Sunday, June 11, 2017


On Saturday, June 10th Bill and I got up to the sound of the alarm once more. This time it was 5:45 am that his phoned chimed and I’m surprised it didn’t get thrown across the room! Sometimes his phone has a mind of its own and refuses to obey commands. Anyway, it worked, we were up and at ‘em. 

Items priced to sell
So, we each washed and ate some cereal. Bananas on mine and cream. Yum. We arrived at Mary’s house in Durham promptly at 7 and set to work moving stuff outside to the open areas. It was a beautiful day for a garage sale. The temperature was 14C early and rose from there to an awesome 28C by 2 pm.

There were a lot of sales around town including the Durham Herb Sale at the town hall so many prospective buyers with money in the pockets. There were moments of real busy-ness and moments of quiet but by noon hour things started to quiet down.

Bill C. and his son, Justin, went to Godfather’s to get pizza while Pat and Sandra put out veggies, fruit and potato salad for lunch. Once people left for their own lunch, we dug in. It was very good, amazing how parading around, socializing and selling makes you hungry.
The men had a lot of interest outside and sold lots
By 1 or 1:30, can’t remember, things had quieted down and we enjoyed some friendly comradery among the 7 of us before Rob and Pat suggested we take the rest of the day and do our own thing. You didn’t have to tell us twice, once we sure they didn’t need us. We arrived home and surprisingly, or not, both crashed for half an hour.
June Christmas
I went outside in my lounge chair in the sun and Bill and Clemson opened windows in the bedroom to welcome the breeze on the bed. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we were happy to do next to nothing for the rest of the day. Man, we must be getting old!
Bill modelling the Ab Chair
I read a bit more of my book and decided to load my watering can and a pail of rain water onto my new wagon and give my newly transplantees a healthy drink.  The hostas and my geranium at the end of the lane way were looking a bit parched. Rob suggested I add some bleach to the pails and rain barrel when we empty it to keep it bacteria free and fresh. So, I did that when my pails were emptied.
Wait a minute! The rest of us are working and is he asleep??
No, just goofing around.
Always tons of laughs with these Aljoes
I even gave my vegetable garden some water hoping it holds over until the next rain. The forecast looks hot, humid and dry for another couple of days before any rain is expected. This is the weather we were looking for.

It was nice to see my sister, Donna, her husband, Gerry and our friend, Mike at the sale today spending a bit of pocket money. Every little bit helps. Also, our neighbor, Cheryl, up here on the Ridge stopped in and found a few things. There were lots of comments on how solid the house is and questions of the auction and the house sale. Real estate in Durham still seems to be a going concern.
Rob and Sandra
I walked down to the lane way around 5 and could only see holes all over the place. Some quite deep but in unsuitable places for laying eggs. Like right in the middle of the lane. I didn’t see one single turtle today so I was feeling a bit sad about that.
Interesting article
It is funny, after typing that, I walked out to snap some pictures and there was one right beside the car. When I picked him up to look at him and talk to him, his little head went into hiding. There is a front-page article in the Grey-Bruce This Week. Interesting! We seriously need to be looking for a Turtle Crossing sign of our own.
Taking a much needed break
Not being traditionalists, Bill and I often decide in the middle of an afternoon how we feel about a supper plan. How hungry are you? What do you feel like? Once we gauge these feelings, a decision is made. Because we had a filling breakfast and a wonderful pizza lunch, it will be chicken hearts, toast and cottage cheese for me and a peanut butter cheese sandwich with salt and vinegar chips for Bill. Yes, gourmet night!

Great looking sales people ready for business
Thank heavens for the breeze today although a few km’s less would be nicer. It sounds like we are never happy but that is not the case. We are happy, just could be happier with our awnings out to sit under occasionally. The winds were probably hovering around 35 km and gusts in the 50’s. A little much.

Strong winds

Great sky
 So, after cleaning up from supper and relaxing a bit, we drove over to The Acreage. Mike had picked out items from the sale and we had our green patio mat to give him since we weren’t using it anymore. They were all in our car so thought we'd go for some chuckles and a drink or two.
After a drink of water, I hope they perk up now
Donna likes to start a fire even when it isn’t for warmth and with the winds, the bugs I experienced from the previous night were non-existent. Sitting around the campfire in shorts is my kind of relaxing. Bill and I had sprayed ourselves well with bug spray so were not bothered by mosquitoes. We were all able to witness the ISS (International Space Station) at 10 minutes before 10 and that is always a topic of discussion. The sky was clear and the stars soon displayed their constellations.
On the right is the Space Station
On the left is Venus
They didn't collide by the way

Donna prepping the fire
Mike, Gerry, Bill and Clemson supervising?
We headed for home around 10:30 and we went straight up to bed. Hence this post was delayed until morning. What a beautiful moon again tonight again. Pictures don’t do it justice.
Sunset through Donna's trees

I hope your day was a great one too. 

Good night
No justice done here to the moon
It was gorgeous!

Thank you for reading my ‘journal’. I’m always happy to see your comments.


  1. The wind seems to have followed us from the Southwest. We agree it could be less but it does help cool things down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Up here on the hill, it was stronger yesterday than any we had in the south. Today is much better.

  2. It was a wonderful day here as well and were able to open our awning for most off the afternoon. Glad the sale went well and y'all had a great day . Loving' this weather now too.