Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sunny Start, Rainy Middle, Puzzle Time, Stew Day, Sunny Finish

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It was 11 pm when Clemson and I dragged ourselves up to bed last night. Actually, I think he beat me up there by 10 minutes. I turned the tv off, was just watching Family Feud episodes with Steve Harvey until I felt ready to sleep. Bill had already called me around 10 to say goodnight. He had a long, busy day and finished his book before calling.
First things first, check my tickets
Two winners for a Free Play, yay!

That is sunshine out our back window
 It was cool last night and dropping down to 10C so Clemmy tucked his little butt right down under the covers in front of me. He so seldom does that with me that I was tickled. Surprisingly I fell asleep with him nestled there. Usually, I have a position I need to get into to drop off but not this time. At some point, early morning, he crawled out and jumped off the bed.

No way, was I about to let him out at 1 or 2 or whatever time it was so I ignored him. He must have been looking for his papa as he jumped back up after 10 minutes or so and snuggled against my back, on top of the covers this time. Good, we both slept until 7 this morning. When I decided to get up, I began my leg stretches and that is when the little sleepy head got up too.

 HOUSE  4 SALE    

Above pictures show my brother-in-laws listing of Rob's Aunt Mary's beautiful house

I know some enjoy the cooler temperatures but what is with this 10C anyway? It was down to 15C in the Suite so I popped the furnace on for an hour to take the chill off. Because the sun was shining at 7:30, I turned the inverter on and unplugged from power.
Brunch - egg, chicken hearts, tomato
I proceeded to read blogs and drank my creamed tea. Yum, so good. By 8:30 I was warm enough to hop in the shower. I dislike getting undressed when I’m cold. I spoke to Bill this morning before I headed into Durham once more. This time, I knew Aunt Mary would welcome a visit. I spent some time with her before I walked down to see Mom around 10:30.

Clemson and I love the afternoon sunshine
 We sat at the puzzle again and really made some progress today. I think she was hungry because she must have checked her watch 5 times in the last 30 minutes of my visit. At 10 to 12 we rode the elevator down to the dining room and left her with the normal multitude of kisses and admonishments to drive safely. I waved as I left and was happy that I didn’t have to run to the truck due to rainfall.

My geranium took a while to rebloom
I didn't think they were pale pink when they first bloomed, weird
I needed onions, both cooking and green onions for salad so stopped into the Foodland for a few things on my list. Back home, the sun was trying hard to come out. The clouds were floating on the horizon with the odd white ones blocking my view of the blue sky. It was 15C when I got back home where I started my soup/stew.

Turned out yummy!
It has turned into a lovely day and Clemson and I got out for a few short walks on the property.

When in Durham, I stopped at the post office and returned our 2 mail box keys. Payment was due if we wanted to keep the box and we’d long ago decided No Way! Another $65 for 3 months. Here, take your darned keys! She asked if we were moving and I said “no, we just don’t want to pay the high fees so got ourselves a country mailbox”.
Love the sky this afternoon
It is a quiet evening and Clemson and I settled together in the recliner with my book. I got so lazy that I didn’t even finish this post until this morning, as you’ve noticed. At 8 I turned the tv on to watch a 2-hour program and read during commercials. This book is a nail biter for sure!
Tomato and pepper plants are thriving

Corn field behind us is also doing well
Bill and I made contact around 10 to say goodnight but I still remained in the chair with my buddy until after 11. Reading the epilogue had me on the edge of my seat until the very last page! Soooo good. Our solar batteries are sitting at 12.5 as I turned lights off and went to bed so that is good.

Each of these daisies has a visitor

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well. I have a few things out of the way that I was concerned about so felt very relaxed this evening. 

A couple of shout outs for the comments regarding Blogger advertising before I leave. Thank you, it is good to know that I am not the only one who receives them. 

After 11 in one day, they stopped immediately just like Skay Kay mentioned. In the meantime, I had tried changing some settings so that may have bumped some commenters out but hopefully I have things back on track now. 

Clemson leaves his mark on the Mailbox stones

I wanted to share this 'twilight zone' moment with you
I was reading this LAST NIGHT, June 27th
I recommend this book

It really wasn't this dark but it is still a pretty moon

 Thank you for reading, a new day is on the horizon!

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