Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Escape Rooms - A New Experience

Escape Rooms   

Have you ever been to one?

                                                           Do you even know what it is?

                Do you like to be scared?

                                                     Do you like to be trapped?

Are you good at figuring out puzzles?

                                                     Do you overthink the obvious when it comes to a mind challenge?

If you said YES to any one of these, you would love the Escape Rooms.

I've just learned about them and have now had first hand experience at one in particular.

My girlfriends invited me, so there were 4 of us.

"Sure"! I said, "Lock me in a room with 3 of my friends and keep the key!"

In London, Kipps Lane, on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 5 pm we met.

                                                      We walk down a narrow cement well-lit walkway to an entry door.

The door has a window but it is dark and we can't see inside.

On the door is a combination challenge which we need to figure out in order to key in the code to

unlock the door. After a few minutes of 7 heads brainstorming, (others were trying to enter when we arrived) together we succeeded.

                                       And so it begins!!

Unfortunately, we had a bit of a language barrier between us and the Asian host but we got enough from his instruction to understand he was locking us in a cold dimly-lit room with two doors. 
We were each "armed" with a flashlight (oh no!) and a walkie talkie to call for help/hints/freedom if we needed it (yikes!). Our phones and cameras were seized upon arrival so we could not take photos so the ones I have posted here are from their web page only.
Not much in the line of explanation, really.

It is a see it to believe it kind of experience and our challenge in particular placed us in two rooms which needed to be unlocked.

We brave gals chose  INVERSE WORLD

In a galaxy far far away, there exists a secret, isolated planet unknown 
to mankind. Coincidentally, your friends and you have been 
transported into this world. You find that everything in this 
strange planet is upside down so you decide to call it “Inverse World”. 
How to get out of this strange world remains a puzzle!
This theme is recommended for 4-10 people: Panicking and in despair, 
you are desperate to find a way to escape this strange, unforgiving 
Now doesn't that just get your anxiety up?  The good news is that we didn't chicken out. We entered, we bumped heads, we muddled, we laughed, we complained, we called for help our allotted 3 times and finally opened the doors for release.
There were combinations to be unlocked, signs on the wall, puzzles to decipher, ropes to configure and boxes to open. Good thing we had a direct line to the front desk.Luckily we had no need to stand on our heads (inverse, get it?) although yes, we tried!
Would we do it again? Absolutely! We had fun and we succeeded! It was a great way to spend time with friends and to celebrate our escape we went out to dinner.
My partners in crime, Laurie, Heather and Laurie.
Thank you for reading about our adventure and if you are so inclined, check out an Escape Room in your area.

Here is a link address to the site:

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