Monday, September 29, 2014

60 Sixty Sesenta Soixante or 10 x 6

It all boils down to the same thing. No matter in what language you say it. It's a milestone and I'm on top of it. Not going to shy away, I'm going to welcome it with open arms. After all, it beats the alternative!

So, on Sat. Sept. 20th we opened up our home to close friends and family to help me celebrate. They came, they ate, they drank but most of all, they MADE MY BIRTHDAY a very special day.
Barely running around, here I am in 1955 with my BIG brother Bruce and my very first doll, Susie.

Probably 6 years old here on the Mt. Brydges farm

A special day in my life. It took me three tries but I found my numero Uno!
Clemson, looking adorable for the camera. Another special find in my life.

Life goes on, we play, we work, we travel, we love and then we love to travel etc. etc. 

And the day comes when we wake up and realize that we are our parents' age. It doesn't feel like 60 years has passed because I don't feel much different. When I realize that I have worked at my job for over 31 years, I have to shake my head because it has gone by, really, in a blink.

Thank you for sharing my life with me. Whoever you are, you make a difference.

Life is good, no matter what age.

Thanks for dropping in, it's wonderful to see you!


  1. Well happy 60th to you! Ya sure don't look anywhere near 60!


    1. Thanks Maura, it sure helps that as we age our eyesight isn't as good! :)

  2. Happy 60th Birthday! Wishing you many more years of happiness.

  3. Thanks for allowing us to celebrate your special day. We had a great time. May all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled!