Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Morning Coming Down, Laundry In, Dinner Out

Sunday, June 25th started out really nice with sunshine and blue skies. I sorted the laundry and Bill carried things to the car for me after our coffee/tea. I was putting the 2 loads in the washers by 9 and by 9:15 in a text, Bill suggested I dry them at the laundromat as well. The sky to the east was really black and coming our way.
Nice looking sky - laundry drying day?? Nope!
So, while waiting for the clothes to dry (20 minutes) I returned a call to my girlfriend, Debbie, in London. We caught up with each other’s lives before signing off and I had things folded and home by 11:15. It is nice to hear that she may come for an overnight visit to keep me company one time while Bill is away. That would be fun!
Two hours later and the clouds have passed but this
lovely sky did not last long at all
Such strange Ontario weather
The clothes were put away by 11:30 and we were both ready for brunch. I fried up some chopped bacon, chives, pepper and celery and made Bill an omelet for his toast. That didn’t appeal to me but a poached egg on toast did so that is what I had. Filling us both up for the time being with good food. Often, we ‘cheap’ out on our diet and end up eating like we did for last night’s supper.

Tonight, we are picking Donna and Gerry up and driving to Walkerton to a place we haven’t eaten before. It is called Old Joe’s Cabin and should be a good meal for a reasonable price. I just felt like going out for dinner since we haven’t done that in a while. Donna suggested this place and thought we would probably have some leftovers. That would be good since Bill will need something for while he is away.
Donna and Gerry's house in Hanover
What else to do on a dull day but laze around? Bill and Clemson had their snooze and I wrote some, googled a couple of things and read my book for a while. The rain is making multiple appearances, every 30 minutes or so but never enough to really get things wet. I’m so glad I didn’t hang my clothes out in the hope that it would clear up!
Love the name of this restaurant
I had to think about what to send with Bill for 2 suppers this week so other than the leftovers from tonight (if there are any) I put 2 steak in the crockpot with some broth and seasonings. I have no idea what they’ll turn out like but it is the last of our Albertson’s steak from Yuma.

We’ve been unplugged from electric since early yesterday and will see if we have to plug in when we get home tonight. I’m sure we’ll veg in front of the television for a while tonight. While I was in town this morning, Bill also replaced the transmitter on our portable solar panel. It is working great again.
Nice ambience, good service inside
In between the rain showers, I mixed up the MiracleGro into my watering can and it took 4 fillups to feed my veg. garden, Hosta’s, flower pots, peony bush, rose of Sharon’s and geraniums down by the road. I can almost hear them thanking me for the food and I can definitely hear them growing! I think this weather is making me wonky.

Yesterday I showed you my beautiful bright neon green sawdust bin and today you must check out the little flag I got at the Dollar Store. Bill mounted it this morning while I was doing laundry. Waving proudly, we now have two. Feeling very patriotic, right now.

In case you didn't notice it in the picture above,
Our Canadian patriotism on display
When I finished that it was just hovering around 3 o’clock so I washed and changed my grubby sweats to get ready for dinner. Donna and Gerry are expecting us around 4:15. Bill misses driving his truck so we are taking that to give it a good run. We’ll be sure to feed Clemson before we go, wouldn’t want him to miss his dinner time.

Tomorrow night's supper for me
We drove to Old Joe’s in Walkerton and were pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere, the delicious food and the price. It was a great dinner out with family. Donna and I were the only ones with leftovers so I guess the boys were hungry! I ordered the Beef Dip with a Caesar Salad as my side. Both were wonderful with the exception of the dip itself. That fell short but I still enjoyed my meal and I didn’t have to cook!
Crossing the Saugeen River in Walkerton
We left there and drove back to Hanover by way of Donna’s daughter, Joanne. They both subscribe to this Vegetable program in the area and every Saturday they get a designated allotment. Donna needed to pick hers up from Joanne on our way home. I tried to beg a couple of green onions but she only received two. My tough luck!
Marl Lakes in Hanover
After dropping D & G off we headed home arriving around 6:30. The steak in the crock pot smells good as do the potatoes I dropped in. At least Bill will have a couple of nice dinners. Before we’d left, I prepared the drinks that he likes to take with him and before bed he’ll make up whatever sandwiches he wants for lunches.
Ted and Joanne's house
The sun is more prominent now than it has been all day and it is remaining warm around 18C. Wouldn’t ya know that at the end of the day we get the weather we’d hoped for all day. Oh well, it is what it is and we enjoyed it in our own way.
Nearing the end of the day and clearing skies
Our home town is small compared to Hanover and Walkerton
I hope your day was as good if not better than ours was. We’re retired, healthy and happy, how much better can it be? Before I say goodnight, a big shout out to the staff at CanAm who has been reading and taking the time to send a 'hello' home with Bill. I miss seeing you guys and gals! A special hug and 'thank you!' to Josee, she will know why. 
Coming into Durham from the south, Bill and I have been
watching the progress of this new home
No one working on the weekend.
Thank you for reading today. If you wish to leave a comment, I would love to read it.


  1. Sounds like had a wonderful day and a great supper out with family, nice to keep things going wherever you go. More nice weather on the way soon.

    1. Nice to have dinner out for a change. Nice weather? of course it is out there but I'll believe it when it comes and stays for a few days! hahaha In the meantime, we enjoy what we get.

  2. It was certainly a crazy-weather day!

    1. More like September/October weather really. LOL

  3. Boy you've got some high water levels too! Old Joe's Cabin looks like our kind of place to eat..and the leftovers look awesome!