Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Girls Gotta Shop!

And then there is shopping! Okay, so aside from the ability now to just go out for lunch with girlfriends when we can make it work, I can also pick and choose when I take an hour or two or three to go shopping. I’m not talking groceries here, that is still a chore but when the urge hits to buy something new (or even new to me) and inexpensive to wear, I am able to go without any time restrictions.

I can’t deny and would never even attempt to try to deny that I love my clothes and the thrill of hunting for those unique purchases. Shoes are not a huge thing for me, nor purses, I have ample for whatever occasion should arise. Other than that when it comes to finding something special to wear count me in for the challenge. It isn’t always a ‘need’ but yesterday there was some of that.

Bill was on vacation from his regular job but was called in to do a couple of orientations on newly purchased rv’s at CanAm. He loves that part time job so seldom turns it down. It meant I would be alone here with the mutt all day so wanted to plan things to keep me busy.

First thing I needed to use up 3 ½ very ripe bananas so made a loaf of bread and also some extra fresh fruit in the fridge that was aging so made up a fruit cobbler for dinner.

Using the convection oven is a learning experience for me but since it is my only baking option, I am picking it up quickly! The bread looks wonderful and the cobbler was yum yum yummy!
Little more topping than fruit but delicious none the less!
That was my morning and I needed to get into the city to purchase an anniversary card and gift for a party on Saturday evening. Their gift of choice is simply a donation to the local food bank which is very generous of them. After 50 years of marriage what more could you want, when you have the perfect union?

So since I was in London I decided to take my time and visit a few stores I’ve not frequented for quite some time with my retirement gift of a prepaid Visa card. I stopped at the new Winners plaza on Exeter Road and had a ball! Tried things on, dismissed this and that but walked out with a couple of versatile items. One was the perfect cover for a dress in the event of a cool night at a July wedding.
Clemson modelling a few of my purchases.
Poked around here and there and found myself drawn to “clearance” and “buy 1 get 1” deals in various stores in White Oaks mall.
My receipts always display 'savings'.
I made a stop in the Bell store to pick up a prepaid phone card and price a turbo hub in case that is the way we go, and then touched base with my hubby to see how long he might be before continuing my spree. Three hours later and a few new articles for my closet I was exhausted and just wanted to get home. I hopped on the 401E and was home to Clemson by 4:30.

I love this feeling of freedom that retirement gives us. At home, I grabbed a bottle of water and listened to our neighbor in the park talk of her work schedule and I wanted to envelop her in the cocoon of how nice this is. She has a few more years to go but is a nurse working 12 hr. shifts and has a very strict regiment for her days. Of course she does, we all did!

When Bill arrived home from his long day at 6 pm he suggested we hop down the street to Alberta’s for dinner instead of barbecuing.

No argument from me. We love their food but they are very slow in food service so didn’t get home until 8:30. Bill had one of his regulars, fish and chips and I had one of mine, a rambunctious chicken quesadilla! Loved it! By the time this settled we were anxious to sample my cobbler. Success!

That is it for another fun-filled day in my life of retirement. I hope yours are just as bountiful!

Thank you for stopping in.

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