Tuesday, June 6, 2023

It’s Been Awhile

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 6th, Bill was up at 5:50. No alarm was set, WE’D decided last night that he wasn’t going anywhere today. 😊 There was no convincing on my part necessary and he had already texted Billy not to expect him. We lazed in bed a bit after he took Gibbs out and I know he dropped off again. He had a bit of an uncomfortable night’s sleep. I had a job to do, so left the boys at home and drove into the Mat.

Last night's sunset
The smoke from the fires is affecting the
air quality here too

It took me the usual hour to clean and when I was about to leave, a couple of Sandy’s boys had arrived to set up the two new water softeners. Busy busy.  They are sure piling money into the business, I hope it is worth it for them. I’m enjoying the extra benefits. I left at 8:45 and headed back home. Gibbs will be happy to have his Daddy home today but he was still happy to see his Mom come home too.

Sandy Hamilton's team
arrived to work as I was readying to leave

When I returned, Bill was dressed and ready to go to town. His shoulder/arm was no better, he still couldn’t lift it higher than a 45-degree angle. We went to the Emergency Dept. at the Durham hospital and this accentuates why a small town is nice. There was no delay with them taking him in after he registered.

It has been awhile since we've
been in a hospital.
I know I didn't miss it!

There was a delay for me, however, while I waited as they put him through the motions. That’s okay, I was prepared with my book. They had a/c running and, of course, it blew right on me wherever I sat. An hour and a half later, I moved outside to the step and continued to read. 😊

When Gibbs and I went for our walk,
these families were having a picnic, I think,
in the neighbours front field

They sure hustle when they see us
"Come along children, hurry!"

After an ultrasound they learned that Bill has torn a rotator cuff.  It wasn’t clear enough to determine what other damage has been done but the doctor thinks there could possibly be more torn ligaments.  Two hours after arriving, we left the Emerg. Really, that isn’t terrible. We went to the Pharmacy for a sling and Bill has a list of things he needs to get done over the next few weeks.

Chicken pot pie

An Xray, an MRI, an Orthopedic surgeon visit (in the event of) and physical therapy sessions. It will be a slow process for Bill, no matter how quickly things move. You all know that he doesn’t like to sit around. Unable to do much of anything, he’s going to go a little stir-crazy but it can’t be helped. We’ll just hope for the best. He called his boss and Mike was very supportive, wishing him all the best outcomes.

Quite yummy too!

I finished my book this afternoon, the one I started yesterday morning. It is a Stuart Woods story called Naked Greed. I couldn’t stop reading it, pages were just flipping by. 😊 Today was a cooler day but the sky still graced us with sunshine to charge our panels and we were unplugged from power again. Last month’s electric bill was less than we though after the rainy days we had so this should be another good one.

Dessert πŸ’–

Because Bill has a hard time cutting food (it’s his right arm), let alone lifting a fork to his mouth so I decided to cut the chicken thighs up into an Instant Pot Chicken Pie. I was not sure how it would all turn out, the Bisquick topping instructions were rather ‘blurry’, however it was delicious! Bill enjoyed it as well and we have leftovers! For dessert, I’d also made the yummy No-Bake Pineapple Cheesecake.

Because I've run out of today's
pictures.........I'll share one of 
our Alberta grandchildren.
Easton having fun on the slide

I’ll be on cleaning up duty for a while since Bill can’t use both hands at this stage but he can load and unload a dishwasher and that is a big help. 😊 This was a good day and we’ve received one appointment for Xrays which will give us even more info. Being in the hospital today, waiting, is certainly something I haven't missed doing. It has been quite a while for either of us. 

Hadley with her award winning smile
Good night!

Thank you for the visit and thank you all especially for your concerns for Bill. We appreciate it.


  1. Sure hope Bill has a quick recovery. For a minute I thought you were reading the new Stuart Woods book that came out today and I jealous because I wasn’t able to get it :-)

    1. Thank you for Bill's wishes.
      Haha that's funny. No, i just read them as the come to the surface in our cupboard.

  2. Wishing Bill a quick recovery. He can do some relaxing for a bit.

  3. Sorry to hear of Bill’s injury- my experience was that X-ray was insufficient but MRI did the trick.Repair with fantastic surgeon & was arthroscopic with titanium pin & took only 40 minutes from start to wake up- so hope Bill gets the same care as the shoulder has been just fine.All the best.

  4. Thank you A.James. sounds like surgeries are now so quick. I appreciate the testimony!

  5. Oh, that is a shame. I do hope Bill's recovery is quick and he doesn't go too stir crazy. Good thing he enjoys reading as that will help pass the time.
    You have adorable grandchildren! Boy, they grow up quickly.

  6. Oh poor Bill! Love the pictures of Easton and Hadley, they are really growing! Dinner and dessert look yummy!

  7. Best wishes to Bill and you. It looks like he's getting good care. Thank you for sharing pictures of the babies. They are so cute. Hadley's smile warmed my heart.

  8. I'm sure you will be a great nurse. Hope Bill gets better soon.

  9. Best wishes to Bill for a fast recovery. Your dessert reminded me of my cool whip pies!
    Posted over on Nancys' blog ~ she cooks about as much as I do! Yours looks really good!
    89 here in The Valley of the Sun...Arizona. Enjoying all your pictures!

  10. Glad you can say it was a good day, sorry about Bill's rotator cuff! He's gonna have to take up walking so he doesn't go stir crazy!

  11. I do hope there is not much damage to Bill's arm. A torn rotator cuff is not something that you want added damage to.

    Your dessert looks scrumptious.

    God bless.