Tuesday, December 15, 2015

And then when I was walking......!

My last post talked about my latest purchase, my Fitbit Charge HR. Now I know just how active I am each day, I know what my resting heart rate is, I know approximately how many calories I burn in a day and I also know the distances I am travelling in a regular week.

Does it impress me? In a word, yes!

Since I was challenged to increase my steps by a friend, I go out every day on my 30 minute lunch break and walk. I used to sit alone and read. I love to read, don't get me wrong, but I have a feeling I will have a lot of time to do that in a few short months and I know there are a ton of books out there waiting to be read by me too. But now is now and this is what I'm doing.

This is a big step for me, no pun intended or maybe it was! The push I needed, apparently. When I walk from my work locale, I only have a couple of directions to choose from. I have them down to a science now, how much time each route will take me. One takes more effort because there are a fair number of inclines which increase the heart rate, burn more calories and make me work harder.                                                        
Doesn't look like an incline but trust me, it is!
Looking where I came from
It doesn't matter what the weather is, I know I feel colder than most would, even on an 8C day so I wear my winter coat, a light scarf tight around my neck and little wool gloves. I sometimes put a hoodie on under my coat so I don't have any excuse to cut my walk short. Oh! And before I head out, a trip to the loo is definitely in order! I don't need any nature calls along the way either! Usually the scarf gets loosened and a few buttons undone and the gloves are in my pocket by the time I return.
Must Love Birds

A couple of times on the incline route, I have been espying this one ranch style house. They've just had their driveway re-ashphalted but that isn't what drew my attention. I'm always looking at houses and how they are kept up outside. These seem like real outdoorsy people, as they have some pretty unique displays on and around their home. I just had to fish out my Blackberry to snap a photo or two.
 Canada Goose ready to take flight

My walking trips give me the opportunity to think about things, to look at things, to appreciate things and to find things.

Another day on the flat route, within a short distance from work, while walking down the sidewalk near the Youth for Christ building, right in the middle of path was a knife. From a distance it looked like a plastic toy but as I got closer I realized this was no toy. The blade was fully extended and I discovered upon picking it up that it was a 7" Tak Knife. Maybe some of you know what that is, but I'd never heard of it.
Similar to the one I found

Well, here is my dilemna. Leave it? Pick it up? So, without much inner debate, I pick it up, not because I want it for myself but because it is a dangerous weapon if someone so chose it to be. The sharp jagged blade should be folded into the handle but I had no luck doing this so now where am I going to put it, discreetly and safely? I carry a small over the shoulder purse when I walk so I have id and my phone at all times. The open knife lay just across the top of my purse with the zipper closed.

I walked a short distance and then remembered that on my return trip I was planning on stopping at The London Bread Box to pick up a couple of loaves of their delicious Betty bread. This bread is amazing and with excellent prices.

Hmm, can you picture it? Me opening my purse to get my wallet from underneath and the knife being in full display. Yah.....no. So I pulled the knife out and slipped it blade up in my inside coat pocket. LOL I could feel it in there although no one knew what I was hiding.

I reached my turn around point at 15 min, visited the bread store and made it back to work on the 29 minute mark. I showed Bill what I found, and was able to put some pressure on it to close it up. Now it is history.

As it turns out, Bill had an old flare that his dad had in their home before they sold. It was given to him by a soldier friend many years ago.

Wikipedia says: "In 1922, a "landing flare" was an aerial candle attached to a parachute and used for landing an airplane in the dark. The flare burned for less than 4 minutes and the candle power was about 40,000"

Now he just wanted to get rid of it. Short of setting it off at our summer spot in Durham and bringing the whole township/county stunned to their knees and risk being charged for mischief?

we decided to turn both items over to the police. Within an hour of my call they were here and picked up the items.

Ya just never know what you'll find when you venture out but I did my part by removing it from the eyes and hands of someone too young to realize the danger it could present.

Beside me
On a nice sunny day, I always have someone to walk with. Sometimes I follow, sometimes she walks beside me and sometimes when I turn around there she is again!
My shadow leads

My landmark turn, the church
I pass the Food Bank, not very busy today!
Since my walk only takes me around a small block one way, I am only one street over so when I look through the strip malls I can see my place of work. sometimes when I feel tired or when the rain spatters threaten me I wish there was no fence keeping me from taking a short cut! However, we are guarded like the Pentagon!!

From the street behind I can see the
compilation of recycle bins behind our warehouse
Board vehicles at the back of the lot

         951 Leathorne St. main entran           

Our little Corolla, using the parking spot
I've used for over 32 years.
    When I come back around, this is where I detour around the building's main entrance to get as many steps in as I can, and slip in the back door.        

Here is where I started.
Our man door off parking lot
and the daily mail waits for me

      Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as I did!

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