Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Week with a Reservation

Another tradition for Bill and I is to pack up and head to the United States for our week at Silver Creek RV Resort in Silver Lake , MI. This year was no exception although there were some changes.

We left home in Durham on Monday, August 1st at 8 am. All things secured at The Ridge for the week and headed directly to Port Huron. It is a week earlier than our usual trip because we could, being new retirees and also because our friends, Ken and Nancy, wanted us to meet their son Rick and his wife Amy. This was the only week they were able to join us so we obliged.

We crossed the border at 12 noon  

Construction even crossing the bridge!

Not too bad of a lineup

 and had the nicest border crossing guard ever! Bill handed over our passports and opened the truck windows on the driver’s side so he could see us including our 4-legged passenger in the back. With a quick question of where are you headed and for how long he couldn’t take his eyes off Clemson who was making the same eye contact. With a little smirk the guard says “I can see you looking at me!” and within the same breath “you’re on your way, have a good trip”.
Now we're across the border Clemson can relax
We are always careful with what we bring across in the food line especially since losing our eggs and chicken last year. Oh well, it is better to follow the rules than hope you get this lucky each time.

We stopped at Grand Rapids for our yearly donation to Camping World. We always have a list and this one was the shortest yet. We picked up a Grand McNally gps, an attachment for our shower shut off and 2 covered foam inserts for our fantastic fan vents.

I get a kick out of signs, water towers, license plates and transports in our travels and if I'm thinking quickly enough manage to get a few shots with my Canon.

I love the sign on the back of this truck! I hope you can see it.

Portland water tower
With minimal traffic for a Monday, we arrived at Silver Creek RV Resort at 5:29 pm, the first of our group to arrive.
ignore the date on this pix, it was taken 3 yrs. ago.
 The biggest challenge was backing our rig up onto the 80' cement pad only because the paved streets in the park are not very wide and do not allow for a lot of maneuvering with vehicles parked directly across from your site. Bill accepts each challenge and jiggy jags until he gets ‘er in. By the time we got backed up in our spot, Ken and Nancy from Antioch, IL pulled up.

Just getting him into his spot we noticed that their son, Rick pulled up with his Jayco White Hawk travel trailer in tow. Now we are flanked with a Chev 2500HD on one side, a Chev 3500 4 x 4 on the other and our rose of an F350 dually in the middle. We were able to get three sites together because we booked them in 2015 when we left.

Our setup at site 101

Ken and Nancy to our right site #100

Rick and Amy to our left site #102
It has been a great week so far, day trips here and there to Hart, Pentwater and a stop at our favourite winery, Jomagrha, to pick up a few bottles. We are never disappointed. While in Pentwater on Wednesday, we did some tourist type shopping and stopped in a pub/restaurant for a late lunch. My California medley creamed soup and Reuben were to die for. Needless to say, none of us needed a big meal for supper that night!

With a dip in the pool most days we haven’t let the 30C, er sorry, 87F temperatures bother us much. With a walk of about a mile minimum daily and a few little bike rides on our 2 wheeler folding bikes, we are also getting our legs stretched out nicely too.
It is the first time we have really taken advantage of our air conditioners in the Suite. What the heck! We aren’t paying for hydro here; we may as well be comfortable. We don’t like it cold by any means, but sitting at a moderate 74F in both living room and bedroom units, we are just right…….as baby bear says.
The huge pool

It is interesting being in a park after spending our last month at The Ridge with no close neighbours, not to mention no water and sewer hookup. I miss the quiet for sure but at the same time, you meet all kinds of people. Personally I don’t want to hear the lady behind us every time she speaks to her husband and kids so those kind of ‘neighbours’ get on my nerves a bit. I want to say “use your inside voice” but I don’t. It is temporary.

We’ve really enjoyed meeting our friends’ son and his wife this trip. We've enjoyed a trip to the Jomagrha winery again this year and taken in a sunset tour on the dunes.

With this sky, we weren't expecting to see it but.....

there was indeed a beautiful sunset after all!
Rick and Amy were a joy to meet. Amy is such a sweetie and with the most infectious laugh.
Getting some tips here from our own Mr. "CanAm"
It is Saturday and they have pulled out already, having to work tomorrow evening and Monday. We can’t all be retired!!

For now, this is my post and I will update the trip at a later date.

Thank you for reading and all comments are welcome!


  1. Glad you had a pleasant trip and got to spend it with old friends.
    Somehow I missed it, How did your Mom's surgery go? Hopefully it was positive.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thank you Kathy and Rick. Mom's surgery went well, she came through it darn good for her age! Because of her dementia she kept taking the intravenus out and couldn't even remember that they had removed her tumor but that was to be expected. She should be coming home within the next few days. Hopefully her appetite for food and drink improves though. I appreciate your concern, I'm not the best blogger so have to remember to follow up on things. Thanks!

  3. Glad that you were able to get out and away to you Michigan trip, as you know we love moving about, and full hookups once in a while is appreciated as well.

  4. I can't believe you were here for a week and we didn't see you! I do remember seeing your RVs, though, but it didn't click that it was you! Tom and I are on the Host Site in the front of the RV Park. We would have loved to catch up with you!