Friday, July 28, 2017

Drizzly Start, More Sister Time, Mom, Daughter Time Too, Sunny End

On Thursday, July 27th I was awake just before 7 so was happy to have slept in more. Last night we stayed up until 11:30 playing Mexican Train on the dining room table. This was almost the most fun of the weekend. Unfortunately, Wendy had to leave to pick up her daughter, Morgan from her dad’s. Well, not for Wendy and Morgan, they’d been apart for a week.
Gayle's front garden

sitting in the trees

John's hard work clearing some trees
We were all a bit tired, a bit tipsy and full of piss and vinegar and the game was a hoot. I’d never played before, at least not that I recall but we laughed a lot. That is one thing about getting together with your sisters. We were all raised the same way and every joke is taken for how it is meant. Daddy was mentioned a few times, he has left some pretty comical memories.
Gayle and John's Montana stays in the meadow

Family tradition apparently to name our places and lanes

My brunch at home
The sky was cloudy AGAIN but upon checking the forecast it isn’t going to be a bad day at all. The sun is supposed to break through later this morning. After a couple of good hot cups of tea and a taste of Gayle’s beet kavas I found a crossword to work on while conversation ensued.

I love to work with words

I marvel at things in life that make me shiver with goosebumps. Things that are unexplained and very coincidental just tickle me. I mentioned once that while reading a detective story it made mention of the exact same date on which I was reading. Goosebumps.
Beauty of a day after all
Yesterday I mentioned Gayle preparing a deli mix called a ‘charcuterie’. Today I was working on a Wonderword or Word Search puzzle from a local newspaper. There was an 11-letter answer when the puzzle was complete and it spelled ‘charcuterie’. My goodness! Before this week started I’d never even heard of this word!

So, we got dressed. Today was a lazier day. We expected Wendy to return around noon hour for lunch with Morgan and midafternoon we will drive to Durham to visit Mom before her supper. Not such a full day. We’ve taken it a step further and have invited my daughter from Cambridge to join us for supper in Hanover. It is nice that we are close enough to some of our daughters for a pop in visit with their aunties.

The pond
 The sun was peeping out and I could see blue sky so I took my camera and went for a walk down the lane. It is quite warm so a sweater is not necessary. At 10:30 we decided that most of us were hungry so pulled out our leftovers from a previous supper and our charcuterie and filled our tummies. The sky has cleared out completely of clouds now, bravo!

We moved outside and had to come back inside to change into shorts. This was beautiful weather. I took a walk around with my camera snapping photos of the pond and I came across this fellow. Ribbet. I am not sure if he thought I was in his space or if he was in mine.

We all joined together on the deck and enjoyed the sun for about an hour before moving under the gazebo. Cooling down while waiting for Wendy, we decided to start another game of Mexican Train. When she and Morgan arrived, we set up for a new game with them included. If you’ve never heard of this game, it is played with Dominoes and is quite entertaining.

After a couple of hours of that we changed and took 3 vehicles into Durham to see Mom. She was totally surprised to see us all and brightened right up. She looked lovely in her freshly done hair and pearls. Hugs all around and then Morgan got extra ones. I had taken my camera and tripod in to get a picture of all of us with Mom. Mom is getting used to us taking pictures and is keen to pose with her girls.
Perched on the cut off stumps at Gayle's

We hopped on the elevator and went to the 2nd floor at Rockwood where there is an exit door to a garden patio area. We wandered around outside looking at the flowers and water fountain and took more pictures. Mom is almost as spry as we all are puttering around. Until she speaks and asks her repetitive questions you would never know anything different.
In Mom's room
At a few minutes before her supper we moseyed down to the dining room and said our goodbyes. She waved us off until we left the building. Aunt Mary noticed me as I walked in with Mom and so I was sure to stop by her table and say hello to her. We drove from there to Hanover and met Bridgette at Queen’s Bush for our supper.
(warning: picture overload)
Rockwood garden and patio area

Mom makes a wish and tosses a coin into the fountain
She said she really had nothing to wish for - Lovely!

We love making Mom laugh
We had ordered drinks when she arrived before 6. It was great to see her and we all caught up. I ordered a chicken quesadilla along with my marguerite and it was very good and filling. 
My quesadilla was crispier than I expected
It was delicious but aggravated my tooth/tongue a bit
Little Morgan at the end peeking around
My daughter Bridgette beside me :)
Gee, my Aunts talk a lot!
Today I lost a piece of my back tooth which has left a sharp edge and this is hampering my talking and eating a bit. Frustrating because it isn’t major but my tongue is irritated by it. I’ll need to address that sooner than later.
This is where we got our smile 
Back home around 8 we looked at some pictures on a cd I’d brought from our past times together. We didn’t have a lot of success with this older technology on a newer tv and since we were all tired we were off to bed closer to 10. It  was another fulfilling sister day, we share so much each time we’re together.

I hope you had a wonderful day! Thank you for reading.


  1. It has been almost 20 years, but we played Mexican Train at Dad and Marilynne's in Florida.

    1. Yah I guess we did but for some reason I don't remember the dominoes. :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful time you're having! The pics of you all and your mom are precious. Last winter when we were in Laughlin broke my tooth the same way and had to get it fixed quickly, sure don't realize how much your tongue hits your back teeth until this happens. Love all your pics!

    1. Thank you Shirley. We had a great time! The tooth and tongue thing is frustrating. You really don't realize how much they are connected!

  3. Hi, I just a lurker and love your blog !!! I am so envious of you and your family !!! Enjoy everyone and especially your mom. I wish I would have had more time with my family. The pics are great !!

    1. Thank you Colleen! Welcome, you can blurk or lurk all you like. :) We try to see Mom as often as we can. Good lesson to spend as much time with family as we can. Life is too short. thank you for the comment.