Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quiet Weekends and Vacation

We all love weekends, those of us who are still in the 'work' field, that is. We also love vacations and only hope that the minute we walk out of our employer's door that the weather cooperates and time s - l - o - w - s         d
It means different strokes to different folks, but to me it means no alarm clock, no morning rush, come and go as I please, do what I want when I want and late nights if I so choose. I don't have to go away to enjoy all that! Besides, with my husband working this week, I don't like to be too far removed. :)

I've just had a weekend, a quiet one with Clemson our dog. Bill spent a couple of days in Tillsonburg with some friends and our fiver, helping out with security at an air show. What did I do?

I did the normal things, sleeping in, laundry and cleaning. Then I decided to attack our weather-beaten deck.

 So above you see the large deck that we installed/replaced in 2008, but our finances were already extended so we didn't apply any water protection at the time. Below is the newer portion, raised 12' x 12' platform deck built in 2010. Looks good here but it doesn't hold that beautiful wood colour for long.

So, I set to work. I wanted to surprise Bill by doing this without his knowledge, although it was something we had discussed doing........sometime. I basically was more interested in perking it up for our next two years in the house rather than protecting the wood. Hey, but that's me! I concocted a mixture 'According to Google' of 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of vinegar and mopped, scrubbed and washed the smaller deck portion. I was at it by 8 am on the Saturday morning, then I went shopping for Thompson's Water Seal Wood Protector. This was something I felt didn't need a big discussion on what works, what doesn't, just get 'er done. I googled a bit for comments and ratings and was satisfied that this product would do the trick.

 The steps were done first, and I was pleased with the appearance from the Clear coat. I didn't want a stain, just natural wood showing.Then I moved on to the deck section under our gazebo.

I love how the water now pools on the deck boards instead of soaking in. It means I did my job right and so did Thompson's!

 I also have included pictures of the front deck that Bill mostly built himself, after a total construction/reno flub................a contractor gone bad but that's another story! This also was done in 2010 with no further treatment. It has faded, a lot.

Do you see a difference? I see a difference!

There's no stopping me now! Well, yes there is but I have the back deck to finish when the rain stops. I also took on a couple of small projects, my wood plant stand needed a face lift, the bbq needed a wash and the fire pit needs some rust proofing too.

Hey! It's only Tuesday!

Before  Somewhere in the middle 

Final picture in a later post, if I remember!

Today, I have to wait to have our summer air conditioner check, routine is all, and we pay for it. Then I'm off to the Four Points Sheraton to help the Avon ladies set up for their banquet tonight. Lunch provided and a small token of appreciation so I don't mind a day of light work. :) After all, I worked harder at home over the last 3 days!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any comments you may have. Stay cool!


  1. You have been busy having too much fun, getting stuff done and enjoying this awesome summer weather.
    Decks are looking good.

  2. Hey! Thank you George! I am only as busy as I want to be and those are the best kinds of vacations! The nice thing is that it is moving slow, just how I like it. Bill is off today with me and of course tomorrow when his family comes for dinner. Gonna give the tenderloin a whirl and fingers crossed the storms don't whip through at the dinner prep time! Thanks for your comment, it's nice to see. I wasn't sure if I was getting 'out there'. :)