Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Acreage - Always greeted with a Smile!

When Bill and I started back into camping, after 'been there done that' in other lives, with other partners, we started out simply to spend a weekend at my sister and her husband's property. Aptly known as The Acreage.

Donna and Gerry bought this property, all 10 acres of it, in 2004 as a summer retreat, near Durham, Ontario. They own a home in Hanover but wanted to be able to get away to the country on select weekends. A couple of cabins, a spring fed pond, 2 fire pits, a johnny on the spot, their 5th wheel trailer, a well, a horseshoe pit and lots of land for company meant they could open it up to family once in a while.
They started a tradition on the long weekend in August, Civic Holiday, in 2005.

This is Designer Drive, where we park our home.

 The family loves it and we drive for miles to set up camp in whatever living arrangements we can provide. For some of us, it is more than just a weekend away in August. Bill and I 'reserve' our spot "Designer Drive" for the May 2-4 weekend, a weekend in June, a weekend in July and most often Thanksgiving weekend. The rate is great and the serenity of the place and welcome from our hosts make the 3 hour drive totally worth it! The sunsets are beautiful too.

The pond provides everyone with their own self made entertainment. You can swim, float on pool noodles, take the inflatables out for a spin and as you see here, Bill chooses to sail his remote controlled sail boat when there is enough breeze to do so. 

The rustic cabin in the woods, named The Hilton, is a favourite spot for a friend of mine, who at least once a year says goodbye to her hectic life in the city and comes away with us for a weekend. Very quaint with all the comforts of home. The johnny is just behind the cabin, nice and convenient!

The invitation has just arrived, by email, to all family members and our invited friends to join them again this year. It's a special occasion, it's the 10th anniversary! Each year the turnout is different, our lives tend to get in the way of this campout and we can't always all be there at the same time but we make the best of it no matter how small the crowd.

Here's to Donna and Gerry and looking forward to another great season of camping!

Thanks for popping in, hope to hear from you sometime!

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