Sunday, June 4, 2017

Laundry, Grass Cutting, Hostas, Dinner Party

Today is Saturday, June 4th. Last night’s sleep was not a good one, I find that when I am over tired, that happens. Oh well, I slept in until 8:30 and pushed myself out of bed to get on with this day.

First on the agenda was laundry so I took 3 loads in shortly after 9 and was back with the clothes by 10. Bill had cut the front field while I was gone and we sat and had a coffee together before he got back at it and I hung my clothes on the line. The wind was very calm but the sun was glorious in the blue sky and the temperature was already 15C.
So, because Mr. Columbus likes to wander, I bring his hammock
with me when I have a chore to do

He usually settles down as long as I'm in viewing distance
 I had picked up 4 various hostas from Rob and Pat’s house while in town and after Bill cut the grass up on the hill, I dug and planted those. They will fill in nicely so we won’t have to whipper-snip around so much up there. The grass looks so nice all around us when the lawns are tidied up.
No breeze but they still dried really quickly
We thought it would be nice to have a dinner ‘party’ so I called Rob and Pat and invited them to a barbecue dinner and a fire. It was so warm out that an early bonfire would be fun. Once that offer was accepted, we hopped in the car and drove to Mount Forest to the Home Hardware.

Bill cuts up on the hill
They have the exact same lawn chairs that we’d bought 8 or so years ago from them. Since Bill’s bit the dust down south this past winter and my arm rest has started to crack, we needed to buy replacements. We love the high back in this easy lightweight folding style.
This little fellow looking for a nesting place
 At home, I texted Donna and invited them over with Mike to meet Pat and Rob and join us for the evening. Our guests arrived just after 3 which was great as it gave us time to just sit and relax with a few drinks, something they haven’t done in a long time. Rob brought me a couple more hosta plants, which I’m happy about, I have room. We had a simple hamburger supper with salad and apple pie and ice cream for dessert.

These hostas will fill in nicely up here
Thanks Rob!
I popped the dishes in the dishwasher and Bill started the fire in our pit. I was still in shorts and a tee at this time and when Donna and Gerry arrived around 7 it was time to change into warmer clothes. How lovely that the wind was almost non-existent giving us a pleasant evening.

Rob and Pat left around 9 or so and the rest of us called it an evening at 10. I knew my body was needing a good sleep so by 10:30 I was off to bed.
Pat, on the far left is testing out one new chair

I'm in the middle testing the second chair, very comfy chairs
This was a fantastic day! We have accomplished a lot today, clean clothes put away, lawns cut and our first dinner party this spring. First of many, we hope. I hope you’ve enjoyed the day as well.
Pretty sky, with a sun dog in the lower right hand corner

Good night from the Ridge

Thank you for reading today. All comments are welcome!


  1. Nice to see you enjoying this wonderful weather,and see Rob and Pat take a break from the pouring process. Sounds like a wonderful dinner, and ice cream for Rob would make his day for sure.

    1. Great weather, yesterday was perfect! Rob and Pat enjoyed themselves I think although I'm sure their minds didn't stop thinking of what they have to do. I do know that Rob likes his sweets so happy I had ice cream for him.