Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Worked, Favour, Rain, Gibbs Pedicure, Cooler

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 27th we were all up around 7:30. Bill had taken Gibbs out as usual around 6:30 and came back to bed. I had a rough beginning to my night/morning sleep. Doing the branch trimming seems not to be a good thing for me to do, although having a dull *>!*@!!! pair of clippers makes it even harder. I need to get them to the hardware for sharpening – and soon.

Many in town thought it was fog
until they stepped out and could smell smoke

My chest muscles were really sore last night again from Sunday’s work and I found it hard to take a deep breath, yawn and even lay on my side. That was after taking a couple of Tylenol. I tossed and turned from 10 until Bill came up at midnight when I finally managed to get comfortable and drop off until morning. It was MUCH improved this morning, hardly noticeable.

Our afternoon nap
Bill was sound asleep on the right
and I was on the left
Gibbs is as close as he can be to both of us.💓

This morning, it was a wet and what appeared to be foggy start to our day. Not necessarily cold, 14C/58F, but damp and yeuchy. Bill wanted to go to Varney, a small drive-through blink of a town on the highway, for a piece of metal and to check out a couple of other spots so he left home around 9:30. At 9:55, I drove over to M’s to put in a few hours on sanding the white van. Today, it was hand sanding for me while M worked in the other bay on a PT Cruiser's rocker panels. I got a break from the power tools.

We stopped at Robin's schoolhouse home.

I finished around the sanded front wheel wells by taping paper into the areas not being painted. It was 1 when I returned home to my family. 😊 Bill was just finishing up transferring water into our tank and we had lunch together. Good timing! Then, we all crashed upstairs for an hour. I dozed for about 15 minutes and that was it for me. I’ll sleep tonight. At 3, we took Gibbs in to see Kate for a pedicure. Well, he needed his nails trimmed and they couldn’t wait until his next appointment. 

This is the only indoor picture I took of their
front foyer.
What else should it have but antique school desks? 
The rest of the house is their private domain
but trust me, it's gorgeous and tastefully done.

On the way home, we stopped at Robin's. She needed me to go into her house, through to the garage and retrieve one of her yard sale items for a customer. What an interesting walk through their gorgeous remodelled schoolhouse! Original floors and ceiling beams, even a loft area at the front where the bell tower is. 💖 Not a lot of 'stuff', she says she lives like she just moved in, but that's a circumstance when your Mom is a hoarder. Her words. I set the item out on her porch for pick up, watered a few of the plants that don't get the rain and we left. 

The birds are continuing their
parties but the seed is lasting a long time, surprisingly.

Back home, we just relaxed. Bill in the Hangar and Gibbs and I up here. I eventually closed the windows as it was cooling off. It isn’t fog we’ve been seeing all day, it is smoke from Northern Ontario’s fires. That’s the first time it was so noticeable around here and I really feel for those living closer to it. Warnings for people with health issues were being broadcast all day. For supper, we had fish and chips and the evening went as most do. With some reading and tv. It was a good day.

Oh and Chippy was invited, of course.

Finally, Bill was able to snag an appointment for physio so he looks forward to starting that a week from Friday. Everyone was booking later than July 20, a lot later so he got lucky with this reference. We should get a reprieve from the rain tomorrow and Thursday and I have a busy day ahead of me. I hope you’ve had a good day.

Supper was good.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Michigan and Wisconsin are getting unhealthy air quality alerts from the Ontario and Quebec Fires, also. My sister who is farther south then us in Wisconsin said they can smell it down there. Fingerscrossed they get it under control soon. I was catching up with my doing and reading of blogs and saw that Bill got some good news, no surgery, glad to read he was able to get in for Physio sooner. I saw your before and present pictures of your hill and it is looking so nice. We had for fish for dinner, also, but no chips just salad...😊

    1. I hope they get the fires controlled too, so sad, all the trees and homes lost.
      Thank you, we are happy that surgery is not an option. If that makes sense.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous house to me ... and less STUFF is always better!! You certainly do have the birds. I'm lucky to see one or two here. I'm heading for your favorite spot in Q! I'll say hello for you!!

    1. That house is amazing. I'll have to ask for a tour when it is appropriate to look around. :)
      Please do say hello!! I hope you'll be there long enough for a game of Ladies poker pool!!

  3. Good to hear that Bill can get his physio. Hope all goes well with it.
    Lucky Chippy, I bet the birds are dropping some of the seed just for him.

    1. Thank you Maebeme, fingers crossed his physio is a success.

  4. We have friends that redid a school and just love it. We also know of people that redid decommissioned churches and live in them. They make lovely and unique homes.

    God bless.