Friday, March 4, 2016

Step Challenge

Nothing gets some of us moving like a challenge.

It could be an eating challenge, we've all seen those gross displays of people mowing food into their mouths at a county fair or on television.  Ew!

It could be a foot race. 5 k, 10 k, running or walking. These are usually truly dedicated movers. My hat is off to them!

It could be a political debate, and these are almost as silly as the eating ones above, in my opinion.

This week, a few people at the south end of our building have been invited to participate in a Step/Pedometer Challenge. This invite did not come without some grovelling on my part that went something like this "We want to play tooo, please let us play, we'll behave, we won't tell anyone else!" Yah, something like that exactly!!
I wore better clothes though.
The Education Centre, we call it The Big House because it is where most of the bigwigs have their offices, often holds contests, sales, bake sales, charity events etc. within their four walls. To me, someone always has their hand out for something! Things are just different in that building, not better or worse, just different.

I've been quite happy in my own personal space.
 This time, however, an email mainly directed for Education Centre staff was received on a few of our monitors. Bling "You've Got Mail". We started chatting to ourselves about the contents and it involved a delightful little step challenge they are holding, amongst themselves. Awards and prizes and cake, oh my!

This kind of challenge is right up my alley ever since I got my Fitbit. So! On behalf of 10 interested walkers, I did the grovelling in such a manner that they allowed us to participate provided we didn't invite anyone else. 

For 12 days all we have to do is our regular daily activities plus any extra curricular activities we want to do to increase our daily steps. With Mother Nature playing havoc with our weather, we have really had some challenging days to increase our steps, let me tell you! 

The spring days are really encouraging and not only do I get out myself at lunch and break times but I see other leggers getting out for theirs too. I walked further and down new paths just to add to my count.

On the extra icy and wintry days, I mostly choose to stay indoors and catch up on my reading instead. 

Safe rather than sorry. On the days I do need to bump up my steps, I put on my Sorrels with an extra grip. I don't need to be slip sliding away!

I made up our cheat sheets and as the self-named Captain of our team I named ourselves aptly after our street as The Leathorne Leggers. (Don't laugh! I was under pressure!)

We are doing remarkably well, all of us. Some are not as pumped as others but that is okay, we each have our own agenda.

The "official" challenge is drawing to a close but I have heard from 2 or 3 already that are so pleased with themselves, how this has encouraged them and that they want to continue in our own little world. 

Here is a picture of our many as willingly showed up for a photo shot!

So, we'll see at the end of the day tomorrow who wishes to carry on and I'll update my board. I've got 17 days left to be their guide/Captain/secretary. :)

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