doesn’t like to shop, he did very well.
this was a pretty Cougar, but I missed the front grill
 We made one more stop before heading home and that was to Cedarwell Excavating on Concession 2. Bill wanted to get the truck weighed with both of us in it. 
Turns out this place is across from Ground Effects Landscaping
where we'll be attending a wedding in August
Another thing Bill can write about when he does another post. I’m aware but not into all the rules and regulations regarding truck and trailer weights. That is his baby. Driving through Durham, we popped in to see Rob and Pat who were both under the weather with colds. I brought them some soup for supper so I hope they enjoy it and the magic ingredient heals.

We both noticed the humidity in the air and turned the a/c on in the truck. All of these little stops tends to wear a person down and this was no exception. We crashed for an hour and rose around 3:30. There were dishes in the sink so we cleaned those up and relaxed a bit before time to start supper.
Clemson gets his supper right on time
It is too wet to work outside although it isn’t a drenching wet. However, no garden work for me today. Who’s complaining? We turned our reruns of NCIS on at 4, a program you could say is OUR addiction.

Supper tonight is bbq’d pork rib chops. These are the better ones in my opinion, if I must choose. If they are not thick, take only a few minutes to grill and have the fat still around the edges. I’ll make up a salad to go along with them. All I hope now is that the rain holds off through the grilling period so I don’t have to cook inside.
Pretty tasty!
 The weather network on my phone this afternoon said that the sun would appear at 8 pm. I’m happy to say we beat that by a couple of hours. By the time Bill was ready to barbecue at 6, the sun was ruler of the sky. The temperature rose to a humid 23C. I wouldn’t want to be working in it today but I have no complaints.
the beautiful Ladie's Mantle after a rain
While dinner was being prepared, Pat texted me to tell me that the soup I dropped off was good and appreciated. I'm glad. We had our chops, which were very good. I’d added spice to mine while grilling and they were done to perfection. We cleaned dishes up for the second time today and then Clemson and I walked down the lane to see what Bill was up to. We collected the mail as well.
And a close-up view
It is so calm out there that he has decided to cut the front field. Mosquitoes are out early so he sprayed himself with Deep Woods Off first. He is taking advantage of a clear evening. With all the rain, the grass continues to grow at an amazing pace.

When you would think I’m at my most relaxed, with nothing to worry about, I have broken out more in the last two weeks with shingles than the whole winter. I don’t get it but I do know they are painful for a couple of days. Today, I’m a bit uncomfortable with 2 new batches on the back of my upper thigh so I’m glad there isn’t too much going on.
Tonight's sky before sunset
Not too many pictures today as most of the afternoon was inside either on the computer or working around the kitchen. Some days that is all I want to do. It is early in the evening but I’m going to call it a day and post this. I might have to take my book outside and catch some of that light breeze. The sunset photo below is from another evening but a very pretty one indeed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day, I think more are on the way!

Thank you for reading today. All comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. Hey, you're back to the type of comments that blogger lets me make. Thanks! Have a great weekend!

    1. Yay! Bill showed me your comment. I've been dealing with crap from Blogger so tried changing some things. Now that I've changed back to old settings I woke up to 69 msgs from Blogger, all scam ads. LOL But I'm staying, just want to moderate some msgs for a while.

  2. 69 messages!!'s so ridiculous, makes you wonder why now? Pictures are gorgeous once again! The ladies mantle is so pretty!