Friday, March 18, 2016

A Sale and A Toss and A Donation

Well, it sure doesn't take much to get into the mode of selling and tossing. I don't have to tell you that this process is a fun one, well I guess we all have different opinions on that matter! We are enjoying it.

With full time rv'ing beginning and this gem of a hot spot waiting for us, it is exciting that our adventure is just around the corner,
down the street and over the bridge on April 15th.  Bill and I are like a couple of Whirling Dervishes or Tasmanian devils at the very least!

When I can go from 2 full closets of clothes, 2 dressers, 2 coat closets to what you see here in the picture,                                                                                                                                                    

 I deserve the "Good job, dear, I'm proud of you" that my soul mate bestowed upon me last weekend. 
I can look at a lovely dress from my wardrobe, try it on if there is doubt and honestly decide that it isn't necessary. I call that progress especially when just mere weeks ago I looked at that dress and thought "I can't part with that one, it looks so nice on me". 


I will be participating in another friend's Clothing Swap on Apr. 3. Kim is hosting this time and I only hope that she won't be overwhelmed when I bring in my 6? 7? garbage bags full of clothing/shoes/accessories.

At least when all is said and done on that Sunday, we know she will be donating the remaining articles to a worthwhile shelter or church. I can't believe that I can see empty hangers and empty space!

 The drop place in Bill's airplane room looked like this when we were readying the house for sale. 
In February everything we decided  that we were keeping went into that room.
 Last weekend, we decided it was time to re-weed and re-sort so together we did a quick inventory. Results below.

Except for the boat, destination Mobile Suite

Destination: Ridge cabins

Destination: The Ridge this weekend

 It doesn't take us long since we both have the same goal in mind.  Now we have 3 piles. One to go in the Mobile Suite, one to go up to The Ridge soon (our summer location) and one to go to The Ridge NOW (meaning this weekend). Now it isn't so overwhelming.

With just a month to go before having to make the final decision of keeps or no keeps, close the door on the house and drive away, I was able to attack my 2 jewellery drawers. I have costume jewellery only, the only expensive pieces of bling are on my finger and around my neck. This meant my decision was made easy, I wasn't throwing hard earned money away. The need little containers I found at Avon hold a lot of jewellery and will store easily in our walk-in closet in the Suite. Two full drawers down to one. Again I say Progress!

It was a tiresome job, but when I realized that I could still carry many special pieces in the rv without taking up too much space or adding weight, I chose more freely. 

Again, a lot of donations to my friends are inevitable.

When I started seeing Bill go through his clothes and adding to the Goodwill pile, I was impressed with his ruthlessness too. 
Bill's closet thinning out

Clemson has allowed me to purge some of his 'stuff' too, how many balls does a wee dog need? If you closely at the picture to the right you'll see him hiding with his stuffed husky, Sergei, trying not to get shoved into a bag!
The bottom line is that our excitement for this new adventure has taken control and we are able to sell or toss accordingly.

Most of our furniture has sold and been picked up, our living room sofa bed

and 5 pc. bedroom suite is spoken for with a pick up on April 10.
We have 3 family heirlooms to be delivered to daughters in West Lorne and Tavistock and my sister, Wendy in Owen Sound is getting my brother's antique metal bed.

The china dishes from this cabinet that have been passed down from generations will go to Krystal, a daughter in Milverton. 

The dollhouse I made from a kit will go to another daughter, Charlotte in London for her girls.

And my parent's beautiful library table that Bill refinished is going to my daughter, Bridgette.

        We hope to have one more garage sale like our fall one

but because it will be April 2, it will be an indoor sale in the hope that we can reap a few more dollars or at the very least give it to someone who wants it.  That makes it nice and easy for me, we can put all the remaining items in the dining room and entertain walk-ins. Maybe I'll bake cookies!

Thank you for joining us in this adventure. It is because a lot of you that we are taking these steps. A little bit of an idea is becoming a reality very quickly and we'll be into our 'new' digs on April 20th and couldn't be happier.

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